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  1. Harmonic Resonance Core - baranz/garanz - EP1 - Redria - V.H
  2. thx for reply, i m using Desktop , and i had disable on-board graphic And problem solved now, just update driver to latest version XD Thx, i love the reshade so much
  3. thx for reply i m using joy2key too , thx for ur suggestion, its nice setting~
  4. hello there i play for ULTIMA few days and i m really love here! so bought a Xbox elite 2 for playing this~ (this my childhood!) and i m follow this guide to setup controller : and the problem is, 1T Trimate (analog left while holding R2) 2 Star Atom (analog up while holding R2) 3T Gizonde (analog right while holding R2) when i change analog left to button A , it cant use "1" skill ( for me is Freeze Trap) its like Light attack over write that.. anyone can tell me how can i solve that plx ^^;
  5. hi, thx for this cool work! but i use this reshade, FPS will suddenly drop to 1X , especially at MINE map , even i use LOW END preset . my GPU olny 2X% usage and CPU under 5% usage ^^|| OS:win 10 CPU:8700 GPU: MSI 1080 RAM: 32G resolution: 2560x1440 virtual full screen my spec should be enough to run this.. what s my problem :(? i love the graphic after reshade so much!
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