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  1. In laptops The CTRL-FN is the trick... Btw The number 1 of the numerical block also works as "end" did you try it?
  2. How much rage de feu?
  3. Hey, im looking to buy/trade a Yas 7 *hell* with 70/80 hit PM me if interested
  4. Habby birthday dude :3 Naruto-Road-to-Ninja-Blog.jpg

  5. Rivaul


    I'll take all techs lv 15
  6. Rivaul

    Quick Sale

    Not much to say, good items for sale. BTW (They told me that DT ratio is 7-8 pds) Black King bar 0/0/45/ 60 hit 17 Dts/125 pds Yasminkov 9000m 0/15/0/45 40 hit (Charge) 35 Dts/250 pds **Sold** Psycho Raven 25/0/0/25 15 dts (110 pds) **Sold** Jizai 20/0/0/0 45 hit 25 pds Lindcray 20/0/0/0 20 pds Lindcray 0/0/30/0 20 pds Psycho Wand 0/0/35/0 15 pds **Sold** Snow Queen 0/30/0/0 35 hit 40 pds Hylian Shield 14 dts/110 pds **Sold** Centurion Battle x2 30 dts **Sold** Psycho Black Crystal 23 dts/150 pds Blue-Black Stone 30 pds That's it, if you're interested remember to send me pm and we negotiate :') Cya.
  7. Are you connected? I have what you are looking for
  8. For you,1 pd for both :3 I am a generous God
  9. Bumperinoooo Add Two Centurion Battle :3 Looking For Red ring max and DTS Let's gooooooooo
  10. Bumperinoo *new items*
  11. Hi! The price is always what first brings us to our eyes. Even more so in this type of cases in which we look for specific specifications we have in a model and which does not have the other, and why a tablet has a price and another with the same characteristics is cheaper. Obviously, if your budget allows you it is advisable to use a tablet with a screen (without this being the best graphic tablet on the market, with a "regular" is enough), because it is the feeling that is most similar to drawing on paper. real. But if you are starting and your budget is adjusted, it is best to opt for a tablet without a screen, cheaper, but that will allow you to draw digitally. Of course, in a more uncomfortable at first, but equally you will take the skill soon after using it, I assure you.
  12. Rivaul

    Gui shops

    I want the 3 liberta kit
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