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    New Suggestion - Lead Admin role. Someone basically just under Larva who can do all the owner stuff without actually being the owner. They can sort stuff like events, mini-events, new items, hiring new mods, etc. This would mean the server could continue to improve without every decision being run by Larva. This would need to be someone trustworthy and active, and my vote would be @R-78
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    How would a buff on Arrest Needle make it more balanced between ranger classes? A rifle range would even make it worse as it would mostly benefit Racast and Racaseal because of their paralysis native boost... Ramarl can support so she can be really useful to a team that has no force, and is also really strong solo as she can buff herself. Ramar has the best ATA, especially powerful for using Demon in Tower for instance. I agree Ultima is not well balanced: to me the class that require love the most is Humar, although many people would disagree with me and say Hunewearl is worse, but Rangers are definitely strong enough. But what do users want? As you can see, most people here disagree with that AN suggestion. It is basically making it a DM with higher speed but reduced ATP and no special. I personally think this could have been achieved last year if Ultima Bringer and Arrest Faust were better than they are. Or if Ten Years Blade was actually a drop from Anniversary item. That might make some drama though as some people could get really frustrated farming and not finding such item in the event given time. (like it happens with PGF) That is not going to happen, many people I know have tried PSO2 and most of them came back to PSOBB. PSO2 and PSOBB are totally different, so may PSOBB live forever! Your suggestion is quite foolish while those other recent ideas actually make sense. I believe that was a joke. I don't mind adding "good" items for Ultima though as far as they are not broken or replace any other already existing item. Bomb-chu is a pretty good example for it. Last month I tried to put this into my member title but it didn't fit xD << Shiida of the House Blue Burst, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Pioneers, the Machines and the First Hunters, Queen of Ultima, Khaleesi of Gal Da Val, Protector of the Server, Lady Regnant of the Fifteen Lobbies, Breaker of Epsilons and Mother of Gol Dragons. >> Why not I'd say. If Larva wants, that is. But I need you to change the drop tables for it, I can't do that xD Anyways this is gonna wait because we should start Summer Event soon. Since you're here, I'm asking again, could I reopen the Momoka shop some day? ^^ I may be busy sometimes but I definitely have some spare time for our community, I am working on a new (and my last) quest by the way (gonna take me long).
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    My vote goes to R-78 as well, she is the most acive staff member by far since I have been here (2 years~).
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    All hail the Queen of Ultima, Respecc-78! First of her name. Protector of the server. Breaker of chains. Long may she reign! uwu
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    I personally like the idea of event-only end game items. It creates some exclusivity and makes me excited to play whenever an event drops. Of course it's probably way easier for me to say that since I got two PGFs last Christmas event lol On the subject of making another top tier item, I don't think every single item that comes out from now on should be the new meta. Besides didn't we just get Ten Years Blade? That thing is strong as hecc. I'm not even going to entertain the idea of Rangers being underpowered for obvious reasons others have already stated. PS: More communication from the server admin would be lovely <3 [/edit]
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    Well let’s just hope he gets around to it sometime this year 😅
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    Hey everyone! Sorry about the absence! A lot is still happening, but I haven't stopped practicing, and I think I've gotten a lot better. I saved a lot of money to buy better creative equipment, and am now helping to develop a small game 😀. New art forthcoming! -Pthalo
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    Um jizai with high hit is a dope choice for cca hunter.
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    Slicer is a very valid option for hunter. 80 hit SJS is pointless when Ultima Reaper has more range and ATA, I'd only suggest it to people who have a bit more gear. Anyway, Arrest is really only helpful in Ep4. Charge Vulcans are also good when things are frozen if you don't have Psycho Ravens. Jizai is still pretty powerful, so it can't hurt to carry those, although 10 year blades with special are better. Master Sword, Crimson Sword, Sil Dragon Slayer, and TJS are all decent dps options for sword that aren't too expensive. although for CCA I don't find myself using a sword too much. You mainly want good mechs and a high hit hell weapon. Pyscho Ravens are what you obviously want but they are a bit expensive with stats. Hell Raygun, Hell Suppressed Gun, Hell Water Gun, and Asteron Striker are all decent choices but I'd personal go with Asteron Striker because it's cheaper and has more ATA than the other choices IIRC, plus the auto-aim is pretty nice for Gees and stuff you might find in CCA.
