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  1. Henlo, friendos. I'm looking for a Bomb-chu, preferably with Machine and/or A.Beast. But atm I kinda just need any Bomb-chu, so lemme know if you're selling one.
  2. I appreciate you, my friend! :D

  3. I did use the "this is incorrect" button and sent out a form to dispute the categorization, it seems to have worked because upon trying to load PSOBB today, the launcher was able to communicate with the patch server successfully and update itself as it should. No more error 908. :D (Also I can access ultimapsobb.com without that malware warning now.) It's been resolved. Soly, thank you for your assistance. 🙇‍♂️
  4. I whitelisted the launcher and game directory (in Windows Security) to solve a similar problem a few months back, the parameters are still in place. Also; I don't have any additional anti-virus software that could be blocking it.. Is it possible that the ISP is blocking the connection to the patch server?
  5. Ayyy! It has been a while, good to hear from you. 👩‍🏭 Yes, tried running the game anyway but it leads to a black screen when trying to continue to character select. Thank you for your reply, Soly. I manually updated both the launcher and the game files, but the issue persists.. I did get this weird warning while trying to access the files on https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/: Inquiring further leads to a page related to the DNS server that I'm currently using (UltraDNS). I will have to try changing to another DNS and see if that's the issue. EDIT: DNS wasn't the issue. Trying to start the game manually leads to an error: 908.
  6. SEND HELP. There's already exclusions in Windows Security for launcher.exe and the Ultima PSOBB folder (no additional anti-virus software installed). Ultima PSOBB folder's path location is C:\Ultima PSOBB Does anybody know what's the dealio? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Bob appreciation day, when?
  8. Happy/rush/crazy/delicious/lemur birthday hours have begun!

    On the real tho; wish you the best, man! :onion99:

  9. [Acquired] B> PPP mag x2

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      boooooooo that quest is fun. 

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      @RocketTots Ayy, I'm still down. Need one more B)

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      I'm in 

  10. 777

    Happy birthday! ^_^


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      Thank you! ^_^


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