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  1. If that doesn't work you might have to turn your antivirus off whenever you want to play.
  2. No worries, that was me xD
  3. You got another v101 if Stark didn't get that one :x ? And how much for it?
  4. A shot through the heart!

    1. Evie


      It's all part of the game we call love!

    2. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      You get used to them dude

  5. Please fix the Saint Rappie's drop. I've opened about 64 boxes (not counting the ones I lost during rollback) and no Asura Mag cell as of yet xD On a good note, I got a few Noob/Hps, which is good.
  6. Just in case (looks at Mio) someone missed this topic. Would just like the Noob/Hp unit and Hart of Devil restored. (if possible every mag cell but mainly want those two xD)
  7. Not that worried about the cells that much, just the noob HP. Don't know if that many items can be remade, saw Soly mention something about Larva not doing more than 7 items allowed to be remade o.O EDIT: Now I remmebered that was the first heart of devil I got, and only one for that matter. So I probably need that one and the nob hp remade xD
  8. Just a few mag cells right before the rollback but I'm most worried about the noob/hp I got since I was actually looking for that from the rappies. Guildcard is 42117817 character slot 2
  9. Started the new years with a cold and sore throat. Things are looking good so far :D

  10. B> Limiter (3) 5pd/each

    1. Cyane


      *table flipflops

    2. Shinkaru


      -puts it back down- No table flipping here! I made this before the price argument xD

  11. So far Oran seems to be the word buzzing around the lobby that's been confirmed.
  12. Kindred spirit please post the IDs for the droptable
  13. Right click the AVG icon> temporarily disable AVG> Until next restart. This way it won't turn itself on and when you're done playing just close the game and "Enable AVG Protection" by right clicking.
  14. Don't know about others but Frozen Shooter some times does splash effect. I've had multiple occasions where I freeze more than one target while multishooting the same target for a period of time, the monster behind or beside the target gets frozen as well. I've made sure no one else was using a Frozen Shooter and no hucast had their freeze trap in the area so I wonder if Frozen Shooter really is a one target item. And no, I don't shoot the other monster to freeze it when this happens, they can be clearly behind my target being blocked and they suddenly become frozen as well. I make sure the marker is still in the same target and it somehow happens.
  15. Shinkaru

    Quest help

    I remember having the same problem and that's what I got told to do, do a ruins run complete and the quests reset themselves and it worked. Then I could properly do the Osto quest.
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