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    Duja, this is probably the only specials available for Serverus to add to weapons: Serverus, what other weapons besides the Yasminkov series are you able to add specials to? I know there are quite a few other weapons that do not have specials, like the DB sabers and Flowen's Sword copies.
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    Just to preface that none of this is aimed at insulting you Larva, I know you put a lot of effort into the game and Ultima wouldn't be here without you. I've been in a few communities before where the owner has, for whatever reason, become more inactive than they used to. In some cases, the owner has appointed someone to basically oversee all the normal runnings of it because nobody can play a game for years and not get burnt out on it. Most of the reason I brought up the Lead Admin idea was because of a suggestion I put in a while back (which I felt was reasonable if it was balanced properly - I offered to help with the balancing) which gained a bit of traction, but was ultimately ignored, and further up this thread where R-78 said she hadn't gotten responses to some event ideas she'd suggested. It's more of a suggestion to help the server run smoothly - give the lead admin powers to change all the game stuff, and to hire some mods to assist in all of this. Some of the more dedicated players could definitely help out, seeing as some of the staff disappear for months at a time.
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    what's up with the votes lol. I been absent i know. I read time to time the comments in this topic, even the ones that aren't constructive at all >.> . And we do take in to consideration the users input. But suggestions is for us to see and take what we think is good. The all year round of the PGF wont happen any time soon and no it's not about the donations if that would be the case i can just add the PGF to the list of DTS. And im not the only one who take decisions here. GM's came up with the mini events, they just tell me their ideas and 99% of the times i say go a head. The true is that we don't have staff members who have the time to run mini-event every time. R78 is been trying to host a mini event since i don't remember when but she is been busy with other stuff. I'm sure she will do it when she has the time. Is the same for the rest of the staff, since is their time we can't force them or rush them in to trow a mini-event. About new items, tbh we been talking (staff members) about new items and we have get in the same point, OP weapons are out of the table for some time. We try to get some mid items and collectibles because we do believe we realized too many OP ones in the past, that's the reason we haven't make more of this.
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    PSO2 has been accessible for years. This will not be the end of Ultima or psobb. Not a reason to make it so everyone in the game is DM spamming space lizards in the face.
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    Only casts can use IF and PF. But even then human rangers have a lot of great weapons at their disposal, Psycho Ravens and MF for instance. AN is pretty great already too , and many more . Rangers have it the easiest in this game man . All the best weapons are ranger weapons and are easiest to kill the game with .
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    one more day of this event!
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    Yeah don't worry, DTs are not lost, they just can't... accept them for the moment @Larva should be looking into the problem
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    One day you'll look back and realize that you worried too much about things that don't really matter...
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    Blizzard water gun isn’t recommended since you’re using Humar. Casts are the only ones that get a Blizzard ratio boost and water gun has bad accuracy . Central Control Area enemies have high evp so it wouldn’t work well . Also I do recommend jizai , I use one myself and it’s pretty great , good accuracy , good power , 6 hits per combo. It’s hell seems pretty decent from my experience. All those other weapons they mentioned above are great besides water gun for your class .
