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  1. Hylian Shield -Ultimate- Episode 2 -Redria - Gal Gryphon -
  2. Pm Price and stats
  3. Cent/Body - Episode 4 Astark Whitill Ultimate
  4. episode 2 Gal Gryphon Purplenum Ult - Proof of Sonic Team
  5. I have an adept for 16 pds. Do you still want it?

    1. Jay Armstrong

      Jay Armstrong

      i want it if u still have it

  6. Kk just thought i would say something.
  7. So... Fonewearls are suppose to have a material limit of 150 but it's saying I can keep using more materials after i already max my materials out awhile ago. I think this might be a bug so I thought I would mention it. also i know that hp tp and the others are separate i am saying i have used 150 in one category and it's letting me exceed this limit.
  8. NappaDesu

    B> Adept

    B> Adept Pm Price
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