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  1. I have returned from the dead with 3 new random ideas 1) if possible to change the mechanics of Psobb, this idea would be a 4th attack called Invoke attack. This rather uniquely designed attack will pretty much give all weapons their very own absolute strike, rather then depending on a special attack for utility results. A few examples could be Saber: Invoke strike - hits 1 target, cannot combo, higher chance for critical hit Wand: invoke Strike- hits 1 target, scales on MST instead of STR Handgun: invoke strike- hits 1 target causing heavy knockback, cannot combo Sword: invoke strike- hits 3 targets causing increased damage even stronger then strong attack, cannot combo Mechgun: invokve strike- 3 fast shots with increased recovery time, * as if using a battle unit* Rifle: invoke strike- hits the target with increased precision, a shot that never misses, can be combo'd Shot/Shotgun: invoke strike- Removes knockback from normal shots, but increases damage, cannot be combo'd 2) A new monster design idea, would it be possible to take the current design for tanky monsters such as Garanz, Hildebear, nano dragon, and Dark belra's and create what you could call as Omni-8 way version of each? Basically turning these monsters into heavy anti-magic/physical damage monstrositys with increased stats and exp who each can use all elemental abilitys, they could be a new addition to the rare monsters list, a quick design tip instead of changing their color completely you could paint each of them a grayish/silver color to symbolize their Omni forms. An example of some would be Omni-Hildge bear : uses Zonde,Gibarta, Gifoie, and jellen/Deband at random * thus giving it some difficulty to defeat for both long and close ranged fighters* * Skin suggestion* Omni-Garanz: Uses Zonde/Gi-zonde * close range, Uses Rafoie/Grants *long range*, lol could you imagine a garanz hitting you with Grantz when your HP is low, ohh yea that'll be a salty memory for ever lol *Skin suggestion* 3) a new custom unit/ or units which increase/decrease your mags gained exp from certain items, or perhaps new special mag designed food. for example lets say 200 = 1 level up for a mag then 1- mag bite - gives +15 to all stats (smallest chunk) 2- mag buffer (8 star unit) - increases all gains and decreases by 10 points ex 1 while wearing 1 mag buffer that boosts the effectiveness of mag bites making the gains 25 to all 4 stats instead of 15, buffers should be stackable as-well, this could possibly be a brand new must have for mag sellers, veterans and new characters needing to produce a certain mag or just filling in missing stats.
  2. Soly has a point the additions to this server already benefit all of us, including the incr. rares, higher exp rates and the fact you can utilize DTs and PDS, PDCs, to trade with other active players =p, which is in a way a tiny bit hard to come up with suggestions that aren't soo common, everyone is at a standing point and our legs wobble if we try to support too much change at a un adaptive rate, so let's be fair to our staff team and veterans, share some ideas good bad, ugly or just plain amusing if you will and just see what arrives out of the conclusive storm of ideas that Larva may catch eyes onto one day ^_^. * Speech on point!* Now onto my next 2 ideas! XD 1) Do we already have a in-game auto screenshot button/command to use? *I've wanted to try some fashion show stuff myself when i return to ultima lol* 2) Do we currently have a list of most common farm quests, and most common quick meseta quests? if so could i get a link to that hehe.
  3. I've another set of ideas to improve the server, instead of in-game Editions why not have some out of game suggestions as-well for example!!!! 1) Movie night! * I know it'll be extremely difficult to plan this but we can try* We'd have to find a stream or host website and stream movies with the community and chit chat/ netflix and chill ect ect =p. 2) Let's get more active in the Shoutbox/Discord if the shoutbox's message limit is too little. ( This is questionable, since I'm not around to verify activeness.) Also, when you guys gonna care about the dead Challenge mode, you fixed it but I never see anyone playing it unless I'm the one hosting a run lol, perhaps we could see a bit of enthusiasm towards all the game modes rather then Ultimate >.> =P.
  4. Speaking of slicers! That brings up a 2 new weapon ideasto mind from me, I know I've thought of enough already but I think these will be more down-to-earth lol. 1) Item name: Blood fang Slicer Stars: 9 Atp: 144 ATP req: 320 ATA: 44 Max grinder: + 22 Effect/Special: Drain Description: A blade made up of the fangs of a blood thirsty savage wolf, it's said to even bear the capability to one day kill it's own owner by siphoning their blood. This slicer would have the default skin of a Cutter with the addition of a couple changes to it's design * 3* sliver weapon* How to obtain? : * new item called Fang of wolf* - drops from Savage wolves the same way booma's arm and Rappy's wings will drop ^_^. 2) Item name: D.volt ( Armor) Stars: 10 DFP: 56 EVA: 71 Luck: +5 EDR: 15 ELR: -20 Special/Effect: Increases your Zonde's damage while wearing this armor. ( Aprox. +15% Zonde damage when worn) Level req: 81 Obtained: Drop chance from Vol.opt on Vhard mode, or perhaps a drop from Garantz in mines 2.
