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  1. Anyone know the best quest in Ep. 2 to hunt Gran Sorcerers? Preferably without having to trudge through Spaceship Alpha first?
  2. Honeycomb Reflector - VH Chaos Bringer - Yellowboze
  3. Aren't event drops usually not ID-specific? Like each drop is available across all IDs? Or is this different?
  4. dillo64

    Halloween Event 2019

    Anyone know the drop rates for these items, like Girasole? Or is it a mystery?
  5. I checked that topic but I can't find the exact dates in which the event starts/ends. Is there a calendar of sorts? Also is the Zelda event officially done?
  6. A little confused about the how the events work. Is the Zelda event over? When did the Halloween event start and when will it end? I can't find any threads with exact dates.
  7. I don't have a purplenum character tho. Also are drop rates in Ultima Ep. 4 different from what is listed on the Pioneer 2 wiki? It said I could get God/Battle from Pazuzu on VH Skyly, but instead I got Vivienne. Or is the wiki just wrong? http://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=God/Battle
  8. So there's no way to get it? When will the event be over?
  9. Do the special Zelda item drops replace normal item drops? Been trying to get Flowen's Frame from Deldepth for the past week, and one finally had a rare drop, but it was "Magic Hammer" instead of Flowens Frame. Can they still drop Flowens Frame? Or am I wasting my time?
  10. 3 hours into a long quest and game froze at the weapons shop again. This is the second time this has happened, always with the weapons shop. I select to buy weapons and the game fails to load the items list, and just soft locks. Nothing I press does anything.
  11. Been noticing the last couple of days that rare monsters like red lillies are much harder to find. Used to get 5-6 for each max attack run, now getting 0-1 consistently. Is this normal?
  12. Thank you, I'll try closing some of my other programs and checking with my network provider, it has been running slow on other devices since we changed our plan
  13. I keep getting an error that reads "No. 100 Connection Terminated Check your network connection" I check my network/internet connection when it happens and it's fine. This has happened about 4 or 5 times in the last week since I last updated things in the Launcher. It never did this before in the past 6 month or so since I started playing. Will happen at complete random. Doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing in the game. Is this a regular problem? guildcard no is 42203649
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