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    Since the Valentine's Day Event is about to end, I'll be hosting a Time Attack mini event to win some great prizes. Check it out! What is this mini-event about? The mission is to complete RoCT (Raid on Central Tower - Episode II) as fast as possible with 2 players only per party and using vanilla items. A male ♂ and a female ♀ character must be used. Any class is allowed. The considered time will be the one right after Olga Flow teleporter appears. You must proof you defeat Olga though. To sign up, you must post on this topic stating who is your partner. Sign-up ends on March 17th*. Prizes! First Place Prizes Each player will be rewarded with one of the items of their choice below: Dark Flow (50/0/0/50|50) Dark Meteor (0/50/50/0|50) Dark Bridge (50/0/50/0|50) Sonicteam Armor Second Place Prizes 2x Centurion/Battle Third Place Prizes 2x Chromatic Orb and 10x New Year Cards Rules 1. Can't use customized/tweaked items. Means that any of the weapons/frames/shields/units mentioned on this topic are not allowed, but there are exceptions: Allowed items (exceptions): - Custom Mags of any kind. - Angel Harp - Guld Milla (as long as it isn't being used on Hunter class) - Magical Piece - Psycho Wand - Dual Bird - Rambling May - Charge Arms (April Fools' Day) - Three Seals - Anti-Dark Ring - Red Ring (default, no costumes) - Elemental Cloaks (Ignition/Tempest/Congeal) - Samurai Armor - S-Rank Weapons with any special (except Charge) - And of course all vanilla weapons/armors/units etc. I recommend everyone to take a look on item wiki to start planning which items to carry, which are the useful specials... Start redeeming New Year Cards to increase Hit on weapons, Mr. Naka's Business Card to redeem S-Ranks etc. 2. Can't use combo unlocked weapons (e.g. Iron Faust, Burning Visit and Rianov 303SNR-5) that were previously locked on vanilla PSO:BB. 3. It is forbidden to use dark weapons (Dark Meteor, Dark Flow, Dark Bridge or Psycho Bridge). 4. Can't use weapons with custom specials like Type-M series, Yasminkov Series or Rianov series and a few others. Usage of the mentioned weapons are allowed as long as it doesn't have special. 5. Weapons can have only up to 80% Hit, except weapons made from enemy parts (such as Baranz Launcher, Bringer's Rifle for example) which can't exceed 50% Hit. 6. You should announce your partner on this topic until March 17th*. You must have only one partner. Would you agree sharing your sweetheart with someone else? Probably not Note: You can also sign-up showing interest in the event as well. If you can't find someone to partner with you, I'll sort and organize couples to join event. 7. You can build Photon Blasts only after pressing the computer at the start of RoCT. You are free to cast Shifta/Deband techniques before the timer starts ticking. You are allowed to start the quest with three players ONLY to claim quest rewards from Elly NPC. Third player can't be used for any other purposes, he must abandon the quest right after entering the map. 8. One of the two players must record their run. Both players should show their inventories at the start or at the end of the run while recording (2nd player should do it by screenshotting every item or using Character Reader add-on optionally since he won't be recording). Both players must show their .beat (Internet Time) seen in the lower right part of menu when showing inventory, recording player must show ship name as well. Refer to this guide to learn how to use add-ons. It is forbidden to use NPC skins during recording process! 9. You must submit your entry until March 31th*, send your video link and images privately through PM. I'll only make obtained time public after the submission period ends. All videos and images will become public after submission deadline. This is to ensure that everyone will be judged equally. 10. Your entry must be done on Normal Server just to make everything clear. Otherwise you'll be rewarded on Test Server either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don't forget about using a male and female characters as well as proving you defeated Olga Flow! Note: Failure to follow these rules will lead to the disqualification of your entry. Any cheating attempt will also result in your disqualification and the proper actions will be taken. *(subject to changes) ~ Good luck everybody! ~ Participants 1. @Saber +7 and @Starlord 2. @mudkipzjm and @R-78 3. @Lipelis and @JupiterDeMars 4. @RocketTots and @Usagi 5. @JADE and @Shin 6. @Tiel and @chrisNL 7. @Quan and @Heather Siren Tide 8. @Patrick Bell and @Brunogre - Partner Pending List - - Empty - Records - Empty - Contact me if you have questions, suggestions, problems or just wanna give feedback regarding this event.
