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    A life; A good computer; My own Computer; Sanity; Toki (Time); To Stop Shitposting; To Shut up; To Success In my Search for Happiness and Completion; Libera me from Hell that Is University D:<; To become one with Onion, with long silver hair and Super long katana Masamune (Yes I mean Onion Sepiros >:D) {or maybe..... Onion Sephiros KIRBY! >:DDD}

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  1. Goddammit Please Be Saturday, ffs :onion-head48:

    I'm tired of examns :onion116:


    1. Kotta


      I had no examns, yesterday :onion-head06:


    2. Grimoire Greys
    3. Kotta


      Tasukete! My life force.... :onion115:

      (Nieh, It's just onions :onion-head63:)

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