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  1. Hello Soly.

    I read in a post that I could message you if I have trouble finding my game account.  My character was Hazel and I read that you don't delete inactive accounts.  I can't seem to remember my login credentials so I tried using the Account Recovery found here:


    When typing my email into it I come back with no results.  I am very certain I used the same email for both the forum and the game login so I am very troubled.  Could perhaps my account be deleted? (I certainly hope not but will recreate my account if I have to)
    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    Edit:  I managed to find a username but I am not positive it is mine. Account Recovery does not send to any emails I have access to.

    1. Stark 1
    2. Kevin Massey

      Kevin Massey

      Thank you Soly for resolving this issue for me!

  2. I am finally back!

  3. Today was an interesting one. :P

    1. Malxerz


      Boring one x_x

  4. No doubt you entered a room named WANT TO TRADE and PurexSava was present, am I right? He was doing that to several people and he wanted to do it to me. Fortunately, he could only steal all my items. Rollback will fix all of this. XD
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