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  1. Halloween Event - 2013 Story A crazy curse has fallen upon Ragol and spread out to the ships of Ultima. Most monsters were able to withstand the fancy plague but one creature had a strange mutation... One specie has developed some serious reaction, causing it to mutate in a ferocious, fierce monster. Enraged and powerful, they slaughter any player that comes near them and crushes even the most experienced players in a wimp. To the brave ones amongst you, who are willing to risk their lives to combat this enormous threat, a great reward is available. That's right, along with thos
  2. We proudly announce the beginning of the long awaited summer event! This event includes many things like : New items Buffed up monsters to fight Random 5x exp Increased Rare monster appearances Regular Event drops More Happy Hours The new items We will introduce 4 brand new items to ultima. Centurion/Battle An evil grin should appear on your face while reading the name of this powerful new unit. It does exactly what you expect it to do : increase your battle speed by a whooping 50% instead of the previous max speed increase of 40% on V101 and Heavenly/Battle. Prepare to slaughter monste
  3. EasterVIRUS is Here in Ultima a month full of fun and joy. During the entire month we will have some cool stuff to all, we will include THE MINI EVENT OF THE OVENMITTS <--LINK Egg Rappy, will be dropping the Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, and few Ultima Server Collection item, GAME MAGAZINE And this year for the first time the Easter egg in ULTIMATE will be dropping different items than any other difficulty. And MoRE... Olga Flow will be dropping KROE'S Sweater and also, after almost 3 years Samurai Armor. The mini events... this year will be hosted by the the ovenMitts t
  4. Out of a cheer feeling of nostalgia, I'll post the event trailer from a few years ago, made by blue. Christmas is full of surprises here at Ultima starting from the 17th December Special drops on bosses and St Rappy will be dropping The Mag ELENOR St.Rappy can be found in the Temple (Episode2), it's a rappy with a 'Santa Claus dress' xD Here is the drop list for the bosses. Ultimate Gal Gryphon Ultimate: Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian BarbaRay Ultimate: Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser Gol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop:*
  5. As many of our fellow users already know, November is our anniversary month. And each year we have a splendid event to celebrate that. It's our way to say thank you to all our players who enjoy playing on our server. The goal of this event is simple : we want all users to have fun and to enjoy their time spent, here on Ultima. Starting up a server + keeping it online for 4 years, is not an easy task. None of this would be possible without the help of everyone in the community. So thank you to ALL of you and we hope you guys will like this new anniversary event. This year we decided to release
  6. Hello all, Vivi and zek here! Vivi: Together, zek and I have researched over days and weeks worth over this game. Our searches have lead us to find some fun and awesome Events! One of the many is the Christmas Present/ Love Rappy Event. There is nine different present wrappings in the event and in turn SO MANY awesome MAGs for everyone! zek: The path to gaining Christmas presents would be found in Episode 2 under the event section at the Hunter's Guild desk. It is called Pioneer Christmas. So, Hunter's Guild> Event>Pioneer Christmas. Here we have a list
  7. L33tserv VS Ultima Server Event Well L33tserv wanted to organize an event with us, to prove who's the best server and to start a great friendship with them. The event is fairly easy to understand : As some users already noticed, we added a quest named L33tserv Vs Ultima. The main goal is to play the quest and at the end of it, you'll get a Rank which you will submit on a website After this we'll count the points obtained on both servers, to see which one wins (the server with the highest score wins). We'll give prices to the winners, and to the user with the
  8. L33tserv VS Ultima Server Event Well L33tserv wanted to do a event with us, this to prove who is the better server and also to start a good friendship with them. the event is not so hard to understand. As some users already notice, we have quest named L33tserv Vs Ultima. the main thing here is to play the quest and at the end of the quest you will get a Rank and then you will submit your rank on a website after this we will sum the points obtained total in our server against their server. And the server with major score will win. we will give prices to the wi
  9. I just wanted to ask that cause PSU did something like that for their servers so I just wanted to put that out there as a question? You don't have to answer this right away I was just wondering really.
  10. Larva

    Easter Event 2012

    Easter is Here in Ultima a colored month full of fun and joy. During the entire month we will have some cool stuff to all, we will include two mini events Egg Rappy, will be dropping the Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, and One NEW in Ultima Server Collection item, GAME MAGAZINE And MoRE... Olga Flow will be dropping KROE'S Sweater and also, after almost 3 years Samurai Armor. The two mini events... serverus will be hosting one and and chuk another, each mini event has relevant between them. Once serverus and chuk are ready we will post the details. And one more
  11. EVENT STARTS THIS SUNDAY! 21/04/2012 Ok so.... apparently I decided to go kamikaze on my account and well eventually this idea was born truth be told I can't even keep my bank clean and well there's always something someone else wants and well I suddenly craved to return to lv 1 again.... so I said to myself.... EVERYTHING MUST GO! o.o but giving you the items straightforwardly would be so lame... I just had to go out with a bang :3 therefore I'm gonna make a server-wide event where the major prize is my inventory. The event is the DYG challenge, the ruling can be seen on this topic: ht
  12. Hello guys. Since this is my first Easter here in Ultima server I have some questions (for GM, Larva, or whoever know it lol) Any info when will start and how long will stand ? Will be any Happy Hours or Rare Monster boost during event? Sheduled or random? What will be the drops for EggRappy? The regular ones or will be implemented any new or different? For veterans, how is Easter Event here in Ultima? Just changing rappys from VR temple or adding something else? Thanks.
  13. Ultima and Big lip Radio is happy to announce this improve event the event is based in one particular monster. In this Event we are going to raise the apparition of one RARE monster. Rare monster = Rare drop. you will find the monster in a specific Location. Remember the drops item vary depending the Dificulty of your party and your Character ID. Also this event will have exp x5 during the whole event and drops x2 Monster Name: Dorphon Eclair Monster Location: Episode 4 DATE: Event Start: Saturday 13 of Aug 2011 Event Ends: Monday 15 of Aug 2011 SERVER TIME ----- S
  14. Since there is many Teams, I was thinking that there should be an Event For Teams to Compete against each other in a battle or simply Team Co-op mode where they find their way out of a maze. With this, other Teams not participating can bet mesetas on either team thats participating in the event. The winning Team should get prizes equally splitting among the Participating members (Maybe Mesetas or 1 PD each). Losing team should get a consolation prize for their efforts. Well, thats what i have in mind >.<
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