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  1. For the sjs, drop it and then pick it up and then type /killcount, that should work.
  2. dang did this happen after I went AWOL ?! lol sorry to hear that man D:
  3. How does 50 PDs sound for the GD?
  4. Hmm lets see Found a mother Garb not long along, Parts of Baranz oh Monday's Happy Hour with Green and Styles and Senkia.
  5. Hiya I got a limiter with 20092 kills but it won't unseal here's a pic of the limiter Please help me tame this rogue limiter thanks lol
  6. I'm having the same problem xD how did you unseal yours green?
  7. Hi I'm interested in the Kit of Hamburger and Cure paralysis, I have some power mats and Daylight scar with 20% hit and also PDs. But lemme know if you're interested in anything else thanks
  8. lol are you gonna have fun with that? XD its addicting as well XP
  9. I gotta get into one of these pics XD
  10. These things I'm interested in: Grants lvl 25 or beyond, megid lvl 23, I can pay you PDs for those if you want and also I have 1 PS to blow, I'm interested in the following items: HS, TJS, GD, RR (of course I can't have all of them) Let me know what you're willing to part with. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm interested in your mark 3 mag 05/195/0/0 I have centurion ability to offer for that.
  12. Hi starfly, I'm also interested in the limiter(s) and your v101. I have alot of PDs, thought not sure if you are taking PDs for those units. Let me know thanks
  13. I got 10 PDs now, when will you be online?
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