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  1. I will keep this as up to date as possible to reflect accurate availability. I'll also try and post/update prices as I do the research and PC> things of interest. I will keep the prices list as well to try and give folks an idea of what some of them might go for. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to make them. Thank you for looking and happy hunting! Weapons: Armor/Shields/Units: Stuff and Things: Wants: PDs/DTs (7 PD:1 DT) are preferred. Currently looking for RR/costumes, Luck Materials, uwu's and CCA runs from @EDEN-senpai ~~~ Twitch Stream
  2. Hello everyone, i'm selling some items for dts and pds here is the list thanks. Lindcray [40/0/0/0|35] 20dts Boomerang [25/0/0/0|30] 15dts Rambling May [0/0/0/35|30] 5dts Rambling May [0/40/0/0|40] 6dts Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 36] [Slots: 4] 10dts Proof of Sonic Team 10dts Psycho Black Crystal 10dts Stellar Shard x3 15dts each Harmonic Resonance Core x2 8dts each Spread Needle [45/0/0/30|0] 5pds Spread Needle +40 [0/0/0/30|0] 5pds Spread Needle [0/0/40/45|0] 5pds Master Raven [0/40/0/35|0] 10pds Master Raven [45/0/40/0|0] 10pds Last Swan [45/0/0/40|0] 15pds Rambling May [0/30/0/0|0] 5pds Rambling May [0/40/0/45|0] 5pds Rambling May [35/0/0/25|0] 5pds Lavis Cannon [0/45/0/35|0] 4pds Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/20|35] 5pds Frozen Shooter +9 [35/0/0/0|35] 5pds Frozen Shooter [25/0/0/0|35] 5pds Frozen Shooter [0/20/25/0|40] 8pds Frozen Shooter [25/0/0/0|35] 5pds Frozen Shooter [25/0/0/0|40] 8pds Mille Marteaux +12 [0/0/20/0|25] 15pds Vivienne [0/45/0/0|30] 2pds Vivienne [0/30/0/0|40] 3pds Heaven Striker [50/0/0/0|0] 15pds Heaven Striker [0/0/0/0|0] 15pds Heaven Striker [0/0/50/0|0] 20pds Cannon Rouge [0/35/0/0|20] 8pds Glide Divine v.00 [0/40/0/40|0] 15pds Glide Divine v.00 [40/0/0/35|0] 15pds Glide Divine v.00 [0/0/0/0|35] 15pds Glide Divine v.00 [0/0/0/30|25] 15pds Glide Divine v.00 [35/0/0/45|35] 15pds Psycho Wand [40/50/0/40|0] 15pds Psycho Wand [0/0/0/40|0] 15pds Lindcray [35/0/40/40|0] 15pds Lindcray [0/0/0/25|0] 15pds Bloody Art [0/0/0/0|25] 5pds Diska of Braveman [25/0/0/35|40] 4pds Diska of Braveman [0/0/0/30|45] 4pds Diska of Braveman [0/35/40/0|40] 4pds UNITS v502 x5 3pds each v101 x2 3pds each Heavenly/Power x7 3pds each Centurion/Power x2 10pds each Centurion/HP x5 5pds each Centurion/Mind x2 10pds each TECHS Gizonde Lv: 20 x4 2pds each Shifta Lv: 20 x2 2pds each Razonde Lv: 20 x3 2pds each Rafoie Lv: 20 x1 2pds each Deband Lv: 20 2pds Resta Lv: 20 2pds Foie Lv: 20 x2 2pds each Jellen Lv: 20 x6 2pds each Gifoie Lv: 20 x3 2pds each Zalure Lv: 20 x2 2pds each Rabarta Lv: 20 x2 2pds each Zonde Lv: 29 2pds Gibarta Lv: 29 2pds Foie Lv: 29 2pds Gizonde Lv: 29 2pds Barta Lv: 29 x2 2pds each Deband Lv: 30 x3 3pds each Shifta Lv: 30 x1 3pds each Jellen Lv: 30 x2 3pds each Resta Lv: 30 x2 1pd each MATERIALS Power Material x100 5:1 pds Mind Material x262 5:1 pds HP Material x58 5:1 pds Luck Material x13 1:1 pd TOOLS S-beat's Arms x3 5pds each Parts of Baranz x2 5pds each Magic Rock "Heart Key" x2 10pds each Magic Rock "Moola" x3 1pd each Parts of Egg Blaster 5pds
  3. Selling a few items for PDs. Post or PM any offers Gladius +2 [Demon's] [0/0/0/35|40] SILENCE CLAW [Dark] [0/0/0/25|50] RED SABER [Fill] [0/0/0/0|30] -- 3 PDs RED SABER [Fill] [25/0/0/0|40] -- 5 PD GREAT BOUQUET [Chaos] [0/0/0/0|35] Cure/Slow Cure/Confuse Cure/Shock
  4. Looking for 2 Limiters, and I'm willing to pay 10 PDs for each. I'd prefer a minimal kill count on them, but if someone wants to get rid of theirs regardless of kills, that's fine too.
