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  1. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    Thanks to some friends and a lot of determination I've got the pds if you're on tomorrow for the master sword.
  2. I'd say motv is better for pds if for those who don't have items to hit flying enemies or who doesn't want to deal with the traps that ids has. But I will say that the only problem motv has is the slow room and the crushing room.
  3. Well I'm a hucast for this and like I said with certain classes you can miss a lot but to each their own I guess also I have the kill count mod already.
  4. well in mines i got more than that but if it works for you go for it. also mines is in normal too what class are you doing this under i should've lead with that question.
  5. Oh and P.S.way more enemies than that around 472 more than what you put for that but i guess if you want to run through it that would be the number or if you don't get inside the room with the monest. Also didn't know they made a kill counter but i got a feeling it'll make my job a lot easier and will allow me to make corrections or see if i was right so thanks for that.
  6. Also thinking about posting a pds run portion for the killcount in the future so if anyone has one i'm open to them as well.
  7. Ids has 350 from the last time i did it but is not guaranteed a photon drop. Mysteries of the Void has more than that if you hit the switch and go for the extra dark mages (forgot the enemies names) and a guaranteed chance at a photon drop. i would also say Harmony of Despair but that will require more effort to but is worth over 645 enemies with a chance at a photon drop.
  8. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    Okay I'll message you once I get the other 60 pds for it.
  9. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    If the master sword is still available I would like to buy it but I'll have the pds equilvlent for it by next month. My best ballpark figure is around the 6th.
  10. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    On In 5 minutes in the room called Dr.mask
  11. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    I would like to buy the following -chromatic orb -shifta, deband, jellen and zalure level 30 -grants level 28
  12. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    I've got the pds for the garasole and the bombchu plus for 2 l&k 38 combats whenever you're ready to go.
  13. 00Agent0012

    R-78 shop

    Yeah the room is dr.nurse pass is 911
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