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  1. i have a jizzai+40 - 40 hit 20 dark... offer?
  2. Idk even if I roll a character on a separate account that I can just dual log with on of my existing characters, I was thinking fonewearl to log with my humar...but I honestly can't decide, I'd just use units to boost ata and speed level the character by abusing the range and aoe of a bomb-chu probably ...
  3. So looking for some advice, I haven't really made up my mind, but I am thinking of swapping over to the force (i wish it was the Jedi force) All my PSO lifespan I've played HU... I currently have a 140 Humar and a 130 Hunewearl but I am feeling a change of pace is in order but I cant decide which class to roll.. I play solo a whole lot so wearl suited me pretty nicely, but im not gonna lie my knowledge of RA and FO is very limited (not retarded tho...lol) So im open to any suggestions or advice - pros and cons would be nice. Side note - I was thinking about RA but the metal footsteps irks me... idk why
  4. ill save you the trouble: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9c067394704a361088f4f191ea9076933bf034e654e85592ac82933135778bf7/detection
  5. kinso05

    AFP Patches

    yeah i figured this out i forgot to update the post thanks :):)
  6. kinso05

    AFP Patches

    I am trying to run a couple of AFP patches on ItemTextureEp4 and ItemModelEp4, but they are just redownloaded by the launcher removing my changes, is there a fix for this?
  7. honestly i wouldn't mind some advice on my build... https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=1&l=200&m10=110&m11=5&m12=0&m13=0&m14=35&m15=0&m16=0&m20=5&m21=135&m22=60&m23=0&i0=-1&i1=39&i2=106&i3=-1&i4=-1&i5=-1 current mat use above... im flexible on mat usage, my mags pretty much set in stone at this point tho... lol
  8. Hunewearl, can literally run round using techs takes 5 mins-7 mins tops, skipping dragon can make things faster to skip animations too.. I will test IDS shortly and update the kill count from start to pd box. if you want the kill counter addon heres a link: https://github.com/StephenCWills/psobb-kill-counter EDIT 452 From IDS up until the PD box (which is around 70% drop chance from my exp) Also slightly slower for a hunewearl, probably a hell of a lot faster for a fo. for hunewearl WoF is probbaly still most efficient, if you are running skyly or a mat drop ID its a nice mat gain too which isn't bad at all in all honestly though I would say run IDS for the PD chances so you are still gaining something other than kills. I can kill count other quests if anybody needs.
  9. thats with the monest room... 16 monest and 88x mothmant, this is only normal mode
  10. can be closed already bought
  11. ill do an IDS kill count to the PD box a little later to compare
  12. bumping an old topic... but Normal - Wrath of forest is like 392 kills for 5-10 mins work max. Easily the fastest way for unsealing
  13. i have already messaged him
  14. Looking to pay 20 DTs Can go a little higher depending on stats etc
  15. Normal: we have episode I + II and IV but not many people realize that EP III was actually a card based game with turn based combat, you could also unlock "hidden" cards such as halloween rappy, nano dragon etc from having save data from the previous PSO titles and various sonic titles on the same memory card you was using for PSO EP III C.A.R.D Challenge: <Pending> Battle: The only thing I remember about battle mode was when you was about to die you could quickly unequip your weapon to prevent it being dropped.
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