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S>Mats, mags, ect.


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If you wanna buy, post down below or pm me. I'll try to get to you as soon as I can.

By the way, my ingame character is Rookette1.

Power Material: 500

5 pow mats per photon drop

Mind Material: 33

5 mind mats per photon drop

Mags------asking price or best offer

(I will also start making more sato mags soon; if you want me to make a sato with specific stats then PM me. Otherwise, they are going to be (5,150,45,0) mags WITH TWINS this time, unless you order one and don't want twins. :P)

STARTING: Blue,Orange,Red, and Black Sato WITH TWINS (5,150,45,0)--------15pds(note:i dont have it done yet, so if you want different stats, then tell me.)

Mark 3: NO PHOTON BLASTS-------------8pds


Diwari: Farla, Pilla, TWINS------------------10pds


White Sato: Leilla(heal), Pilla, Golla NO TWINS------------10pds


Striker Unit: Estilla, Pilla, TWINS----------10pds


Rappy: Wstilla, Golla, TWINS-------------8pds



Guren (0,30,0,0) 35 hit----------4pd

Guren (0,0,30,0) 25 hit----------2pd

Ophelie Seize (0,0,30,0) 35 hit-------------3pd

Ophelie Seize (0,0,35,0) 45 hit--------------4pd

Last Swan+9------------------------3pd

Master RavenX6----------------3pd

Dual Bird+21--------------------3pd

Panzer Faust-------------------3pd

REAL Agito(stats dont carry over)------5pd

Charge Vulcans 40hit x28--------------1pd

Charge Gungnir 50hit x24-------------1pd


Magic Rock "Moola" x2--------1pd

Star Amplifier--------------------2pd

Kit of Hamburger---------------2pd

Heaven Striker Coat-----------2pd

Rappy's Beak x7---------------1pd

Deband lvl 30 x2--------3pd

Smart Link-------------1pd

Liberta Kit--------------2pd


Im looking to get a RR, min stats if possible. PM or post below if you are interesting in selling.

Also willing to buy 8 luck mats for 1pd a piece.

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rook are both liberta kits spoken for? cuz im looking for one. :3

For the time being yes; unless SelahIsASpot backs out. If so, then I'll save one for you.

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