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  1. Was just doing random stuff and was able to recreate a drop that happened with @Auli'i a while ago. i still feel bad that i took that ADR so long ago ;;;
  2. I regret sharing my stuff with @Auli'i and @Lopedo45, such shady characters... I do regret being ignorant during my first few months here and not realizing that there were events that i could've gotten stuff from. Also making a pretty ugly tellusis that was like 18/172/3/2 or something garbage like that.
  3. HHawk4


    Alrighty soph! try not to be bored there xP.
  4. HHawk4


    i could give you like 3 pds for the deband 20
  5. HHawk4


    Damn, i was gonna bid a lind too. but yeah, they drop soon. Not a bad rate either.
  6. HHawk4


    i dont think you can bid less than the starting bid.
  7. HHawk4


    I'm pretty sure for an auction, you gotta have a starting bid and an end date for the bidding.
  8. My FO binds always stay the same, unless im FOmar/HU duo with sylph, in which case i bind several consumables. iirc its like this for cake (left) and hawk (right) 1- grants/grants 2-rafoie/reverser 3-megid/gifoie 4-anti/anti 5-shifta/shifta 6-deband/deband 7-jellen/jellen 8-razonde/resta 9-rabarta/trimate/moon depending on what do. 0-zalure/zalure (left arrow is reverser, right is resta, when hold ctrl its zonde in yellow, barta in blue, foie in red.) hawks left arrow is strong, down is regular and right is special attack, his ctrl is blue;rabarta, yellow; razonde/gizonde depending on what im doing and red is foie/trimate depending on what do. i know for a fact mine is utter garbage but its what I'm used to and doubt ill change. I feel you lemon, i hardly use cake to actually use damaging spells anymore so i stick with hawk.
  9. ooo, i saw you! i was pie/muffin v2. iirc you were trying out the npcs
  10. Only spend dts on main list for adding hit/attributes/changing ID. Otherwise just buy items from other players. but uhh, maybe PRs (Psycho Ravens, ill edit the link in a bit to what they are/do). TJS is a fairly nice/strong sword, albeit a lil expensive. i cant think of much else currently. btw, whats yer in game name just in-case i bump into you?
  11. T>PoST for RR with or without costume. Also T>WD Med for RR with or without costume. Not both for RR.

  12. Welcome to Ultima, and Blue Burst! There's lots of events, and cool items here. If you need help with things, just ask, I'm sure lots of people would help. Glad to hear that you and your friend got to talk tho c: BB was new to me, and when i heard that there was a pso server still running, i rushed to make an account. I think there is new classes too, for BB. Hadn't seen FOmar/HUcaseal/RAmarl before so, i think so. FOmar is amazing :^) If you need to register, go here, it may be in your spam box when you do it https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  13. T>  IF 40/45/0/0/40, Baranz Launcher set (N/AB, M/D), Heaven Striker 0/0/40/45/40, Wedding Dress med, PoST, and Charge Yas 0/0/60/100/80 for DF(max or non-max)/PGF

  14. Things i found while hunting the PGF thing. boop bap bep and finally, the finishing touch a lot of ryu's in there. thanks, for letting me tag along c; and now me with df
  15. B>0/50/50/0/50 Calibur please.

  16. B>N/M/hit and AB/D/hit 50'd caliburs, and/or N/D/hit and AB/M/hit 50'd caliburs.

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    2. Sophia


      Wow you got 2 cake?

    3. Starlord
    4. HHawk4


      yeah i found one, haha not two tho. I just want the caliburs so i can be ready.

  17. T>Items for DF maxed, any stats.

  18. Well, last year, RM dropped on Pinkal, not skyly. So maybe its not a sky id
  19. Not sure if confirmed yet, but, Yellowboze Ult Falz drops DF shield.
  20. HHawk4


    Why couldn't you make these all into one single topic?
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