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So i dont ger on much anymore...last time i got on not counting today or yesterday to buy something was a week or 2 ago. I baught a 50 hit OPHELIE SEIZE to make a MM with. All i have is a 35 hit one in my RAcast carry bag, and a no hit MM in my bank. I should have 2 MM's, but the pother one should be 50 hit, with no stats or 1 stat was like 20 or something low. idk what happened or if it can be fixed, but i know i spent about 5 dts to get a HP and OS to make that and would suck to have it be 20/10/0/0/0 like it is now lol

GC 42179583

slot 2, racast common bank


not counting today or yesterday it was the last time or 2 i got on i believe i baught the OS and made the MM and logged right off.

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sorry, yes the stats got twisted. i made the MM, and like 2 weeks later, yesterday its stats changed. i will try to figure out who i baught the OS from, i know it was 2 weeks ago or a little more recent...


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ah ha, i found it in my chat logs


20:07:55    42179583    09B0666    hi
20:08:00    42183095    EMN     HI
20:09:06    42183095    EMN     oops still in bank
20:09:14    42181112    D-Grayman    sup
20:10:20    42179583    09B0666    ty
20:10:22    42183095    EMN     tyvm
20:10:40    42179583    09B0666    needed that to make A MM
20:10:58    42183095    EMN      nice. start off with the rigt amount of hit


thats the day i made it too, i do believe or it was the very next time i got on. 

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