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  1. Hi i am Aether89 i created this topics simply to present myself. I am not a player on this server rather i am from Ephinea, i once played here but i wasn't for me. But why someone from Ephinea would cre ate an account on this forum to say hello, well it simply because i wanted to present to you all my Spiritual Successor to Mag Farm. The name Magatama and Mag Planning is the game. i feel that as of Beta 7 it is stable and feature rich enough to expand from the confine of Pioneer2.net to my comrade on Ultima. Eventually i would also like for it to break the languague barrier and this site can help me as i can see there an Español & Portuguesse community here I already took the opportunity to create a topic for it in the Off Topic section. So i hope you don't mind my little intrusion into your community