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  1. Nope problem at all, im here to help.

    Happy hunting =D

  2. well i've restored my system before a windows update i've made and everything work again,sorry for the trouble.

  3. Dont suppose you have put a skin on forest? try removing it and putting the original back as it might be bad.

  4. hi djij

    sorry to write this here but i wanted you to have it so:

    Well i don't know if this is a server bug or what,i can go and play in the caves, mines and ruins but when i want to enter the forest,the game shutdown and a window appears telling me that the Vonline.exe crashed.

  5. woo well done i have to many many levels to grind before attempting it, you made a good work congrats.
  6. Hi what the Word wrap option for?
  7. Welcome Harkon, i was a player of the dreamcast version online too and moved to pso gamecube and psu illuminous pc both offline and like you i just started playing again online. Welcome back to the pso online game and if you wanna hunt search for kaelboeos if i'm here you can join. Ciao and good game.
  8. Well i'm saving money to give you help the server online. come on people we love this game so a litle something to help will not kill us
  9. Bom dia para uma portuguesa

    Eu vivo no pe da serra perto de nisa no alentejo.Quando quiseres poderemos jogar um poco.

  10. Hi everyone i'm french living in portugal. Hope that all hunters enjoy PSO I am a Olga Flow to know what you are take the quiz here."]My link[/url]
  11. Woo, long time i havent play pso online.

    Just 9 years ago i've played with the dreamcast version and now i still play game cube offline and psu illuminous offline.

    This night and morning i've played here with the help of Link who i want to thanks because he patient about my low level.

    He's a great guardian.

  12. Hi everyone, my name's Maurice Picard I'm 36 years You can contact me by Email or ingame Hobbies:Well i like phantasy star saga. A little more about myself: Well i'm part French and part Portuguese currently living in portugal. I'm working as a bartender and i hope to open my own soon. I like the Japan culture; Medieval and of today. I like japan food and actualy learning to cook it. I like to read books and i like all that speak of the Universe.
  13. To be a cool man

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