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    Slicers could get you in trouble in CCA soloing as a hunter, because with each attack you move towards the enemies a bit. Instead of an Arrest weapon it's good to keep enemies still with high Damage weapons due to the knock-back effect. However, Crimson Sword with hit is super effective for an Arrest Weapon, and it hits a lot of targets. Blizzard Watergun with hit for Freezing enemies is legit as mentioned by nnorton44. Since you want to increase your effectiveness in Central Control Area I suggest adding hit to these weapons: Psycho Raven, Infernal Girasole, or using a dagger with high damage per second for the Monkeys, and Robots you can't Hell. For a Hell gun I suggest Suppressed Gun over Asteron Striker, because Asteron Striker sometimes targets the wrong enemy when you want to shoot straight across. Jizai is risky to use when soloing, so I don't recommend it, and Yamigarisu might be reduced hell, but don't quote me about that. For an unreduced sword a 80 hit Sealed J Sword would be dope. I've actually wanted one of those for awhile just to have. SJS is risky too though since you're looking to increase your success rate at soloing. I'd go with a hell gun like Asteron Striker if you wanna take advantage of auto-aim hell special. Good luck, and have fun.
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    For Arrest there's raygun, s-rank j-cutter, boomerang, and Morolian blaster. There aren't really any good freeze options though. For hell, there's Kiss of Death(slicer), Ultima Reaper(partisan), Asteron Striker(handgun), and probably some others I'm forgetting.
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    Forum Maintenance will be held Tonight @ 10pm PST will take about 1 hour to compleate.
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    Honestly, with PSO2 looming on the horizon, there's never been a better time to make the broken gear much more publicly available. I wouldn't ask it to be a 1/100 PGF drop rate, but still, we've got less than a year before almost everything we've done here goes in a history book. I'd say going out with a bang beats dwindling to nothing because of waiting on a single event to come and go.
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    an idea to improve the server , make another top tier item like cent/battle , Dark weapons, STA and Red Ring . Something that’s really hard to farm like STA is during an event but worthy. It’s been ages since something of this caliber was made .
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    If an event item requirement makes a weapon bad, does that also exclude Iron Faust, the Dark Weapons, and so on from being good? You could always suggest specific weapon upgrades. Name one staff member who can be proven by post or screenshot to actually want to spite any individual class. Human rangers are arguably the strongest due to RAmar accuracy and no-unit possiblity, and RAmarl's high MST plus Episode IV boss viability. They're sure as !@#$ not the weakest out there. If you don't use any of your Arrest needles, then you have a lot you could give to people who would have fun using them, right? There should be no reason casual players have no decent Needle-style weapon that isn't associated with an upgade to Arrest, I agree. I'd enjoy a Spread Needle -1 that's easier to farm. But when you do hit that point of a multi-target weapon with endgame worthy stats, that takes your output from 0 to 60 in a hurry. It makes sense for the line between casual and endgame weapons to require time, effort, and/or sacrifice.
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    I wouldn’t call last couple of custom items trash, sure they are not DM or DF caliber but if you’re smart about it and know how to use them you’ll be ok. Water gun is more useful than people think, kod and boomerang have saved people the time of going through challenge mode to get their sranks. Triforce event items are super good, Millie Faucilles is super OP. And if you’re referring to the weed shields are trash items, that was a troll event and was heavily advertised as such. Don’t get me wrong, I get your point at listening to the community but at the end of the day will be these peoples time that they are doing it for free and all we do is bash them. They have to test the item, they have to set the stats and special so it’s not mega game breaking. We can’t just expect to throw ideas out there and means it’s gonna work. Sure you can say “other servers have done it why can’t we?”. I know I troll a lot too but if an idea gets shot down don’t get discourage, either try again or come up with another idea. I’m sure one day your emewn guard will be a thing.
