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  1. Ok its back, had to relog. Sorry to freak out
  2. Help! At 7:25 in game Gonzo normal mode. I took my agastya out of my bank and it wasnt in my inventory! Its gone. And its my favorite mag! It was a blue aggy with roughly 50 ata and 150 power please please help.
  3. Jaycent

    Easter Event 2016

    Yeah...did blue star memories first room, got 2 eggs from it.. Only to use eggs and get nothing. Except my only pair of S reds Blades disappear on me.. I wouldn't recommend this unless you would like your day ruined. Edit> switching blocks made my S reds re appear. So alls well.
  4. Soly to to rescue! He helped me big time. Ty can be closed!
  5. Ok so I saved up a bit of pds and finally baught a lame d argent last night from a racast named Ironhide (cool dude). I spent the next 6 hours or so unlocking it having a blast when I log into a game after doing a WoF and type /killcount and a different message appears "you have no sealed items equipped" super confused and in shot I looked in both banks and just stared at my invintory.. someone in lobby said I should post here..it was only a Blank Lame D Argent...but I'm not rich by any means and this was a big deal to me. Please help Info: name Lilith Fomarl Whitill lvl 109 The number
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