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Halloween Event 2020 Drop Chart

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Please post your event drops here. Also non-event drops from the same monsters of different IDs. 

I will update it once or twice a day.

Information Needed

  • Difficulty
  • Episode
  • Section ID
  • Monster
  • Item

Link to Drop Chart Table


Link to Event Post

Link to 2019 Drop Chart


Event End Date: ???

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UR whitil belra ult ep 1       thnak you for putting this together

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Ultimate - Ep4 - Skyly - Dorphon Eclair - Banana Cannon

Ultimate - Ep1 - Viridia - Indi Belra - Ultima Reaper

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19 hours ago, SinowNeo617 said:

The link to the 2019 drop chart is to the event page @TheIronSheik

I don't think there was a dedicated thread, since the drops were mentioned right on the event page of that year.

In addition to that, you can find the 2019 drops as one of the tabs in the 2020 drop chart document I made.

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3 hours ago, henrique said:

Ultimate-EP4- Greenill-Shabertin-  Girasole

You farming Rianov-5 In the wrong season, boya ͠(≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) 

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Vampire Cloak - Chaos Bringer - Episode 1 - Very Hard - Oran

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