  5. Lol, guess your right. Don't suppose we already have a *is this player online feature* do we? If its of no interest, that's all the ideas I had ?
  6. I meant as in a command similar to the /maxmats where it pulls up extra info on your character. It's be called or labeled /regen or /passive meaning passive traits, like photon burst, tech points and, HP regain. Would bring about some new interest in the game other then max stats and materials.
  7. Would it be possible to make a stat that can tell you your TP HP regeneration rate per x seconds? Idea like from Mobas and MMOs where Hp5 per 5 seconds or HPSs(health per second) is stated by a number with decimals. Formar with a TP restore would be for ex TPS: 2.5 per 5 seconds. Ex 2: hucast HP's: 7.5 per 5 seconds, gradually increasing as your level and scaling advances, along with equipped units.
  8. I've another outside the box idea, so tell me what you guys would think of it. Monster, modded skins, basically instead of a NPC you could be a booma or Rag rappy, this idea was inspired by PSO episode 3's Card game concepts in how monsters could use Techs and Weapons, but retain their basic animations. only 5 skin/mod requests, fantasy mostly lol. 1) Booma 2) Grass assassin 3) Delsaber 4) Sinow gold 5) Hildebear
  9. Good point, After a while of thinking I thought would it be possible to scale the entire game's base values enemies wise by another 80%? Then that way adding 1 or 2 more players to the lobby cap would balance out the necessities, I do see your point big time about normal- V.had being cake walk, sit for 40 minutes and train a mag to level 50-100 and boom those modes aren't much of a threat to veterans and new players alone, because of today's games involving more difficult and original challenges, I just simply thought adding more players means making bosses have more HP right?
  10. YES Like that :D, how'd you guys make this happen btw? lol, or would this be 1 of the custom quests where'as you can use up to 2 extras (NPCs), something like Doc's Secret plan.
  11. =o Oh that seems like a huge contradiction with the player trades and gifting items to new players going on lol, but I think I see what your saying. I've got a new set of ideas to come up with then! I think we could possible add some more options to the game I suppose if you wanted to make it harder hehe. Option 1: Instead of happy hours, you could set it to a mode called Precision Dump, where all player's Accuracy rates is completely cut in half 50%, meaning you better have some spare TP or good bye E-z mode weapons Option 2: Alike option 1, we could call the next mode Mind Blank, Where all player's TP is completely sealed meaning you cannot cast a single ryuker, resta, gifoie, or Reverser to save you nor your allies during a long-term boss fight. Option 3: This option would be related to Locked quests, Soon as you enter a room it's auto locked, you cannot leave, you cannot ryuker, and once you die it's instantly shut down right there and then, any rares you had are gone, better luck next time Option 4: Fast forward mode, All enemies movements and ability's are double'd as if they were wearing their own Centurion battle+++, good luck hit and running against something faster then the flash himself! ( this would be basically all modes = Ultimate lol) Lastly option 5: Infection mode, While playing in any map outside of Pioneer 2, You will suffer .5% HP drain by a constant un-curable poisin mist , which in terms cannot kill you but will weaken you to the point of no return if you suffer even 1 damage in battle. Hows that for ideas to make the game tougher? lol
  12. i know this may be impossible but would you guys be able to increase the players per game mode from 4 to 6??? Also, can max mag level go to 250 instead of 200 or would it have to be custom? The last idea that comes to mind is, would it be possible to add enemy hp bars??? Indicators of a floating shape or polygon which in terms changes from a bright to darker shade for example in some rpgs or action games and enemies HP bar is green when filled, but yellow when 60%, Red when 25% and Black/white when completely depleted. I guess in a way PSO never had any indicators to when a fight is actually over unless it's your own lol. (Picture below of what HP bar would look like i guess lol, Made in MS paint =PPP I know ima epic artist!)
  13. Yea what i at first put for that weapons stats would've been quite a quick no no lol, something along the lines of Drain for a special, 6000 ATP, 200 ATA, 233 DFP, +120 MST, +100 Luck, Str Req: 600, and max grinder would've been : +50, knowing Cyane and Soly they'd just been like that's a fantasy that'll never come true even in my dreams XD. of course this weapon would only have 1 Attack, and couldn't combo.
