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  1. I don’t. Need to update this soon.
  2. I’ll take that serene swan mr Virec
  3. Extremely messy quest, Tower of nightmares. For the first time we ran it wasn’t that bad. Wish we got spawns better but everything seemed to be all over the place. Overall completion was at a good pace. A lot of epsis. The room where your RR gets unequipped was funny. Overall I suppose it’s a good farming quest. GG NO RE @R-78
  4. Out of all the nagative stuff that has been said, has anyone considered what this man said? It seems to have been lost in the midst of all the high school drama. I know @HUNTER_ in the past has brought up amazing ideas, but it seems people are too busy attacking each other. I guess all we have to do is live by our supreme lord @Larva. If he deems it so it will be. Nothing we can do about it. A community goes so far as it’s dictator.
  5. Thank you very much you beautiful bastard. Appreciate you taking the time to post it. My favorite viado, yours truly, the greatest elitist alive.
  6. No unique offers were made. Guess people don’t care about Dark weapons anymore
  7. Starlord

    Roct Rewards

    Nope. Plain dumb luck. Just like CCC. RNG is a cruel mistress.
  8. You just named all your other personalities.
  9. Whoops it was Midori not you lol. anyways glad you’re getting one @Cobbenstein. Have fun in ultima.
  10. My memory is really well. I believe you bought a 3seals from donation list or I forget which fo item it was. Things just sucked when we started 4 years ago.
  11. If I logged in at all I would give you one for free. No one deserves to be charged 1p for a H battle. That shit should be free
  12. T> proof of Sonic team for 4 sh shots blank

  13. S> photon spheres 15dts each 

  14. Well the thing is if R-78 is up to it. You guys with the free time have to consider the fact she has a day to day life outside of pso. Sure she might be highly active but I’m sure she uses some of her personal time to play a game and enjoy herself with her teammates. Doing events and all the other stuff other gms and the admins do is a lot of work. At the end of the day it all falls under larva’s hands and also R-78 acceptance of taking such a role.
  15. I wouldn’t call last couple of custom items trash, sure they are not DM or DF caliber but if you’re smart about it and know how to use them you’ll be ok. Water gun is more useful than people think, kod and boomerang have saved people the time of going through challenge mode to get their sranks. Triforce event items are super good, Millie Faucilles is super OP. And if you’re referring to the weed shields are trash items, that was a troll event and was heavily advertised as such. Don’t get me wrong, I get your point at listening to the community but at the end of the day will be these peoples time that they are doing it for free and all we do is bash them. They have to test the item, they have to set the stats and special so it’s not mega game breaking. We can’t just expect to throw ideas out there and means it’s gonna work. Sure you can say “other servers have done it why can’t we?”. I know I troll a lot too but if an idea gets shot down don’t get discourage, either try again or come up with another idea. I’m sure one day your emewn guard will be a thing.
  16. Can we just go ahead and get DM for hucast and DF for forces. Since all of our ideas are good.
  17. Buying new year cards 10pds each or 1dt each. Need about 4. pm me if you got any
  18. Starlord

    B> V101

    No sorry. Won’t be home for another 3 hours
  19. Starlord

    B> V101

    I havelike three or so but get your price checks from the community as well because 6dt for adept would be overpaying as well.
  20. Starlord

    B> V101

    You should pay minimum if yo i don’t have pds 1dt at most. 4dt is overpaying for v101
  21. Room made. Named Stars for all trades
  22. Let me know when we can meet. I can log in real quick to do the trade
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