  5. Looking to Purchase Handgun: Guld reply or PM if interested
  6. Hi! Im looking for a crush bullet that has Native, A.Beast and Hit, or any other 3 stat Crush bullet with Hit. If you want to sell me your Crush Bullet please tell me the price you are willing to sell it for.
  7. Weapons: Diska of Liberator 0/0/0/55 Brionac 0/0/0/0/30 Costum Ray ver.OO 0/25/0/0/20 Silence Claw 0/0/0/35/40 Alive AQHU 0/25/35/40 Bug - Catching Net 10/15/0/35 Gae Bolg 0/0/45/35 Dragon Slayer 0/30/0/30 Gross Scar 30/0/0/30 Armor: Morning Prayer Slots:3 Shields: STANDSTILL SHIELD 2x Proto Regene Gear Unit: Godric/Ability 2x God/Mind 2x God/Body God/HP Heavenly/Power Tech: 1x lv 30 Zallure 2x lv 29 Resta 2x lv 28 Foie 1x lv 28 Gizonde/Razonde 1x lv 27 Resta/Barta 1x lv 25 Megid/Resta 2x lv 25 Gibarta Just PM if you want anything off it.
  8. As the title suggests I am selling these listed item! Looking for DTs/PDs. Crush Cannon +25 0-0-0-0-40 Psycho Ravens +80 0-0-0-0-0 Iron Faust +18 40-0-0-40-40 Charge Yasminkov 9000M +10 0/0/0/0/40 Rage De Feu +9 0-35-0-0-40 Min Wedding Dress x2 Centurion/Ability Centurion/Battle Stellar Shard Proof of Sonic Team Please feel free to post or PM offers. Thanks in advance and good luck out there dudes! (And girls!)
  9. Here I have a list of items I would like to sell! Take a look and make an offer! Vjaya 0/0/15/0/15 Diska of Liberator 0/30/0/0 Diska of Braveman 0/30/20/0 Boomerang 30/0/0/30 Wals MK2 30/0/20/30 Club of Laconium 0/0/15/20 Alive Aqhu 0/20/0/30 Silence Claw 0/40/25/0 Windmill 45/0/0/0 Rabbit Wand 25/20/0/0 Heart of Poumn 0/15/0/35 Guardianna 0/30/30/15 Stealth Sword 0/0/0/25 Select Cloak 1 slot Secret Gear Regenerate Gear DB Shield 2x Resta Lv30s 1x Foie Lv29 Send a PM or comment if you want anything.
  10. Selling a stack (x99) of PDs for 15 DTs! Hit me up!
  11. Gari

    Gari Market

    Weapons Yasminkov 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] Heaven Striker +20 [0/0/0/35|40] Great Fairy Sword [0/0/0/0|0] Sacred Bow [25/0/0/0|0] Sacred Bow [30/30/0/0|0] Egg Blaster MK2 [0/25/0/0|65] Demonic Fork [0/0/20/30|0] [Untekked] Demonic Fork [0/35/0/0|15] S-Red's Blade [0/0/0/0|0] Ruby Bullet [0/50/0/0|40] Lame D'Argent [0/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] Asteron Striker [30/0/0/0|0] Banana Cannon [0/0/20/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/25/30/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [30/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/0/30/35|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/0/25/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/0/0/0|0] Ultima Reaper [0/0/0/5|0] [Untekked] Ultima Reaper [40/0/0/35|0] Hundred Souls [0/0/0/0|45] Armor & Shields Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] Wedding Dress [DEF: 17/EVP: 15] [Slots: 0] Cursed Cloak [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] Select Cloak [DEF: 6/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] Three Seals [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] Three Seals [DEF: 0/EVP: 0]
  12. Weapons Yasminkov 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] Heaven Striker +20 [0/0/0/35|40] Great Fairy Sword [0/0/0/0|0] Sacred Bow [25/0/0/0|0] Sacred Bow [30/30/0/0|0] Egg Blaster MK2 [0/25/0/0|65] Demonic Fork [0/0/20/30|0] [Untekked] Demonic Fork [0/35/0/0|15] S-Red's Blade [0/0/0/0|0] Ruby Bullet [0/50/0/0|40] Lame D'Argent [0/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] Asteron Striker [30/0/0/0|0] Banana Cannon [0/0/20/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/25/30/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [30/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/0/30/35|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/0/25/0|0] [Untekked] Banana