  14. hehe, I have more suggestions! yes there custom weapons and server edits :D. 1) Custom weapons/items/units based on NPC skins or perhaps just re-Skins :D. - Rico's Handgun ( 10 star), 120 ATP, 44 ATA, Req: 96 ATA, Max grinder: +12 - Sonic's Buster ( 10 star), 240 ATP, 30 ATA, Req: 280 Str, max grinder: +9 - Echidna's Daggers ( 10 star), 90 ATP, 30 ATA, Req: 233 Str, max grinder: +15 - Flowen's Rifle ( 10 star), 177 ATP, 65 ATA, Req: 100 ATA, Max grinder + 12 - Ninja's Shinobi katana ( 10 star), 285 ATP, 55 ATA, Req: 320 Str, max grinder + 15 - Guild lady's Cross ( 10 star), 88 ATP, 40 ATA, Req: 111 ATA, -10 EVA Max grinder + 20 - Twin tails Repeaters (10 star) 26 ATP, 50 ATA, Req: 106 ATA, +15 DFP max grinder + 30 - Nursery Magi-staff (10 star) 48 ATP, 44 ATA, Req: 280 MST, + 35 MST, + 10 EVA, max grinder + 12 - Principals last hope ( 11 star unit) Effect: Give off a rejuvenating aura that boosters your HP regen by a lot - Montague's favor ( 10 star armor) * Force only* 120 DFP, 10 MST, 60 EVA, Req: Level 51 2) Sonic team quest NPCS ( Another pair of custom quest but short onez involving sonic,knuckles,tails split up between episodes) EX: Forest escape = Sonic EP 1, Spaceship Invasion = Tails EP 2, Zu on the hill = Ep 4 Knuckles ( these quests would be solo mode only, meseta reward would be 5k, and would involve the first maps of each episode of course) 3) More ways to obtain music disks! unless there's already a way to alter in-game BGM :D. 4) Does PSO Ultima have a Discord? It'd be a better way for accessing multiple voice chat channels, as-well as quicker way of interacting with people for setting up groups, sales, trades and just overall hang outs.
  15. Lol i know I just felt like posting that weapon idea here purely from love for an anime and this game being compressed for a while, Idea's are ideas after all heh, Although I would love to hear some custom ideas from you guys as-well, and don't hold anything back, show us how creative your brains could get! If the stats are too wild although, there's still the factor of a group session of balancing it to fit in with Ultima's customs. I personally would love a mechgun with 99+ grinders, but that in terms would be asking for a bizaar weapon as-well, but who knows ideas and a good development team and pack of enthusiastic people can go a long way. Speaking of that, do you guys accept ideas to update current weapon grinders? if possible that is, it's an idea I've been wanting done forever since I first touched mechguns, just seeing something +99 reminds me of the good ole rpg days. As for the rappies Idea, I often use to think it was console limited or Ultimate, but then I ran into a giant yellow rappy here on ultima like 2 or 3 years ago, the thought comes to mind that maybe just maybe we could have some fun with this random experience =p, if it's not a random bug that is. Anyways, I'll have more random ideas when i get some sleep so get your eyes and brains ready, you started a monster and he's not stopping until his rampage is complete hehe.
