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CHaLLenge mode team !


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Good evening guys , i must say challenge mode is a really pain in the *** mode so i started this topic to get good ppl not noobs ,, ppl who r serious in that mode and who wants to get S rank in challenge mode for :

fun ,

title ,

and for the S rank weapons

the team plan going to be ofcourse 4 persons that is :

2 hucast 1 racast 1 force or

2 hucast 2 forces

** atleast two ppl reading the maps for the stage so we dont waste time

As for me ill be a Racast or Hucast ..

once we get that team we stick to it untill we clear all the stages ,, and for clearing it i think 3 days should be enough ,, every day we do 3 stages that will be like 3 or 4 hours with clearing and failing in stages ..

the Team will start playing at (8) hours from the post topic time .. and we'll try to fix a times that fits each other ..

if poptart , KaiSa , MinerVa or freeDert read this plz reply so i confirm u in team ..

AND GOOD LUCK TO US ULtimate Heavenly Devilesh Low lvl ppl >.<

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ok kaisa i know that u wish to play with ur Racast coz u cleared some stages i did too but im gonna change to hucast to clear fast ;p , but trust me if u want to finish it like in 2 or 3 days we need to be like 2 force 2 hucast or 1 force and 1 racast and 2 hucast ,,

i wish u could get ur fonewmn so we all start from stage one and we'll clear it to stage 4 for today i got all of these stages figured out ..

and xylene in challenge mode ur lvl will be lowered and none of ur weapons will be with you ..

so kaisa what r u gonna be ??

we got so far 2 hucast me and freedert ..

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first team was me (hucast) RAMPAGE (racast) KaiSa ( fonewmearl or whatever the name is) and poptart too a force .. we managed to stage 2 with a good time , did the first 2 stages in 58 mins xD now we need 7 stages with less than 6 hours i think we'll get it xD

thanks to u guys ,,

and marica we'll love to have u with us maybe tomorrow coz we r tired from like 3 hours of challenging .. xD

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