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  1. Guess which bastard has returned? This one.

  2. Thinkling of offering a grab bag of awesome for whoever can best amuse me.

  3. Stalkers beware, things are about to get serious.

  4. I want to dedicate this update to a certain n00b;

    1. emirpoen


      Lol, well done Godric

  5. Ill start giving a damn when its worth my time. XD

    1. emirpoen


      lol you're funny bun. ;)

  6. Less hate more love. Thats whats needed... I think.

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      if everyone loved each other...where would all the fun go?

    2. emirpoen


      Down below.

  7. So, I noticed something odd today for the 5x EXP sundays; I wasnt getting my 5x EXP, but instead was getting my usual 2x since I am above level 160. I'll start by showing the exp rate that shows up when you enter a room; Says "5". Ok. Next, we have my current EXP. I need 790145 for a level up. I have just killed a Booma on normal, which at 5x should give me as the picture indicates, 25 exp, however... I only got 10 exp, which is what I should be getting normally since im above lv 160. I happen to notice this earlier when I was doing RT with my Team Leader Doni, and he happen to notice the same thing going on. my GC# is 42006416
  8. Somebody give me a real challenge. :)

    1. emirpoen


      I didn't have battle in mind, but sure, why not?

    2. emirpoen


      In which I will probably get my ass kicked. XD

  9. Why must such an awesome server like Ultima have such long downtime? :(

    1. 209calibear


      if is the fisrt it had in along time

  10. Ok, I'll admit it; I;m grumpy today.

  11. Making demands in all caps is not a good way to ask for help. Just sayin.

  12. Isn't a lil too soon for April fools?

  13. Hey folks, figured I'd introduce myself since I plan on staying for a while. Ive been playing PSO since the v1 days, though sadly, my Online experience only includes v1 and BB private servers, though I did have V2 at one point for Dreamcast and still have my copy of EP1&2+ for gamecube. As far as my BB experience goes, Ive played on other servers before, so I can at least say I have some idea of what im doing. Anyways, if anyone has any other questions they wanna ask, feel free to reply to this with em, PM me, ask me in game or whatever.
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