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  1. This reminds me of the old rumors on xbox pso where youd get to dark falz and go behind the monument and red ring rico would be there and give you her red ring
  2. But why double down like that when the info could just be in one place?
  3. Thanks Fyrewolf, this is great info, I didn't realize about the cloaks being boosted to 30%, that's exactly in line with what I meant about revitalizing old gear and adding boosts. As far as the wiki goes it would be great if there was a "Unique to Ultima" section that went over those kinds of changes. 10 million years of playing PSO and my habit is still to check on PSO world, it would be great if there was a way to see this info. I would be happy to help create content (if I had some kind of list of changes to pull from). I see things like new items (combine holy ray with whatever consumable, but there is no info on how/where/when that consumable is available). I think this would greatly help newer players like myself. The info is there in the wiki, just not easily accessible unless you know to look for it. I'll have to do my own testing and hunt down some of the cloaks to see for myself, but that definitely goes a long way. Was thinking maybe something like non stackable units (if that was possible) that boosted techs might be an interesting approach as well. And feel free to drop me 10million disk 3s sometime
  4. Yeah for sure that's a good gun, it just sucks (and it's not ultima gms fault, its sonicteam) that a force can't effectively play AS a force in the spellcaster sense, you're just essentially being turned into a ranger, and IMO that's a shame
  5. Hard to put together worthwhile suggestions without knowledge of what can and can't be done on the admin end, but my own thoughts: -Forces seem really weak compared to other classes, I understand the limitations behind the game with damage cancel, but maybe it's still worth looking into alternate solutions -Even without taking damage cancel into consideration, technique damage is generally pretty low on bosses (with a few exceptions) to the point where if you want to be competitive you are playing as a gimped ranger, or stuck debuffing (which is largely unneeded when every room is 3 rangers with dark meteor anyway). Maybe something like boss resistances can be tweaked (idk if this would unbalance everyone else), at least to the point where force isn't a meme. -Unique force weapons, maybe some of the lower tier endlessly unused force items could get a pass at customization and buffing, not to the moon, but maybe the lower tier stuff could see some damage buffs, psycho bridge as an example seems great for maximizing force damage, but obtaining that is a pipe dream. psycho wand is a nice damage boost, but hard to obtain, maybe stuff like alive aquh could see a buff in the vein of glide divine v00. Or an equivelent to snow queen/spread needle weapon for reliable CC outside of spamming rabarta. Just more tools in the kit. Force damage is pretty laughable outside of ep4 -Change the item wiki to add drop tables, I want to look up an item on the wiki and see who/what/where it drops for what ID. Crowdsource filling in the info. -An option to vote/kick people from room -A way to "recycle" shitty rares. Every 20 gae bolgs I get can be traded in for 1pd (or similar) -Burning rangers default music every zone
  6. for whatever reason cant send you messages here, just made an open room for now whenever you get on
  7. What's your name and what time you usually play? I'll be on again tomorrow morning right around 9am est
  8. you guys should play dota sometime lol panties all in a bunch over taco thanks but i'm not looking for a team looking just for someone to spam it with instead of constantly waiting on randos after each run
  9. 180 fonewm looking for a ranger/hunter to reliably duo RT all damn day EST time zone 9am-11pm time frame (within those hours)
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