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  1. S>PoST, SB B>Wizerd resist

  2. B>Wizard resist

  3. B> Parts of Baranz

  4. Oh I didn't know that ! Many thanks ! I guess this topic should be locked/delete then.
  5. Allright, I don't know if someone already post avout this (if so, delete this topic) but there is a "bug" with lilies shooting pattern in VR temple. I'm farming yas9K so i've seen a lot of them, and some ob lilies have the mil lilies shooting patten. This is really annoying beacause they have a much higher range than regular lilies. Most of the mil lilies have the ob lily shooting pattern as well.
  6. Allright I have an idea : to combo unlock the belra cannon. It is complete garbage right now, and with combo unlock it may become decent. It is a very "unique" weapon and it deserve a chance to shine
  7. B>109 power mats 22pds

    1. Tera


      I can sell you those!

  8. Here's my attempt : 1. Went to the beach 2. Went to the shopping mall 3. Went to the restaurant 4. Went to a movie theater 5. Read a book. 6. Went to a pool. 7. Made an headshot for SojiX Edit : Edit2 : HBD Cyane :3
  9. Hey man, welcome to ultima =) (I believe you're allowed to mention schthack lol) I've met tons of awesome people here, I hope you will too ! (and I'm sure you will) Have fun :3
  10. B>adept in pds ! Send any offer via PM please :3

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i can give 1 free, when i can get ingame

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