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Suggjestion for new alternate Lobby Music

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Technically we have a thread for lobby music polls here: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/1628-music-on-lobby-new/?view=getnewpost
Unfortunately, Larva hasn't bothered to even attempt to formulate a thought about making any effort to try contacting the replacement kajex found to take over that duty, so we're stuck with the music we have now, which has been severely overplayed by this point.

Also that's the kind of song that would usually go on the troll wedding disk rather than on the lobby.

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I WOULD post in that topic fyre linked, but as it's locked I guess I'll post here.

Can we just have normal PSO lobby music? This way we can run whatever song we want and not have server auto-update and remove our music. This way if we get sick of it (which I admit, I really am of our current one) we can put whatever we want.

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I'm new to Phantasy Star Online. It was recommended to me some years back and I'm now finally embarking. Today is my third day. I had my speakers turned up yesterday when entering a sort of lobby. Myself and my room mate were relaxing for the evening when Eric Cartman's sweet sweet voice came careening in from this interstellar lobby. My room mate proceeded to ask me, snidely, if this was the game that I had been describing as "engaging" and "complex".

So thanks for that.

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What the hell sort of community have I stumbled upon?

The most epic hilarious crazys dangerous funnies one you could ever find for psobb addiction xD.

Have fun !!

Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk

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