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  1. can finally use my flow again

    1. naji


      with hunewearl btw xD hucast was always powerful enough lol

  2. i would unlock them, iron faust would become a great weapon after. isnt it combo unlocked on schtserv?
  3. tower defense rocks

    1. ViaMurka


      мореман похудела на 60 кгво время диеты нужно много пить водыопыт и резльтыты гречн...

    2. Zimpa


      lol bot.

  4. is only gizonde causing this crashes?Oo
  5. naji

    procast n.n

  6. naji


    i hope they can restore your items Oo good luck n.n
  7. i dislike all the dragon slayers and crappy rares that annoying me

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    2. Zimpa


      Their worth 1 meseta chuk

    3. Zeph


      10 I believe unless Ultima did something to change that.

    4. Mantis Aqua

      Mantis Aqua

      Last Survivor win

  8. are you able to access the dressing room? think that should work
  9. gonna be back on the 21th of this month xD time to be addicted again then

  10. currently taking a break from ultima

  11. wenn du mehr deutsche spieler suchst musst du auf schtserv.com spielen. das ist im moment leider down aber ich bring dich dich zu den fallen angels^^. hab auch deinen post im miateam forum gelesen. ich selbst bin aus münchen^^.werde dir dort zum anfang auch weiterhelfen:D

  12. thx for posting the max stats plans

  13. naji

    lol -65 reputation xD

  14. btw the class humarl doesnt exist on pso bb, u must mean hunewearl xD guess shes not one of ur favourite classes@thread opener xD
  15. naji

    Lost items

    sry forgot about that. worked;) tyvm
  16. naji

    Lost items

    ty i added the details
  17. Hi, i hope this is the right section to post this in. I joined a public game on Ultima Block 1, dced in this game and when i came back online all my items are labeled with ??? now. Plz repair that.. my gc is 42012930 charslot 3 rollback plz 2 hour before this post tyvm
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