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  1. I was thinking of trying to focus on support gear to be more useful in parties off the bat and the drops will come that way. I know how thankful I am whenever we have a decent force in a party and would be slick to return the favor. Off the bat I'm leaning toward FOmarl since I haven't done one before, also since they are supposed to be solid support classes. I'll probably set my mag timer and start feeding an Elenor right away so I'm not completed gutted in the magic department as I'm working on my HUcast. Should also drop enough mats and disks to get things started, and try to hunt for a merge or two, and a glide divine along the way. Most of the good nuking stuff looks like event items too, so I can try to hunt for that on the HUcast that just hit ultimate. Nuking is fun in solo for sure, but may be cool to do the whole utility mage. Haven't done it and need to try it. Thanks again for all the help and feedback! And @Emewn your post was an absolute goldmine of info. Definitely will be referring back to it.
  2. Sweet that gives me a good start. I think I have the mag cell for Elenor and I can raise that while on other characters. Between that and hunting for the mats/techs that should be the start I need! Hunting for a glide shouldn't be too rough either. This will be my first non cast character on the sever since I kept reading that casts were broken beyond belief. Hoping the mag feeding but doesn't take too long and I can get a good jump start to ult and then work on support
  3. Hey all, Anyone have a few tips for starting up a FO? I've been playing since DC V2 and I remember it being a massive pain in the neck to get a FO started. Has it gotten any easier? And outside of piling up mind mats on other characters/trying to get a mind mag, anything else I should be keeping an eye out to start one? I just picked the game back up after putting it down for a few months, so I have another character or two, but missing the magic lifestyle. Thanks!
  4. That actually explains a ton, and why I was having issues earlier. Didn't even think about farming up my materials, but that would do the trick. Thanks a ton!
  5. Hi all, I know in the past iterations of the game there were guides advising what to hunt at what level to try to expand out one's collection. I'm playing a RAcast as my first character on the server, and I want to make him work, but something just isn't quick clicking with me as to how to play him. Just got to 108, and right now swapping between a zeroed out Frozen Shooter, Final Impact, Justy-23 and a Gungnir if I try to go into EPIV. Playing as a Greenil if that helps at all. Ult still wrecks me big time, and people weren't kidding when they said the difficulty got buffed in ult. Thanks for the hunting tips!
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'll get to work on finding some PD's to trade for the base gear, while doing regular mag feeding. I had forgotten it does take some time to get up to speed. Very spoiled with the ability to just trade out for a mag and mat plans off the bat, but it's a nice change working my way up. Right now I'm just looking for levels since I'm sure gear will drop as I get higher up there.
  7. Hey guys, I got super stoked after finding this place on accident. I started on DCV1, and played every version up to Schthack blue burst, but seeing new content here got me very excited. Though I feel like this is a whole new game compared to what I already know, and *maybe* trying something I hadn't tried before first may explain why I feel so weak (also maybe because I got spoiled with always having a lv 200 mag). Couple quick questions. I know Ultimate is always the goal, but as a RAcast (again, maybe a bad first character choice) what are the better ways to farm up items? I just hit 25 and I'm used to being able to jump right into harder difficulties, but this time through definitely NOT the case. Also what are the notable quests on this server? I got very used to TTF, Military Strikes Back, and WOF2 and hoping that MSB is on this server :). Thanks a ton!
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