  16. Day 3 Continued: Objective interrupted part A: Escape before I'm killed It all suddenly became clear to me, this mission, wasn't a simulation, these traps were not setup to stop me, whatever that thing was; those traps were meant to keep it out, and just my luck that I somehow pissed it off. I hid behind a rock, crouched down and began cleaning the water from my Visor, the process was swift and beneficial, before i knew what was going to happen next, I once again carelessly let my guard down. Suddenly! The ground shook, the rocks around me crumbled and rolled down the hill, and just not but 20 meters up the hill to my rendezvous point was that creature once again, it followed me here! Or was it sent to kill me! It picked up 2 giant boulders and flung them my way, I managed to dodge one but the other collided into near rock before it reached me an the pebbles it broke into, sunk deep wounds into my arms and legs while i ran away from them, I did not falter for there was no way to escape unless I either get to the portal or defeat this vicious beast. I opened my medic-unit and put on a new armor quickly, and switched to my Power buster, with haste I swallowed 2 Mona-mates, happily i kept them from when my team gave rations out during the Gal Gryphon fight. The beast had once again jumped into the air, before i know it it's quickl agility allowed it to leap almost 100 meters, it crashed down into the near-by ground and shook me off my feet, it thus then assumed what seemed like a boxers stance and approached me slowly, steadily, completely prepared for battle. Objective interrupted part B: Defeat the large creature This fight's been going on for way to long, if I ever tried to melee this beast it'd switch stances to what seemed like a close arm bar guard, my attacks didn't phase it one bit, but then it'd return them back at me with a tremendously powerful Right punch, that sends shock-waves dissolving and crushing anything before it. My health was falling low, I was all out of missles and TP, and I only had just enough to cast 1 last ability. The beast began to grin and it slapped it's arms together and resumed it's boxer like stance, If I were to take even a single 1 of it's punches I'd be dead by now, if it had not been for my Deband barrier it's 2 piece would've devastated me 10 times over. I found out that this beast's blind-spot is it's back, it cannot turn around quickly due to its mass, but if you attack it from behind it deals great damage to it and causes it to flail in pain, were both at the end of our wits, but this thing has no signs of given up killing me. I charge it with last resort in mind, I leap at the beast, it jerks back it's arm and pulls it ready to destroy my likely existence in a single blow but just then, I cast barta mid-air, causing it to stumble and lose it's footing only for a split second, as I cut into it's arm deeply, this thing is so durable that my blade gets stuck half way through it's arm! it throws me back, with enough force to collapse a lung or too when i collide into a nearby boulder, breathe seeping away from me drip by drip, my suits completely malfunctioned and destroyed, my Visor's been crushed, my vision blurs, as the beast rips it's own arm off with a destructive shout, strong enough to scare even a dragon away, it resets it's eyes on me and readies it's self for 1... last.. jump... ( To be continued!)
  17. In some cases you come into view of a giant rappy on ultimate, i don't know if anyone else experienced this before but, would it be possible to create other giant versions of enemies, for instance like rare mobs displaying but rather it's just some giant Booma walking around with enhanced exp,stats and health, say an extra 50% to it's values and scaling per mode, Drops and other settings would not be altered at all since it's still the same monster, just a beefed up version who may or may not beat the living hell out of you if your unlucky lol. (New edit to avoid double post) In addition to the above idea, how many of you have watched the anime high school DxD, the main heroes ability was called Balance breaker ( issie's Sacred gear power), this ability was capable of scaling it's power to heights that aimed for even God destroyer levels, if not stronger, so I've a nice little idea set for this reference. Brave Knuckle - recreated into what we call BB Knuckles. This would be a massively ultra rare powerful fist weapon for all classes and races, but what it requires is near to impossible to obtain for it's unimaginable power. Stats: Req: 750 strength, Str: + 1000, MST: + 100, ATA: + 155, DFP: +120, EVA: + 140, Luck: +30, Grinder: +5(max) Special: Berserk * sacrifice HP to deal massive damage* Descrp: A weapon made by the very scales of Saint million, the power it holds leaks from it's very core, every inch of these fist's pour out corrupted energy just waiting to dissolve whatever it touches to nothingness. Drop Skyly,Blueful,Whitill, and yellowbronze : Saint Million (Ultimate) my suggestion
  18. Oh okay, i fully understand now ^_^, I find myself enjoying this discussion alot nonetheless. Well back to watching netflix heh, good night and I'll keep the ideas coming, I've almost 10 years worth to speak up, psobb 1 of my all time favorite sega games ever.
  19. Hmm, i usually aim for very difficult ideas to create, which makes them all the better read, and as for the options above, I really do not like taking up others time for anything unless its beneficial, if i have to pay for the quest to be made then that's no problem at all, my current financial status is stable enough to fit anything under 150 USD. As for split quests, designs and idea, I suppose a sub-ideal for it could be replaced in this way. Think of time attack - break up the quests into each episode, with the same formula of advancement, but having 3 or 4 set npcs instead with weapons chosen by the community to fight against ( from common known npcs, or use Bernie, Ella, Cel, and Kireek), this way it saves the headache of designing a in-detail clone of a player, but still gives the community involvement in it's design as-well as keeping the quest a challenge. As for Blanco weapons, if it's too heavy a project we could simply settle for a saber that all classes can use, but this would be called the Omni Blanco Saber ( All white saber) Keeping the same design as the above, * hopefully not asking for too much* this Omni saber would work like a God ability, which is a weapon rather then a unit, I've had a second thought on what it's special would be as-well, perhaps we could have the Omni Blanco Saber's special be Arrest or weaker, for a paralysis effect, to make it a utility for all classes. Although this would in term make this weapon a 12 star instead of 10 star, new grinder in thought would cap at 50. New stats for it will be Str Req: 222 Str: +177, Mst: +33, Ata: +66, Eva: +60, Luck: +11, DFP: +33 Max grinder: +50 Special: Arrest ( Chance to paralysis on hit) Descr: A blade created by only the most powerful of materials ever found on Ragol, it's said to contain a power so great it could render even the strongest of foe's crippled. Also! I'll gladly pay for both ideas to be developed if it is necessary...