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    This deserves the biggest face palm ever ...
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    Sign-up period has ended! Since there are people who still did not found their sweethearts (err...I mean, their partners! ;3), I will give until Tuesday (March 19th until 12:00AM GMT -3) for them to announce their partners according to the Partner Pending List. I will randomize and compose the remaining parties after that period. ( @Quan | @Patrick Bell | @chrisNL | @Heather Siren Tide | @Tiel | @Brunogre ) Please have a sit and discuss! Tomorrow I will add clear instructions on what/how you should submit your entries! I wish good luck to all Ultibums who are participating and I'm sure everyone is highly capable of completing this task!
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    @chrisNL and I will team up yay good luck all my peeps
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    Hi, I'm new in the forum but not in the game, I play PSO2 mainly but sometimes I play in the ultima server. My main lenguaje is spanish, I'm sorry if I make mistakes with my english. Nice to meet you all!
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    Not sure I'll be able to make it to the podium, but count me in ! Sounds like fun !
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    Hello :), May I participate, please? I, too, am a loner and don’t have a partner:( Thank you
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    Snorlax me puso en los anuncios, que loooooco. XD
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    Bienvenido a ultima
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    2 Rivas. XD @Luis_Rivaille.
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    Yo soy fan de @Usagi-chan. :3 Y me siento feliz de estar en su equipo. XD
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    A veces me preguntan; ¿Para que existes?. Yo sólo pienso; No lo sé...Lo mismo me pregunto...
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    Wow i have a fan XD rite Amatersu or invisible! jajajaa funny guy btw
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    Looks like I'm not a n00b at all
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    Despierto te pienso, dormido te sueño, ¡invasora de mentes!
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    @ultrajerky and @McLaughlin86are my dads, do not disrespect them.
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    I also added plenty of useful links on my profile as well.
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    Feel free to PM me any questions you have. You might find these links helpful. This is the layout for keyboard controls.
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    Does anyone know if we are able to add special to Ten Years Blades?
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    Muchas gracias por jugar conmigo @Usagi-chan & @Mimi la pasé muy bien.
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    Un abrazo para todas las personas que últimamente no se han sentido bien, un "tu puedes" para quienes piensan desistir, un "cuenta conmigo" para aquellos que se sientan perdidos, un café y una charla para quienes no encuentran un sentido y se levantan cada día. Porque tú y yo tenemos algo en común; Nunca vamos a rendirnos...
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    @Noob Saibot Well played kind sir. Love the effort and thought put into this. Kudos bro.
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    You cannot delete your posts but since you solved your problem, I am locking this topic And yeah we don't delete topics anyway, it could be useful to someone as you said.
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    i guess GM accounts are banned too rite?
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    i'm in, tho i dont have anyone to play with yet (hinthint)
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    Sometimes i question my sanity...Occasionally it replies...
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    Momentos. XD @Usagi-chan
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    Estuve jugando con @Mimi hace rato. Y la he pasado muy bien. Es chévere jugar con ella. XD
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    Hmmm... you tell me. If you think it is fair someone that completed RoCT with only 3 minutes left having the same chances as a party who completed it with 20 minutes left, then I can't do much about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As you can see from the title, Time Attack means: Credits to Urban Dictionary. There would be no point in making people grind RoCT if that was just a lottery
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    Buenos dias, binvenido Al servidor y a la comunidad. Estoy seguro encontraras buenas amistades y sobretodo que te divertiras!! Salu2. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Event is finished. Since Delsaber - Episode I - Ultimate - Greenill drop was never 100% confirmed, I decided to remove it from table. No official drop tables were released, rates remained unknown. I hope this topic has helped the community. I would like to ask a Moderator to close this. Thanks!
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    Due to the reports of drops being the same as last year apparently (seeing from confirmed drops so far), I updated topic with confirmed drops from previous year: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/31572-confirmed-valentines-drops-2018/ (and mostly as an alternative to the previous drop table) Credits to @Lipelis for making the previous year topic. If someone wants to contest some confirmed drop which may be wrong, please let us know.
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    kisses High Tide!!! Happy Valentne day!!! hehe
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    None of the GMs have asked to be GMs e.e