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  1. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/ You create your account username and password here. If this is what u need ? Also of you have done this I'm pretty sure it send u an email and you need to except creating the account or something like that in the email.
  2. Can anyone fill me in on what is the most desirable of the Rainov series weapons and or what specials should be put on which series ? Bc I honestly know next to nothing about them lol Thanks
  3. I did 2 runs on individual yesterday 1 with 4p and 1 with 3p and both I thought had a decent amount of useless red box drops and a total of 5 ultimate reaper drops among me and the other players. I think all is fine but that’s just my opinion also 1st run was mostly without hh second run was with hh but we had ur drops with and without
  4. Is it possible to make one or both of these fonewearl Centurion/Mind+V801 Plan mags using ppp mags? if so is there a guide somewhere? Support Mag 0/0/0/200 Melee Mag 0/75/125/0 thanks
  5. Nice Thanks, Do you know if there is anything like that for episode 4?
  6. Hi all I had a few questions concerning high lvl techs that hopefully someone can answer for me. 1. I've heard before that pinkal ID was better at finding techs and was wondering if this is true . 2. If pinkal isn't better. Is there an ID that does have an advantage over the others? 3. What are the best places to hunt or is there a quest that could be particularly good to try and farm? All legit info/comments are welcome thanks
  7. HUNTER_

    Triforce Event 2017

    Sky ultimate gal God hand
  8. Guildcard # 42162492 character slot 4 (RANGER) Happened on Thursday Aug,11.2016 around 3:30pm eastern time zone i just dcd while pulling my noob hp from bank and i lost 1 of them. i dont have pictures of them. is there anything that can be done or is it gone ? this is the auction that i won the 4 noob hps in a while back if that helps as proof at all.
  9. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/26807-buy-and-sell/ SHOP also S< type me mechs demons 75hit would like blank type me mechs and dts or just dts .pls
  10. i donated 30 dts today and i want to know how to sell them sorry im new
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