  20. I guess i can't help myself, I have another idea that comes to mind, and for anyone who has played .hack G.U R:2, then you would understand the systems in place for this idea. Custom quest - Section VR - single-player mode only. Descr: Several guild cards have been stolen,corrupted and made illegal clones of, trace out the culprit or culprits, and re-capture the stolen IDs, before it's too late! Quest feats: (split between all 3 episodes and or maps) 10-20 of Ultima's most well renowned characters and their weapons will be showcased as doppleganger NPCs, who the player must fight against, maybe have the players volunteer themselves using a screenshot event of some sort hosted by cyane . Before they can re-claim the stolen ID's of said players from the thief, these npcs will give you 1 hell of a fight, as if you were actually pvping the top players themselves to death. Ex of a doppleganger: Larva, NPC level 175, weapon would be say a Stag cutlery or Chain sawd, location of NPC would be Mine 1, room 5D, standing behind locked red door. The player touches the door, the room goes dark, and the door opens, the doppleganger will not appear as a player coordinated icon, but rather a UN-detected mob, thus making the UN-suspecting main player feel actually ambushed by a stolen ID. Target indicator would pop up as, ID Unit 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (ect ect) instead of the players actual guild cards, so it won't become a nuisance to remember which you found/defeated. This quest would start off with all maps open, and the player must use their wits to discover, defeat and survive the onslaught of powerful doppelgangers, locations and characters should be fixed as-well, thus making this quest a possible early strategized or speed run subject for the community in future discussions.
  21. If possible why not develop a new form of weaponry, Ultima's been well renowned for it's creativity and out of the box players, so why not use those brains to create more UN-seen features. What i have to suggest would be a re-designed form of red weapons. Call them Blanco **Spanish for White** Blanco weapons could be a new traditional type of weapons which instead of granting massive stats, they could just be some ultra unique weapon you give to a low level alternate until it's time to play normally, instead of with style. Maybe even call them uniquely Class-bound in a way, as for stats I've a example to mind. Their specials would be sealed and they would have basic stats of a 2 star weapon with very high hit%. These weapons would not be grindable as they are for style alone and nothing more, although what stat bonuses they grant could become questionable, so I'll simply say each should give a medium bonus to base stat relevancy. Ex 1) Blanco saber: 10*star Descr: A very uniquely designed hunters weapon, it's material is very durable yet it wields no special combat utility. Str: +136 Req: 125 Ata: +80 Grinder : 0 Effect: This weapon grants the bearer +20 strength while equipped, although at the cost of having no special ability, is it really worth it? Ex 2) Blanco Wand: 10*star Descr: A very stylish wand, which gives off a silver/whitish glow from it's hilt and jewel, yet it wields no special combat utility Mst: +30 Req: 187 Ata: + 80 Grinder: 0 Effect: This weapon grants the bearer +40 mst while equipped, although at the cost of having no special ability, is it really worth it? Ex 3) Blanco handgun: 10*star Descr: A humble gun, frosted and designed with many white crystals, although durable they yield no special abilities. Str: 55 Ata: +60 Req: 86 Grinder: 0 Effect: The weapon grants the bearer +30 Eva while equipped, although at the cost of having no ability, is it really worth it?
  22. Sorry mate kinda rage quit earlier but yea i've reawakening my inner hate for the c-mode setup on this server lolz, I know chuks trying to help but no way it's random when we ran it several times ame spawns same monsters i ever have a link to the spawns each room of the maps and what to kill to get to the next areas, no way they all just appeared in 1 room in forest than they don't even repeat the same issues with the other 13 maps lol.
  23. wells you know me as-well Chuk this would technically be my 34th try at C-mode on you guys server and well the last previous daat got erased somehow so that kinda made me elss interest and now theres too many critical hits from monsters to make it anywhere.... lol, also umm is the server having some stability issues I've noticed people keep dcing as-well and that automatically cancels our runs so i suppose thats why people don't want to try it D:.
  24. NVM this was canclled, I'm guessing the C-mode dev wanted it to be harder so almost ever room spawns more than 4-6 times and enemies crit every 3-5 seconds... not to mention the safe time weren't even changed lol soo yea still too buggy to beat C-mode ugh.
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