Cannon [0/0/0/0|0] Ultima Reaper [0/0/0/5|0] [Untekked] Ultima Reaper [40/0/0/35|0] Sword of Ultima [0/0/40/0|40] Sword of Ultima [0/0/0/25|0] [Untekked] Hundred Souls [0/0/0/0|45] Armor & Shields Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] Wedding Dress [DEF: 17/EVP: 15] [Slots: 0] Cursed Cloak [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] Select Cloak [DEF: 6/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] Three Seals [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] Three Seals [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] Whatever... Power Material x52 Star Amplifier x6 AddSlot x465
  13. ! WEAPONS ! - Rage De Glace +9 [0/25/0/0|35] - Guld Milla [0/0/0/40/0] - Yasminkov 7000V +25 [0/0/0/0|80] [HELL] 50 dts - Demonic Fork [0/0/20/30|0] [Untekked] - 15 pds - Demonic Fork [0/35/0/0|15] - 15 pds - Ultima Reaper [40/0/0/35|0] 15 pds / 2dts - Ultima Reaper [50/0/40/0|35] 25 dts - Ultima Reaper [0/0/0/5|0] [Untekked] 15 pds / 2 dts - Arms +2 [45/0/0/0|45] [Berserk] 20 pds / 3 dts - Great Fairy Sword +99 [45/0/0/25|0] 20 pds / 3 dts - Spread Needle [0/35/30/0|0] 5 pds / 1 dts - Spread Needle [0/0/35/30|0] 5 pds / 1 dts - Spread Needle +14 [40/0/0/25|0] 5 pds / 1 dts - Sacred Bow [30/30/0/0|0] 15pds / 2 dts - Sacred Bow [25/0/0/0|0] 15 pds / 2 dts - Baranz Launcher +30 [0/0/0/0|40] 20 pds / 3 dts - Lame D'Argent [0/0/0/0|0] 10 pds / 2 dts - Mille Marteaux +8 [0/0/30/30|40] 20 pds / 3 dts - Asteron Striker [30/0/0/0|0] 12 pds / 2 dts - Banana Cannon [0/25/30/0|0] [Untekked] 5dts for any banana - Banana Cannon [30/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [0/0/30/35|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [0/0/25/0|0] [Untekked] - Banana Cannon [0/0/0/0|0] - Banana Cannon [0/0/20/0|0] [Untekked] ! SHIELDS ! - Hylian Shield x1 11 dts - Three Seals x2 15 pds / 3 dts ! TOOLS ! - Chromatic Orb x3 - 7 dts each - Halo Rappy Soul x3 - Limiter x3 PM Me for trade!
  14. Buying Proof of Sonic Team. Pm me price in PDs please. Thanks
  15. shanglong


    Spread needle 35/0/0/0 45hit sold Spread needle 100/0/0/0/ 35 hit 20 dts Spread needle 0/30/30/40 10pds Bringer /0/0/0/0 40 hit sold Anti dark ring 5 dts Sil dragon slayer 45/0/0/35 50 hit sold Pm i see them faster
  16. This list contains a lot of stuff which will sell for PDs, I will take DTs for some also. PM me for meetup or comment on post. I will respond as prompt as possible. Forgive me if it is a bit sloppy, or prices are a bit off. This is my first list made. Bringers Rifle 0/0/0/0/50 (30 pds/4 DTs) Wok of Akiko's Shop (3 PDs) Imperial Pick 40/0/0/0 (5 PDs) Sil Dragon Slayer 0/0/0/0/50 (80PDs/12DT) Sange & Yasha 0/35/35/0/30 (10PD) Demolition Comet 0/0/15/0/40 (5PDs) Rainbow Baton 0/0/50/50/50 (25PDs/3DTs) Holy Ray 45/30/0/0 (5PDs) Gae Bolg 0/0/0/40/50 (5 PDs) Cross Scar 30/0/70/0 (3PDs) Parts of RoboChao (5PDs) Heart of Pian (5PDs) Syncesta (5PDs each) Heart of Devil (5PDs) Kit of Hamburger (1PD) Kit of Genesis (5 PDs) Kit of Sega Saturn x4 (5PDs each) Kit of Dreamcast x3 (5PDs) Kit of Mark3 (5 PDs) Kit of Master System ( 5 PDs) Heart of Kapu Kapu (4 PDs) Cell of Mag 502 (3 PDs) Cell of Mag 213 x3 (3 PDs) Heart of Morolian (3 PDs) Tablet (2PDs) Heaven Striker Coat (3PDs) Rappy's Beak (1PD) Ashura Mag Cell x2 (4PDs) TECHS: lvl 30=3pds, 29-=1PD Resta 30 x3 Shifta 30 x2 Deband 30 Anti LVL 6 (1PD) Gibarta 29 x3 Foie 29 x2 Rabarta 29 x3 Deband 20 Rafoie 28 Jellen 28 x2 Gifoie 28 Razonde 29 Resta 29 Amp of Barta Amp of Rabarta x2 MIND MATS X31 (5:1) WANTS : Red Ring (Doesn't matter if min/max) PDs DTs De Rol Le Shield
