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Common Bank item corrupted

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So I got this error than my PSOBB.exe crashed.

nature: When i open my Common bank I could scroll around, but as soon as you scroll over the items that say ??????? or X999999 ect. Your game will imediatly crash out, I took a screenshot of everything but this was all that was pulled out of the game, which makes me kinda scared. I also lost a meteor Crush/Crash, but I didn't need it. Lady Xios is my main character at the time being and my Common-Bank holds all my goodies. I do not want to lost it all :( Is there anyway to fix this?

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do you have any important things in your common bank? the easier solution to this , is if we just wipe out your common bank

so you can start over.

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I learned how to fix this myself, apperantly to get rid of the ?????? items you must. go in your bank *do not select them*, Hold the Shifta Key (scroll over them and withdraw the items) You will disconnect sure, relog the game and drop the item if it exists it will return to normal, if it does not exist it will become corrupt and be destroyed/ disappear < better way of saying it. I fixed myself and i was so happy.

I guess you just drop the item and pick them back up to fix this common bank error no need to erase anymore banks YAY

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