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  1. Hell's Kitten works too.
  2. Haha Cyane. Thanks for the insight everyone. I hope it doesnt happen often cuz im not the only one that uses the router.
  3. Fixed. Would like to know why it would require me to do that stuff for pretty much no reasono though if anyone has any kind of further info pls pm me.
  4. Uh I just logged on and I'm banned. I did nothing. My account barely has any items and my highest level is 130. Not to mention that 4 days ago my account was deleted because of the rollback. Pls fix. I was going to stream some PSOBB grinding and quests on http://twitch.tv/ayubut now I guess I'm not because I cant log in.
  5. Can I get my member title to be "Evil Kitten" :3
  6. rook are both liberta kits spoken for? cuz im looking for one. :3
  7. Thanks to mayt3, colossus, raven, iiga and fatty for playing with me all today and/or being such great friends in such a small amount of time. Id be bored without you guys. And thanks to Saith/Guts, Ippan and Belle for playing some fun missions with me today and having some great chats.
  8. Nevermind. Soly said no. Can close.
  9. My hucaseal was deleted yesterday with the rollback. She is in slot 2 now (i had to remake) and shes level 1.. she was level 71 before I went to bed. I remade her with a new name since I had to remake anyway I said may aswell fix my section ID. I loost all of the things I earned but can I get atleast lvl 71 back on my hucassyy, Soly? I dont have screenshots because my screenshot folder is corrupted for some reason.. but here she is in a random completed TTF with the original name and section ID. (The corruption is weird..) I have like.. 6 more of these random ttf screenshots and all of them are corrupt.
  10. launcher crashed a bunch of times for me and the options menu broke everything so i had to delete it and use the regular online.exe.
  11. ^ pretty much my point. +1. The buffs will ruin my experience as a solo player 100%. I'l need level 200 and donator gear to be able to do my favorite missions. I'l need to freeze literally everything (assuming I can hit it with froozer after the buff?) Epsilons will be overwelming unless I can do good crowd control. I dont have the experience since I havent been there yet but I'm sure it will be much more difficult than it already was--- and soloing Towers was never easy. You had to spawn kill everything fast enough and missing does NOT a run allow.
  12. Cascade

    E3 2015

    final fantasy 7
  13. If by new gear you mean old gear with buffed stats then I dont think thats necessary either? Unless you mean completely new gear, in which case I don't see it and its probably exclusive to yearly events and unfarmable. Any light on what you're talking about specifically?
  14. There is Crack mde for a reason. Just because you level quickly doesnt mean you need to buff the monsters. At the same points in the game do the monsters become the same difficulty. Its not like "You can enter Ulti earlier." In fact, you can't enter Ulti until later.. so 10 levels later and buffed? I don't know. I'm a soloer, and I don't like that my solo methods for Tower won't work because of the buffs.
  15. Arrest Needle without hit gets 100% stun chance on mostly everything except Merissas (assuming you ddint freeze trap them, in which case the EVP drop is enough to stun lock any enemy) and Del Rappys.. Arrest Needle with hit (any.. at all..) would 100% stun basically everything capable of being stunned? I think? Edit: Talking about third hit.
  16. I just like it when the same strategies I used on official servers work on other servers aswell, but that doesn't seem to apply here.
  17. I think the fact that cent/battle exists is kind of dumb since v101 is already incredibly strong but thats just me. As someone who used to do speedruns and knew most of the in depth mechanics of this game, its weird to have so much overpowered stuff lurking around that players have no access too.
  18. Dont really understand the point of altering enemy or weapon stats anyways. I mean, what does buffing Dark Meteor do other than negate the usefulness of every other weapon in a rangers arsenal? Or giving people Cent/Battle so they can be 80% faster than anyone who can legitimately farm for years in this game? The game is fine enough at it is, all it needed was an increase to drop rates to compensate for the fact that its not an official server. lol Just my $.02
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