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  1. Yeah its only started occuring in the last month. In fact at first it wasn't even with the /lobby thing, the game would just close randomly. Maybe I should try to uninstall/reinstall
  2. Have been playing Ultima for over about a year, but have only had this happen in the last month. Sometimes whenever I use the shortcut "/lobby" when returning to the lobby, the game will simply close. No error message or notification that the app has crashed, game window just disappears. It usually happens two or three times an hour if I'm first-room farming and jumping back to the lobby frequently. This has also just been happening at random, without using /lobby, though less frequently. Can be idling or in the middle of a fight, the game just closes. My internet is fine during the time, so I know it's not a disconnect (I at least get an error message for that) Not sure what is causing it, this didn't use to happen.
  3. My Whitill FOnewearl gets Vivian from VH Dorphon Eclair, which I believe is the normal drop? EDIT: my bad it says Ultimate in there
  4. Are the items you get from Easter Eggs completely random or are some just more common/rare than others? Does it differ depending on sectoin ID? I've only collected about 8 and more than half of them were Rocket Punch. Ultima uses it's own drop table and there are some exclusive quests. Here are the Ultima drop tables and Items List https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/&type=1 https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/&type=0 There are also seasonal events where some drops are changed, and there are exclusive weapons and items you can only get during those times. Right now we have the Easter Event going so some drops are different. There aren't any (complete) drop tables for the event, its kind of touch and go.
  5. ^Thanks. Also anyone know the best place to farm Pyro Gorans for Heaven Striker?
  6. If its a wand then it should work at Lv.100 and max grind
  7. According to the drop tables, the Rupika shield adds a 100% boost to Shifta. What does this boost exactly? Range? Duration? Power?
  8. So according to all my sources, Cell of Mag 502 evolves any Lv. 100+ mag into Soniti if you have a Skyly ID. My RAcasael has Skyly and a Lv. 200 Diwari..... but it won't evolve? Won't let me use the mag cell...... ?
  9. Anyone know what time the event ends today?
  10. Genpei - ULT Pyro Goran(yellow one) Yellowboze
  11. Glide Divine v.00 has a "use" feature that apparently restores your TP to max if you have it equiped for more than 10 minutes, but reduces your HP to 1. Just to clarify...... "Using" the item won't delete the item like with other usable items.... right? I'm too afraid to try 😄
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