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    From Brazil.
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    Being one of the best in Ultima someday. And it will take for sure. xD

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  1. ah, nick é: Milmeu


  2. bienvenido al team :3

  3. Login: Joy_20 Class: Hunter. Hucast Lvl: 135. lol
  4. Joy_20


    Name: Jones Age: 28/05/1990 Gender: Male Ingame: Joy_20 Lvl: 62 (playing only 3 days, i play in scht serv) Class: Hunter - Hucast Hobbies: Net. Tell something about yourself: Well, my name is Jones, I'm 20, live in Martins Soares, state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Pso met less than four months. A friend showed me the game, liked it and today is the only game. Fantasy Masters played, but by internal problems of the game I stopped for a while. That's it. xD (In these four months I've been playing in scht, and there I have a lvl 160 Ramar. Ultima game only 3 days. Sorry for the translator, my English is not very complete. Ps: I play eight hours every day, so I'll be an active member of the Team.
  5. add friend. lol

  6. Add friend. lol

  7. Larva Hola ¿cómo estás? Voy a ayudar con la donación schtserv y también quiere ayudar a servir a la Ultima, porque quiero jugar en dos servidores pso. Pero la única manera que puede ayudar es a través de depósito bancario. Usted tiene una cuenta bancaria en Brasil, así que puede poner un valor para usted? Y lo Otra, te da un punto único?
  8. Choose your destination and follow the truth.

    1. djij2010


      I wanna go to the east pole D:

    2. Elision


      ↑ dj you fail lol

    3. Apollo


      I like the idea of DJ failing XD

  9. Choose your destination and follow the truth.

  10. Nothing to report.

  11. I'm new at psobb and want to donate. Played on another server, but now want to start here at Ultima. However, it has a problem. I do not have international credit card and I live in Brazil. How can I donate here? I want to see the available items. xD
  12. Hello everyone. Psobb I play a little while, and have always been those players do not agree to be down. So I often buy and then when needed. And as is the case of Ultima I want to donate. But the only problem is that I live in Brazil and have no international card. Do you have any way to receive donations from Brazil? Thanks for the space Ultima. xD --x-- sorry for translator. =/
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