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  1. i've been playing on ship 2 read somewhere that a lot of english speaking people play on that ship idk if true but it's what i read. also the unofficial english patch i found helps quite a bit. they posted a link to a different on on these forums somewhere. oh and character named zek just if anyone is interested. liking working on force class lvl 9 i think, but that pp regen is insane; who needs monofluids there.
  2. i have 2 ideas at the moment. 1) Mag feeding frenzy (every so often have a short period in which mags can be feed without having to wait for the timer) 2) Pioneer Christmas - episode 2 event quest - I noticed that you can obtain a present with a mag cell inside per character for completion of lvl 4 on ultimate. My idea here is maybe to make it to where you can unlock lvl 4 on very hard and upon completion be able to receive the account based wrapping paper. 3) i know i said 2 ideas but if idea #2 isn't feasible then my alternate idea for the quest would be to simply reset that particular quest every so often maybe once a year or months or weeks(that part would of course be completely up to you guys) just some food for thought.
  3. well i could have sworn i had already posted the update bout this quest, but oh well. Unfortunately atm there is no different color wrapping paper other than the pink/white one. After completion and receiving a red present with a green bow took it to gallons shop so i could have him wrap a present as such. That didnt work, so i went to youtube and seached the forums and found out that here they give you a present that can be opened for completion of lvl 4 on ultimate. Maybe we can talk to the mods so that you can unlock lvl 4 on very hard and get the account based wrapping paper, butt i dont know if that if a reasonable request. Definitely going to be a suggestion i post though. Maybe if enough people like it and second the idea it could happen. Good luck and happy hunting to all.
  4. well update to all who are interested. after digging through the forums i found that only 1 present can be awarded per character. just thought anyone else who might be interested in doing this might want to know.
  5. this is just something that me and vivi thought might help others try to acquire the different color combinations of wrapping paper from gallons shop that can be used to get a christmas present on the pioneer christmas quest on episode 2. in theory i think it should work. we just need 8 people with different color presents from finishing the quest on lvl 4 to accomplish a particular goal. we honestly just did the research on the quest once we found out how to get the panther tail mag. I figured this might be the easiest way to help others help them selves as well as help us and help us help others. and your right there is no xmas fiasco here yet. which is why we are trying to inform and help initiate something unique or at least potentially innovative.
  6. Hello all, Vivi and zek here! Vivi: Together, zek and I have researched over days and weeks worth over this game. Our searches have lead us to find some fun and awesome Events! One of the many is the Christmas Present/ Love Rappy Event. There is nine different present wrappings in the event and in turn SO MANY awesome MAGs for everyone! zek: The path to gaining Christmas presents would be found in Episode 2 under the event section at the Hunter's Guild desk. It is called Pioneer Christmas. So, Hunter's Guild> Event>Pioneer Christmas. Here we have a list of items: Saint Rappy/ Christmas Present Panther's Spirit Heart of Devil Kit of Hamburger Kit of Mark 3 Kit of Sega Saturn Heart of Angel Kit of Dreamcast Kit of Genesis Kit of Master System All of these are incredibly special, rare mag-cells that turn into MAGs. . Vivi: What we want to do here is get a group dedicated to collecting these and helping everyone out! Why? Because for each one, everyone needs nine different wrappings. It's a serious challenge to get these! But, all the more fun for everyone to group up for it. Below I will post a Guide for all that want to try it! The Pioneer Christmas Guide!: http://tinyurl.com/bl7xvzhPlease leave a comment if you wanna join our lil' Event Hunting group. Or just want to leave your two cents.
  7. i like it. couple of things i noticed however. the music is set to play through once. pretty sue you know this part, but the buttons have no effect yet; i'm guessing they just havent been coded though. not sure if you were intending to be able to merge accounts, but with your testing version it would appear to make such an action possible. that being said i do like how neat, clean, and organized it seems. can't wait to see it implemented. gl on the rest of the coding.
  8. I have an idea to submit upon this topic. Would there be a possibility to have the server just not check lobby.ogg when updating, which would allow everyone to have their own custom lobby music. I figure that might be an interesting middle ground, or maybe a checkbox in the option gui that would allow users to turn off that particular file check. Pardon if this might be the wrong location for this idea, but I figured the relevance might make it acceptable.
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