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  1. @starscreme hidden got your card btw :3
  2. well was the one i had to laugh a little bit less then jades pic xD you around now?
  3. sorry for the late response.. little bit stressfull life actually... ok winners are: 1st @JADE best one i laughed so hard tho xD 2nd @hidden the one with the blind.. nice one 3rd @starscreme feel free to pm me whenever you are around :3
  4. Hey Everyone, since i barely play here and got some New Year Cards laying around.. So yeah i thought why not giving them away Just post any funny pics or memes and on the end of the day (my time 24:00:00) which is in 8 hrs, i will decide the winners 1st: 5 New Year Cards 2nd: 2 New Year Cards 3rd: 1 New Year Card Have Fun!
  5. well the reason why some people tried/try to sell PR at 100 dts is cause before valentines 2017 you had to start with a master raven 0'd and that meant you had to use 8*35% = 8*15dts= 120dts or ~10Photon spheres to max it just wait and the price will drop next event even more so DW haha and humans are getting more and more lazy so thats why they pay that much for an item, others abuse that.. but thats humanity actually. id say stop complaining and hunt your pgf on your own. it will cost you some time and it will be annoying but if you really go for it it will drop! im one of the dudes who actually helped to raise the pgf price and i have to say it was dumb and id never do it again. ill never donate 1c since i know it is possible to easiely get everything with just hard work and the faith in dw!
  6. i would search for the one you like the most. (best for searching is "psobb mag evolutions" / "psobb mag feeding chart" on google) these are just examples (but can be used too): Evolution chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1016 Feeding chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1021
  7. first one is only doable if you use ashura mag cell or console mag cell and it wont have a pb (if im not wrong) - this is most of the time a minievent mag or donation mag second one is doable (i use blueful huney till lvl 49, then switch to redria humar for twins and switch back again to huney to finish mag- for twins tellusis) 1. feed the ppp mag 19 antidotes (now it should be lvl 8 and one antidote away from evolving) - i recommend to do that in one sitting but i got it workin with a break/new room 2. dual log - trade the mag via tradewindow to your other character, then wait and feed it the last antidote ( now the mags stats should be: 99/200/800/0 = 0/2/8/0) 3. (not needed) i feed em some antypara to loose some def points. just to feel safer 4. now you check mag feeding chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1021 5. select the material which does not give def points. (most of the time antidote, which raises pow/dex) if you wanna make it a tellusis/Gael Giel you need to feed it till you can give the mag dimates without gaining def points, cause pow>dex (pow must be higher than dex to evolve into kuma mag) if you wanna make any other mags: try to check feeding chart + which id you should use for your mag. its easy to feed mags. you just need to learn one thing: feeding chart and ID-Evolution chart is your friend i hope this helped.. if not pm me and ill help you out then!
  8. well since spaceship normaly doesnt exist in ep1 i wonder what area it takes instead? i mean if you merge mobs from ep 2 in ep1 (like IDS) were delbiters looks like delbiters but do the dmg of dark bringers or kinda thing like that @Fyrewolf5 do you know anything about that? does the spaceship part of max attack s counts as ruins 3? or i dont know why you would get grants 30 there? O.o
  9. searched for something like that for ep 4 but couldnt find something like that.. but in the end its the same like ep1/ep2 last area has always the chance for lvl 30 techs. which means desert 3 should be the place where stuff like megid/grants 30 and all other attack techs lvl 30 can drop (about support techs im unsure) since they seem to drop kinda everywhere on ultimate
  10. every id got the same chance http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=790 http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=792 this is what i got so far
  11. S> Gael Giel [Red] [0/119/31/50] [Mylla & Youlla | Farlla | Pilla], Soul Booster, Psycho Black Crystal and Harmonic Ressonance Core PM me

  12. S> Soul Booster, Psycho Black Crystal and Harmonic Ressonance Core for pds/dts - pm me

  13. well i recommend to use the rate of 1DT = 6,6 PDs but a lot people use to trade 120 pds for 15 dts so thats a rate of 1:8 (it all depends on seller/buyer) :|
  14. S> 4x Soul Booster, 4x PBC & 6x HRC