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    well next week end ill be hosting this event hope u guys are ready for this Xd
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    This upcoming weekend! Well my event is this as Larva remark on the easter event. Im going set special atack on yasminkov series. what i mean with this. Every ones that yasminkov weapon´s can be find but without special so my mini event is this. Im going set special atack on this weapon´s in exchange for the same weapon´s another weapon with the special you want and 30 pds i think is fair enough because this weapon with special are the best of the best XD well a little example. So i want a yasminkov 9000m with hell. well you need bring me a yasminkov 9000m + a mechgun series with hell + 30 pds. what i mean with mechgun? (you need a vulcan glating mechgun any of those for me add the special to your wep) For a yasminkov 7000v you need the yasminkov 7000v a rifle series with the special you want + 30 pds. Type weps same steps as yasminkov, example typeme/mech u need the type of course A vulcan (berzerk, demon etc etc) and 30 pds. for yasminkov 2000H you need yasminkov 2000h a handgun series + 30 pds And a least the wepons like supressed gun or w/e its name mawua same id cards Water gun etc etc ... O yea the stats gonna be the same of the original yasminkov you gave me i hope to have explained well PD:any question ask mio lol Español Bueno mi evento trata de esto como Larva mensiono en el evento de semana santa. Yo estare añadiendo ataque especial en las armas yasminkov. Que trato de decir con esto bueno. Todos sabemos que estas armas yasminkov estan en drop pero sin ataque especial asi q mi mini event consiste en eso. estare agregando especial a estas armas que tiene q hacer bueno si tu quieres que yo agrege un especial a tu arma necesitas traerme las arma mas otra arma con el espcial q quieres y 30 pds creo q es lo justo ya q estas armas con especial son lo mejor de lo mejor XD bueno aqui un ejemplo. Si tu quieres las yasminkov 9000m bueno entonces necesitas traerme. las yasminkov 9000m + una de la serie mechgun con hell + 30 pds (que trato de decir con mechgun series bueno que puedes traerme ya sea una mechgun un glating o un vulcan ) Si quieres la yasminkov 7000v entonces traeme las yasminkov 7000v + uno de la serie rifle con el espceial + 30 pds y para yasminkov 2000H bueno entonces traeme las yasminkov 2000h + una de las serie hangun con el especial + 30 pds A si tambien las supresed gun y la mawua id cards water gun etc etc Type mismos pasos q yasminkov, ejemplo typeme/mech tu necesitas type porsupuesto un vulcan (berzerk, demon etc etc) y 30 pds. o si los status seran los mismo que de la yasminkov original que me den bueno espero averme explicado bien. PD: cualquier pregunta pregunten a mio XD
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    Is the donation system broken? I can't see the donations I've sent or received anywhere on the website. Hope people got what I sent them lol
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    I was able to log in with each character and change the controls to each, walk around and navigate the menus. While I have not entered combat with any just yet, I feel reasonably certain that this issue is now solved. So first, thank you. Second, I will do my best not to break it again. While I have another account on your service, I would rather not lose progress due to my own ignorance.
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    @Foxen can you try, check in all characters... if it breaks again I'll fix those as well
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    Well the thing is if R-78 is up to it. You guys with the free time have to consider the fact she has a day to day life outside of pso. Sure she might be highly active but I’m sure she uses some of her personal time to play a game and enjoy herself with her teammates. Doing events and all the other stuff other gms and the admins do is a lot of work. At the end of the day it all falls under larva’s hands and also R-78 acceptance of taking such a role.
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    yea and no df tjs mille faucilles the super charge on vjaya the snow queen and frozen shout etc etc cant be done
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    Everyone's asked Larva, including the other GMs, for year round PGF drops. But when you let people donate hundreds of dollars per month for in game pixels, I guess there really is no reason to have it be all year round. Having end-game gear only be available 1 month out of the year is a terrible idea and should've been changed years ago.
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    Why should the best weapons in the game be easily accessible to those who do not put in the time for them??? Donations are not necessary to get these... its just time and effort. Additionally, there are other options (IF/PF) that do just fine.
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    Ultimate with Purplenum ID you find them on crimson assassin in episode 2 or canune in episode 1 It is also reward from the quest ''Raid on Central Tower''
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    mio to the rescue
  47. 1 point
    On DC the Spread Needle had rifle range and it was great
  48. 1 point
    Another quick sketch, still thinking on what to do for Summer event-
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    Finally !!! You better move fast. Users been waiting this for a long time. Summer event part-2 xD
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