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Status Updates posted by Starlord

  1. Happy birthday biggest noob I know @Shoutgu

  2. B> high % ultima reaper in AB. Doesn't have to have hit. If hit then it would be nice but don't need it. Other stat can be dark but ab is what's important to me. Pm me with price

  3. I swear some people on this forum just love to try to start shit. Come on kids high school is over XD

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    2. TripleR


      *rings bell* Sorry starclown but class is back in session


      That's the story of how I took lil starlord to school

    3. Starlord


      @TripleR I wish this classroom was a bit more fun.

    4. MadOrNah


      I like drama tho. I'm gonna start a drama topic soon 





  4. B> STA or DM or DF. Offering 120dts pm me.

  5. B> sta 120dts common you guys that want to make economy better, PROVE IT... I'll buy right away.

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    2. R-78


      I'll buy your STA for 15 dts, PROVE IT you want the economy better !!

    3. Yannv


      Ask yourself, if you had spare STAs today, would you sell it for 120 DTs? I know the server is currently is on a war about prices, but you won't probably see people selling even for 240 DTs...

      But yeh, looking at old post from 2,3 years ago, where only few people had STA, the price was about 125 DTs, when the PSO economy was serious, it was worth 2 PGFs. Basically, it was 1 STA=2 PGF=3 Centurion/Battles :S

    4. Starlord


      I know some that found spare stas this event but i rather not mention any names but he's contastly trying to be a white knight when it comes to prices but i bet you he won't sell that spare sta for the "right" price.

  6. B> DM X/X/0/0/X or for those that don't understand N/AB with hit. I got dark weapon to trade or items. Pm you.

  7. B> PBC or PRs 15dts  sh shot hell with hit excal with high machine % 

    pm me

    1. MadOrNah


      I have a 0-0-85-60-60 Excalibur 

  8. T>glidevoo> cbattle. 

    Really need one atm 

  9. B> RR pm me please. 

  10. T>PB for DM pm me stats and if interested

    1. R-78


      Would you do a temporary trade ? for a 0/100/0/100/80

  11. Got one hylian shield left, get them while they are hot ;)

    1. Anthguy87


      yep i need one ;)

  12. S> hylian shield x2 pm me offers

    three seals 25pds

    1. Diabolicscar


      You still selling HS?

  13. Auction done and done.  I will contact all wieners 

  14. S>hylian shields x2 pm me offers 

    DEW IT!

    1. HHawk4


      "DEW IT" 

      is that saying you want Mountain Dew? (^:

  15. Auction over in 12hrs. Check out the garbage auction. DEW IT!

  16. S> hylian shields pm me offers 

  17. S> hylian shields 

    pm me offers :o :wub:

  18. @ultrajerky this mofos birthday fell right on thanksgiving. ZAMMMMN, have a good one bud. We all miss your role playing self here. Come back to us, get off of "OVERFAP"

    1. ultrajerky


      D: i play alot of WOW now, im one of them idiots! thanks frend :O!!!!!!!!!!

  19. S> ricos parasol, 0/30/0/40/30 lindcray. Pm me amazing offers or perish forever :o

  20. Are lindcrays or ricos parasol worth anything? Thinking about auctioning but don't know if they are pretty worthless 

    1. Fyrewolf5


      Like 10dts worth only. The drops for them are actually quite easy.

  21. I want my profile pic to be like soilahs. But I refuse to be basic with the snapfilter :(

    1. MadOrNah


      Your face is unfit for the public to see anyway.

    2. SelahIsASpot


      accept the basic bitch into your heart.

  22. B> STA or trade 1on1 my dark weapon for your STA

  23. S> ur hitless 15pds, spread needle 0/20/0/60 5pds, chromatic orb (taking best offer) don't get butthurt. Pm me

  24. Would it be good to auction my lindcray, ricos parasol, SOV set ( if I get that one back :"L ) or my last glide v00. What do y'all think? :o

  25. S> chromatic orbs, ultima reaper hitless 15pds pm me :o

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