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Hello There Everyone! v(=∩_∩=)フ


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I'm new here and kinda shy but I hope to make sum new friends and have fun playing.

I've never played before so I'm really new but if you want to play with me find Mishii in game!

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Welcome to Ultima. If you ever have questions, feel free to message me or find me ingame (As any variation of Squish xD).

Good luck.

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Welcome to Ultima! Enjoy your stay, we have a lot of friendly and helpful people, and please ask if you need some help. A lot of people would be glad to offer assistance. c:

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just a extract of the logs of today

17:51:01 42117881 Mishii yo Enigger
17:51:09 42117881 Mishii look at these homos
17:51:15 42117881 Mishii playing a ten year old game
17:51:25 42117881 Mishii go make some friends limp bizkit faggot
17:51:25 42111408 Pandam1lk lol you're on here too dont forget
17:51:36 42111408 Pandam1lk lmfao all these people are my friend
17:51:36 42117881 Mishii listen to real music like lil wayne and chief keef
17:51:37 42097796 SLIM can some one spare one pd
17:51:45 42097796 SLIM ok
17:51:46 42117843 knux omg
17:51:48 42117881 Mishii lol online friends
17:51:49 42111408 Pandam1lk im not going to defend my taste in music lol
17:51:50 42117881 Mishii faggot
17:51:53 42117843 knux ahaahaa
17:52:00 42117881 Mishii You all have no life
17:52:01 42111408 Pandam1lk i like lil wayne just fine
17:52:05 42117881 Mishii fucking virgin homos
17:52:05 42097796 SLIM wha t music u like
17:52:10 42117843 knux chief keef
17:52:13 42117881 Mishii lil b
17:52:15 42117881 Mishii cheif keef
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