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  1. Unknown

    S> Items

    When ur good im on ;D
  2. Unknown

    S> Items

    Nice bruh Ill snag it off you when I get this reply xD
  3. Unknown

    S> Items

    got still?
  4. Yeah whats ur room name
  5. 20 DTs or offers
  6. no but ty brudda
  7. Pm please and thank you
  8. Are u actually selling DF?
  9. #121 What you want for one of those PGFs?
  10. Unknown

    R-78 mall

    If you get a DM/DF I'd love to know bruh Much luv
  11. You still there? I can get on
  12. When do you think you’ll be available?
  13. Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] 20 PDs You still got one?
  14. Unknown

    Plz Close

    Starting price 300 DTs.
  15. Unknown

    PD Shop

    S+D Or J+Z (Lv30) = 5PD You got any left?
  16. Unknown

    Plz Close

    PM me your prices peeps
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