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  1. According to the drop tables, the Rupika shield adds a 100% boost to Shifta. What does this boost exactly? Range? Duration? Power?
  2. So according to all my sources, Cell of Mag 502 evolves any Lv. 100+ mag into Soniti if you have a Skyly ID. My RAcasael has Skyly and a Lv. 200 Diwari..... but it won't evolve? Won't let me use the mag cell...... ?
  3. Anyone know what time the event ends today?
  4. Genpei - ULT Pyro Goran(yellow one) Yellowboze
  5. Glide Divine v.00 has a "use" feature that apparently restores your TP to max if you have it equiped for more than 10 minutes, but reduces your HP to 1. Just to clarify...... "Using" the item won't delete the item like with other usable items.... right? I'm too afraid to try 😄
  6. Magic Rock Heart Key = EP2 Baranz Yellowboze
  7. Angel Harp = EP2 Gulgus (the gray one) Yellowboze
  8. Rianov 4 - Ult EP4 Satelite Lizard - Yellowboze
  9. Yellowboze ULT Ep2 Dolmdarl(the purple one) - Last Swan
  10. I just got a Kroe's Sweater in the Subterranean Desert. I'm not sure what color Merissa it was from but I'm pretty sure it was from a Merissa, though I could be wrong. This is weird because I didn't know Kroe's Sweater was part of this event. I'm on Yellowboze Ultimate and normally only Dorphon Eclairs drop Kroe's Sweater, and there are none in the SubDes.
  11. Rico's Parasol - Yellowboze Ultimate Crimson Assassin Ep 1. It's only equipable by male characters! I only have female characters! Yaaaaay 🙃 The search for Heart Key continues.....
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