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  1. B> new year cards 1DT each or 10pds each. Pm me or comment here if interested 

  2. If I catch you home I’m 8 hours from now it’s all yours
  3. In game now. Party name BOFAS
  4. centurión tech- 5pds soul booster x1 50pds each berserk raygun 0/40/0/35/50- 7pds agent k costume- 40pds photon booster x1- 25pds proof of Sonic team x2- 60pds each Arrest raygun 0/0/0/45/50- 7pds last swan 0/30/35/50- 15pds rainbow baton 0/0/0/30/50- 10pds bringers arms x3- 5pds each charge raygun 50/0/50/0/50- 10pds yasminkov 3000r (Hell) 0/0/0/0/70- 50dts or 400pds glide divine v00 0/0/20/0/25- 15pds glide divine V00 0/0/25/15- 15pds glide divine V00 0/45/0/0- 15pds sues coat x1- 10pds each centurión mind x2- 10pds each wedding dress 64/100 28/40- 99pds ashura mag cell x5- 4pds each sred arms x1- 10pds each Hell j cutter (hell special)- 99pds Nemesis needle (zalure)- 15dts 120pds first come first served. will be updating with more eventually.
  5. Quantity deals broseph. The more you buy the better the discount. He owns a total of 7. I speak Ricardo
  6. “Offer” just to save you the troubles. Lol
  7. T> Proof of Sonic Team for stellar shard pm me if interested.

    B> New year cards 10pds each (need 6) or 1dt each of you prefer that 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Starlord


      Cool I’ll send you the .99 dts back

    3. jezbuz


      NO! 10 PD NO DT

    4. Starlord


      Ok lol. I’ll keep my .99

  8. Thank you mudkipz I appreciate it, you honoring to sell it to me for 30dts
  9. Language barrier here but he is swapping not selling.
  10. Hit event will never be only with pure pds ever again thanks to (world of illusion). So doubt he is asking for pds for a “hit event”
  11. Bump (updated some trade options)
  12. B> 20nycs 15dts

  13. Which rambling may? And master sword you can find In the other post. Got prices for the higher dt items there
  14. Oh sorry check the list. It’s been updated on both ends. The normal shop and this shop. Sorry
  15. There’s no sealed J sword on the list.
  16. I’m on if you’re on.
  17. Since it’s sold are the wants still the same? Asking so I don’t offer stuff you might have already
  18. Starlord

    B> stuff

    Stuff I need. Can either do pds or dts for it. Putting them in dt value that I would pay for. sh/shot 0/0/0/0/80 hell - 50dts zal shot srank 15dts- 120pds centurión battle - prices seem to vary so send me your price will update id I need anything else. pm me if you are selling those things
  19. For the record I dislike you. End of story. You can lick this now
  20. S> Heaven striker 0/40/0/0/25 120pds, halo Rappy soul 10pds each, psycho wand 15pds, glide divine v00 15pds, heaven punisher 20pds, proof of sonic team 60pds.

  21. Let me know when so I can run against you I just need a mag for mine and max mats and I should be ready to go.
  22. I believe Wilson put it in there wrong. So yes gunmaster solo is récord atm since maytes could never be proven
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