  17. Title! I have 400 PDs for trade! Looking to get about 60ish DTs. If interested PM!
  18. ✰✰✰ Sealed J-Sword Auction ✰✰✰ I left it untekked so you can have the pleasure of tekking it by yourself Wants DT's or PD's only (ratio 1:8) Starting Bid: 40 DT's or 320 PD's Deadline: May 24, 2017 10:00 PM GMT-03:00 (Brasilia) Rules Please only offer PDs/DTs/stuff that you already have. Avoid retreating your offer. This is to avoid confusion for the people bidding. If you really have to retreat your offer, I'll be prohibiting you to start bidding again on this topic. Who is forbidden to bid on this topic: - Champione Good luck to all bidders!
  19. Ever since the creation of my Ultima's economy sucks thread I've been thinking of ways that we could try to make PD's more valuable and give an alternative way for people to add percents and hit to weapons without having to pay real money or at least use DT's... I've been cooking up this idea for about a month now, so hear me out on it. I'm not quite sure what I'd call the process... lets just call it... "Power Transfer" for now. With Power Transfer, what you can do is you can add additional percents (up to the cap, 80 hit, 100 double stats) using weapons that you find around PSO. For example... I have a 30 hit Excal on my RAmarl and it's blank otherwise... but I'd really like a stat or two extra on my Excal... but wait, I have another Excal on my HUcast that has 40 machine and 50 dark... that's perfect, those are both stats that I like and would love to have them on my 30 hit Excal. With Power Transfer, I would bring that 40m/50d Excal and my 30 hit Excal to a GM and tell them that I want to transfer over those stats on the non hit Excal to my hit Excal, which, in the process, destroys the item in question. But it wouldn't be a direct Power Transfer, you'd take both the stats, and then cut them in half. If you didn't cut them in half it'd be really easy to take a few high statted Excals and make a maxed out Excal instead for little PD's. So, going back to my example, my 40m/50d Excal, I'd cut both of those stats in half, which would make it 20m/25d and I'd add those stats to my 30 hit one. Simple right? The Excal I took the stats from would be destroyed (aka taken by the GM and sold to shop or whatever), but in order of PD payment, you'd combine those two stats together and then pay double that in PD's. The total amount would come to 45 total percentage, so I'd pay 90 PD's in total in addition to the destruction of my previous Excal. I believe this process could also be for hit. If you have an Excal that has a perfect 60/60 ratio in stats and you have another Excal that has 50 hit, but nothing else, take that hit Excal and Power Transfer it, adding the 25 hit over to your 60 statted Excal and you paying 50 PD's out of pocket for the exchange. The process could also be streamlined for combined items. Items like Arrest Needle you would only need a Spread Needle for to add stats to since it's created out of that. Or a Hundred Souls, all you'd need is a good statted Excalibur. I believe this would add significant value to PD's while also adding an extra option to those who have the PD's to spend but dont want to spend DT's. It would also be rewarding to those who hunt multiples of an item and would probably increase the value of some other smaller items for those that are interested to make a happy buck or two off of the trade. I could honestly see this being used a lot for people who refuse to pay or don't want to contribute to the DT problem but still want to max their gear out. It incentivizes hunting for items and putting in the effort while also making sure it's not too easy to add stats. Tell me what you guys think?
  20. Varista


  21. I'm buying 15 Donation Tickets for 105 Photon Drops! Thanks!! PM me
  22. Hi guys! im selling these things for Dts/Pds/Girasol XD Banana Cannon 25 machine Heaven Striker 0/0/100/100/80 100 Souls 0/0/35/0/70 Yasminkov3k 70hit Hell special Zalure Needle (Zaledle Needle) Hylian Shield Godrics Cloak Wedding Dress Resta Merge Chromatic Orb Proof of sonic team Centurion/Battle Centurion/arms v502 Wizard/Resist x 2 Psycho Black Crystal Parts of Baranz Telusis 5/165/30/0 If u interested in something pm me pls!
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