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  1. so its happened to my secondary character now really need this sorting out, i cant play now, unless i start again from level 1 please can i get this fixed? Vivendi is in Slot 2 and my guild card number is 42101081
  2. im not sure of the time, but this post was about 2 -3 minutes after it happened? i logged straight in and screenshotted i. hope that helps
  3. i dont have any of the previous inventory but i can give a list of what i had on me.
  4. yeah, ive noticed a lot of posts about this but its alright by me as long as it can be fixed :3 i have 3 other characters i can play with ahah :3
  5. So i was just droppping some Photon Drops for Jonesy and just as i did, it crashed me and then when i logged in got the old ??? inventory problem! is there anything that can be done? Oh i forgot to add, my guild card number is 42101081 and Plums is in Slot 4 :3
  6. hmmmmm, well played chuk XD still, i'll have a 60% Hit Magical Piece! still pretty impressive if you ask me
  7. what if i run out of TP and fluids and cant be bothered standing around for my TP to recharge? i have a slightly better chance of hitting stuff
  8. sorry for all of the screenshots D: but ive just found an awesome scepter! going to use it for a Magical Piece
  9. thanks i think so too :3 I will when i get some i think he'll look adorable thank you very much took me long enough to make it lol D: and its a little early yet but yay for birthday wishes :3
  10. so its my nephews first birthday coming up and i thought i'd make him a tshirt (because im such a darn creative guy :3 ) my brother used to play Blue burst on the official servers and his FOmar was "Lucieus Kain" so i thought he'd thoroughly enjoy this shirt what do you guys think?
  11. you can do this with all the bosses its pretty cool
  12. i had too many screenshots to post all at once so i made a little video the song is "We Bite" by The Misfits edit: I guess we dont do video embedding here D: heres a link instead D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV0TSKnTBTg edit: lol apparently putting the link embeds it ¬¬ stupid me
  13. lol, i see, the server was just hungry, i understand now
  14. ah fair enough im not too bothered really, just wondered what it meant lol
  15. so i fugred id get rid of a load of my 9* rares by putting them towards team points, but it ended up not giving points to my team but instead saying that the item was donated to the server. what does that mean? do i get anything from that? its fine if i dont, just want to know what its all about lol
  16. welcome hope to see you around, im fairly new myself, been soloing but i'll be starting some multi play soon
  17. D: if i suck, then i believe that you sir, blow! ahah that's ok Viv is my secondary character, so i won't play her as often, but i have a nice frozen shooter waiting for her so i'm trying to make a mag with FunkyT for her to use
  18. thanks for the help, that's cleared things up for me i won't be playing in a team til i start ult mode, but i'm not too far off that, so i'll stick with very hard for a little while longer i've got some items that will help when i get to a high enough level
  19. cool, awesome glad theres a few people to play with @Evie123 i've not played in a team yet, other than a trade or two but i look forward to it
  20. I'm a UK player, been playing solo while i level my main character, but i'll be coming up to ultimate before too long and wondered if there were any other players in the UK that would be on around the same times as i would? (any time lol)
  21. okay, so i joined the game during the summer event so i don't know any different. as such i have a few questions. - Sometimes the Exp rate is 3x and sometimes its 5x, is 3x the regular exp rate for this server? - Are the enemies always this difficult, or is it just the event? (seriously, level 70 now and im getting my butt kicked in very hard caves D: was level 40 before i even attempted hard mode properly lol) - Are there any special summer event quests at all? if there are, will they disappear after the event? thanks for reading and i hope someone can answer them
  22. hey there, im new to the server but a PSO veteran as of this coming monday i'll have the internet at home and that means that ill have plenty of time for PSO again! just been looking at the server and i like the look of it, ive been playing the DC and GC versions a lot since the official BB servers closed down and i cant wait to get back online, im a UK player so i'll be online when i get a free chance between 9AM and 11PM GMT
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