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  1. NEW GAME: Dead space 2! Follow me while I play!

    a LIKE would also be nice (:
    1. Runa


      why youtube cant u just livestream it

    2. Apollo



  2. For those of you wondering.. I thought I should disclose what I read in the shoutbox. Larva : (16 Jan 2011 - 17:46 PM) stay the hope up Larva : (16 Jan 2011 - 17:46 PM) ULTIMA is gona be back by Monday. if we are lucky this sunday. Ignore the timestamps--I live in Japan.
  3. I'm not too familiar with the other PSO server but if our server was attacked that would be very unfortunate =[. Hopefully we get a status update soon from Larva.
  4. Welcome to the server! I hope you have fun here like I am. (:
  5. Welcome to the server nate! I'm also new here. Cheers! The server has crashed and nobody is able to log in at the moment. The Administrator has noted that he is aware of the situation and he is working on trying to get it running--the reason for the downtime has not yet been disclosed. He did state, however, that the server is down against his own will. All we can do is be patient until the server is back up. It's been quite a few hours so it's safe to assume this isn't an easy fix and it might take a while. I'm sure somebody will scream in the shout box (located at the top of the forum) when the server is up. (:
  6. Hello Everyone, I am new to the server and new to PSO in general. I'm a 21-year old male student studying abroad in Japan--originally from USA. I play guitar/sing (not too well) and I just recently started up a youtube channel where I upload some LPs (Let's play). Anyways if you see a red FOmar running around named Artist--that's me. I hope to be a decent melee FOmar. Oh, right. My name is cliff. Feel free to say "hii cliff" if you see me in game
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