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Status Updates posted by Starlord

  1. B> sh/shot demon

    pm me with price 8"L

  2. Happy birthday Mr. :"L. May the sands of time do you justice.

  3. T> PB FOR STA. Or Dark meteor. Pm me ;)

  4. Trade psycho bridge for sonic team armor por favor!

  5. T> Psycho bridge for STA

  6. Is it only me that thinks HH is a lie. Rates x3 is a little unbelievable. Should be easier to find. Yet I find more stuff during no HH. #LIEGOTRUMPORHILLARY:"L

    1. Misombre


      Luck being luck, you can't expect that it will work according to the logic

  7. B> dress plate . Help a brotha out pm me ;)

    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      i have one bro, how many dts u give me for it?

  8. S> hylian shield, 10luck mats

    pm me if interesado :o

  9. s>hylian shield+selah salads manhood. taking best offers only :o

  10. B> red ring any stats with pds.


    pm me

  11. S> psycho wands 25pds pm me ;)

    1. Jose Zapata

      Jose Zapata

      i want the psycho wand bro

  12. B> DM with PB XD or better yet I can give you two psycho wands to add to your crazy.

    1. mudkipzjm


      Better throw in some dank memes

  13. S> post, glidev00, luck mats x10, psycho wand x2, hylian shield.


    pm me with offers

  14. S> hylian shield, proof of sonic team, psycho wand X2 pm me ;"L

  15. The squad is back @ultrajerky will be hunting with me. Hopefully we can get the attention of other apes and or agents.

    1. mudkipzjm


      I am down for the hunting with the apes

    2. SelahIsASpot


       ill tag along to snipe drops.

    3. Starlord


      Well I am down to hunt with y'all as well. Thing is, I can only get on late at night and I don't know if you kids have school and or bedtime XD

  16. S> dark flow set 100/0/0/100/80 0/100/100/0/80 for dts only 

  17. You think God loves Pso? ( not you McLaughlin, I mean the actual messiah) 

    1. Misombre


      God who ? I don't see what you're talking about =/

    2. McLaughlin86


      I am the actual messiah, you damn dirty ape.

  18. Damn I see a lot of b>sov post. The sov craze. Where do I buy more XD wish I hunted more during event. 

  19. If only things could be as simple as taking a stroll blindfolded through a busy street. 

    1. Misombre


      B... but they are ! Aren't they ?

  20. B> STA common people, please me. I'm tired of pleasing myself XD

    1. TripleR


      You may just have to find a way to make it more interesting :)

  21. The awkward moment when you regret commenting on someone's status. 20+ notifications later XD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rayblasterx


      lel he deleted the status

    3. mudkipzjm


      dw lad, I have a screenshot of all the important points I made.

    4. ultrajerky


      Wow what a dork... oh wait

  22. B> STA. Got force, ranger and some hu stuff to sell. Name your price in pm so I know what you value it or list your wants.

    1. McLaughlin86


      STA doesn't real.

    2. Starlord


      Well as life has made us believe, it's always best to have faith in a lie than forever accept the truth. 

  23. B> STA pm me what you want for it. I will deliver XD

    1. Jerry Torres

      Jerry Torres

      no puedes recibir pm's...

  24. B> pbc 12dts or buy SB 

    PM me if you have them for sale

  25. Oh shoot it's sylphs birthday! Happy birthday Sylph you DF wielding master you, hope you had a great time today. Still looking forward to get the lazy boys back in the game so we can TA. 

    1. Sylph777


      hahaha thx starlord ;) God bless

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