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    wokin as a mechanic-skateboarding durin the summer and of course PSO!!!:P

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  1. Guy said u was fat and annoying and people cant find you on any serverz

  2. and yes zyntec' on this server elanor mags have been edited to have pb and be used on any class
  3. thnx!, i jus wish more ppl would but i guess there too lazy cuz i enjoy lookin at other ppls SS's oh and btw what menu skin are you usin it looks sweet!
  4. agysta ftw!!! its a gay hucast!!! anh jk
  5. Wang! Bang!......its PootieTang!!! >:D

  6. Wang! Bang!......its PootieTang!!! >:D

  7. hello all my real name is kevin but i prefer Tang:P and i live in romance arkansas ATM im originally rom orlando.anywho i work at abody shop and luv drivng fast! here is a pic om me of course ad yes i live out in tha stix now here is my first love Cars!!! here are the 3 i own 1st is my baby my 84 datsun 300zx turbo 2nd is 74 camorro it was a project car i built n i got it out of a junkyard and look at it now! took 3 years o buildit tho but id have to sayit payed off 3rd is my F-150 nuthin specail jus evry country boys gotta have a truck!! Now my 2nd love of course is.... oh and m 3rd love is err umm oh yeah my gf of almost 2yrs oh yeah i guess ill thro in a pick of my pimp cat aswell
  8. hello, i just wanted to say kudos to the admin for the kick azz event
  9. y thank u my good sir :P

  10. hello.. evryone i would tell u my name but u can jus call me Tang and i wil admit i only came to this server bc shcthak has been down for the past 3-5 days.. but i have to admit i like this 1 better:P..and well ill tell ya a lil bit bout myself im work at a local body shop here in arkansas.but i also work on engenis on the side for extra cash.. the rest of my time is usally spent wit my gf of 2years or on the comp(more on the comp) and ive been playin pso since day 1 currently im am leader of the team U.N.H.C (United Natoins Hunters Core) and yes its on schthak but im in the process of gettin team members to dwnload the ultima patch and so on and so forth....and well i hope to see you guys around!!!oh and kudos to the admin for the sweet xmas event!!! and thnx for havin meh here on ultima!!=D
  11. Good luck at lvling up my friend , and hope you enjoy your stay here in ultima btw its me Syd the hucast lol

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