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  1. Can we do something about certain "impossible" drops? There's a few that come to mind that I feel could use a revision or a straight up replacement. Here's what I mean by impossible/bullshit drops: ITEM EP/DIF MONSTER ID RATE Psycho Wand Ult EP1 Bull Claw Yellowboze 1/233016 Psycho Wand Ult EP1 Gran Sorcerer Skyly/Redria 1/299593 Psycho Wand Ult EP2 Sinow Zele Pinkal 1/299593 Heaven Punisher Ult EP1 Crimson Assasin Yellowboze 1/190650 Heaven Punisher Ult EP1 Sinow Blue Whitil 1/174762 Heaven Punisher Ult Ep1 Sinow Red Viridia 1/190650 DB's Saber 3077 Ult EP2 El Rappy Whitil 1/10082 Agito 1975 Ult EP2 Migium Skyly 1/22405 Angel Harp Ult EP2 Gibbles Greenil 1/12603 DB's Saber 3064 Ult EP2 Dolmdarl Purplenum 1/28807 Flowen's Sword 3077 Ult EP2 Sinow Zoa Pinkal 1/33608 Heart of Poumn Ult EP2 Del Lily Yellowboze 1/249660 These are just a few examples found within the drop table. These drops are so low that it's completely pointless to even have them. Either A: They are next to impossible to get or B: Found elsewhere at a much much much higher rate (Heart of Poumn for example be found at 1/2 instead of 1/249660) I understand that some of these rates are vanilla rates and haven't been touched ever, but the server has seen a few rate/source revisions to many of the items found on the table, yet these sources remain touched. Why even have drops in the first place if they're this low? The items listed aren't even that good, at least when compared to their respective drop rates. My suggestion would be to either: A: Replace these drops outright with event items at a decreased rate (ie: one third of the rates that the event had them in) B: Replace these drops with other vanilla event items at a more reasonable rate (ie: 1/1024 Heart Key) C: Replace these drops with another item found year-round at much more reasonable rates D: Revise the drop rates to match the item's overall effectiveness/utility/power/value/whatever E: Lower the drop rate drastically to (nearly) match other sources in order for them to be viable
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  2. Finish Stuff, also i take request. Here's my IF skin, my names on the side in yellow My Team logo on a custom shape shield, I can do red rings also, i tried to put our flag on a red ring, and tried to just make it black and in yellow font write RogueZ but as you see RR is basically only ok to change the color of, nothing more. Anything else shield wise i can do something with (probably). This is a Soniti mag, wrapped with our colors, and name on it. I havent had great luck with Sato yet but i am working on it. they either turn out dark, or a complete silhouette. Silhouette under is dark yellow and black, trying to make our team Flag. I was able to do some nice things with angel wings, made my fomarl's black with red highlights, and made her guardian angel costume black also, ill get some pics of that next time im on. If their's something you want let me know, depending on what and on what i will see what i can do. @Terrybriggs711 @jezbuz
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  3. None of them Korn sucks lmao
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  4. https://www.twitch.tv/mclaughlin86
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  6. Here's another piece of work i did... I made a lobby for our team haha i got rid of these ugly billboards littered around the lobby as well
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  8. Dang...Nice work on that lobby, I love how it looks My Lobby and Pioneer 2 skins were the hardest/took me the longest to do (and I don't even use them anymore) Don't stop! I wanna see more
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