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  1. Thank you, I'll try closing some of my other programs and checking with my network provider, it has been running slow on other devices since we changed our plan
  2. I keep getting an error that reads "No. 100 Connection Terminated Check your network connection" I check my network/internet connection when it happens and it's fine. This has happened about 4 or 5 times in the last week since I last updated things in the Launcher. It never did this before in the past 6 month or so since I started playing. Will happen at complete random. Doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing in the game. Is this a regular problem? guildcard no is 42203649
  3. Happened again after spending nearly three hours getting to this guy 😑 Is it just a network issue? Maybe my internet dipped for just a second and that's all it took.... really wish I could play this offline...
  4. Bad luck seems to follow me. Now I'm getting this error/crash randomly. This is the second time I've gotten it in a couple days. My network connection was fine. Wasn't doing anything crazy, just hunting Garanz. The second one appears it crashes. Happened yesterday too when I tried to pick up an item but it lagged (items sometimes lag for like 5 seconds after pressing to pick them up before they actually pick up....). Any ideas how to solve these problem(s)?
  5. So uh......... what do I do in this situation? Dumb bird dropped my item in a place I can't get it..... is there any solution?
  6. Got it working! Had no idea we had so many options. Thanks so much
  7. Okay I downloaded the Launcher and now I have a new problem. My Antivirus doesn't' want me to run it. I use Webroot. Not sure if I should just ignore it or not. Says its Malware. Is this a common occurrence? Should I just try to run it?
  8. Where is this options menu though? I thought this was the launcher: Or is the Launcher a different program? There's nothing here for "options". EDIT: I looked in the files and there's a file called Launcher.exe.old that my computer doesn't know how to open. I'm using Windows 10. Weird.
  9. Can the Launcher save login info? So I don't have to go to Register my User ID every time I start/switch characters and have to retype my name/password? I think I read somewhere it's supposed to save automatically.... Sorry if this has come up, couldn't find it in any searches, I'm a new player.
  10. New player here, sorry to bump an old thread but I'm still having this exact problem too. Has there been any kind of fix yet? Seems to randomly happen when depositing Meseta, just like mentioned. Its really annoying.... Stinks because I like to sell items a lot and don't like carrying Meseta with me in the field since I could die and lose it. Does it only happen after selling items at the shop and then depositing it? If its just meseta I find from enemies/boxes it should be fine, right?
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