  15. S> Gael Giel [Red] [0/119/31/50] [Mylla & Youlla | Farlla | Pilla] PM me

  16. S> Gael Giel [Red] [0/119/31/50] [Mylla & Youlla | Farlla | Pilla] PM me

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      Fomarl/Humar - adept plan

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      Ahh oke i dont have any of those 2 lol. Good luck selling :) 

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  17. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/341-photon-drops-info/ there is the info for adding stats (native/a.beast/machine/dark), you just have to do west tower/east tower. start quest, before you go to area talk to the hopkins (thats the yellow fonewm) he will bring you to paganini, then go to area, at that point where you recieve the data dont finish the quest, make a pipe and go to hopkins again and give the data to paganini then. this you have to do in both quests (east and west) can be done on normal https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2586-adding-hit-to-monster-weapons-guide/ thats the guide for the hit% on enemy weapons
  18. Well thats kinda wrong... if you dont sphere DF you loose 1,1k atp which is a lot. I mean i can df 2 delbiters within 1 freeze trap. (With 100 dark) but you cant with 50% or 0% On df i recoment to sphere stats first cause its a huge diffrence between not sphered and sphered lol
  19. B>Luck Mats (doesnt matter how many you got just pm me), Samba Maracas/Samba Fiestas with 40+ hit S> TypeDS/D.saber hell 20 hit

  20. B>Luck Mats (doesnt matter how many you got just pm me), Samba Maracas/Samba Fiestas with 40+ hit S> TypeDS/D.saber hell 20 hit

  21. @yanvbraz just saw something to polish This is the plan you wrote: No Units Plan Mag: 5/137/58/0 No Units required Shield: Red Ring/Costumes Materials: - 140 Power - 35 Luck Maxes: ATP,ATA,LCK 75 free materials one thing i see in this plan is: you wont be able to use Holy Ray which requires 680 mst. (which has incredible nice ata and is probably best arrest gun/rifle whatever) with your plan youll max get 675 mst (except you are using v801 on ramar LOL) its just a little change in mag and you can get such a mag easiely feeded from a PPP 0/0/0/0 Mag (you just need to feed 9x antidotes - then trade it via trade window - wait till its feedable - feed it 1 antidote and 2 antipara - trade it back ) mag will have 0,99/2,00/8,00/0,00 after trade window and first antidote with the antipara you lower the def (think that isnt needed but feels safer) then its just feeding antidotes till it turns into a mag where you can feed dimates without raising def (you can make it sato or any fourth (5th?) gen rare mags (except a few i think)) well now to the plan: Mag: 0/142/58/0 No Units required Shield: Red Ring/Costumes (required for the 685 mst) Materials: - 135 Power - 35 Luck - 80 Mind Maxes: ATP,ATA,LCK + reaches 685 MST (for the Holy Ray which requires 680 MST)
  22. this only counts for higher lvl chars or at least chars which has too much hp to get knocked down after gal hits you
  23. Bro i could remember a ROCT where you really annoyed me xD (i think it was probably just desync) you always attacked the same mob as i did xD (funniest moment. i attacked a mob, at the same time you attacked it, i stopped the combo to avoid DMC, i took another mob and it seemed you had the same idea like me xD) na jokin by the way. THIS IS SOMETHING EVERYONE OF NEW MEMBER HAS TO READ! i just had a CCA last time with a ramar and his MM (if thats the one who has divine punishment too) he was only dealing 20-30 dmg per hit box. while i was doing 500+ dmg on lets say 80% of all hitboxes (there are some you cant hit with DM special) the same is for forces and their techs.. pls use gifoie/zalure/twin blaze special to tag Bosses like gal at beginning of the battle. This was kinda frustrating to see with the Enemy HP reader Tool. i saw how many dmg he always dmc'd and it let Gal 2 times land before he died (i could have killed Gal in the air before even landing..) What i also noticed due to solys hp reader: doesnt matter how many hit boxes a boss has. if someone deals lets say 2k dmg with an attack and you attack another hitbox than your friend with the 2k dmg does you can still dmc him which is annoying as hell but thats how it is (but thats avoidable)
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