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    Welcome to my final Time Attack Event hosted by me on Ultima. This event will feature time attack(definition below) on 3 quests in a 4P No-PB setting. The quests featured in this event will be voted on by the users themselves. Quest voting will last until Wednesday 07/15/2020. The event itself will start after that time is up and go until 07/31/2020. TA is the idea of playing quests as fast and efficiently as possible. There are many different categories and quests to do this on. The basic start is that the quest have a timer. After that the rest is up to the players to execute and plan what they feel is the fastest way to complete the quest. Regardless of the 3 quests selected the categories will be 4p No-PB which means that you MAY have a photon blast chain DURING the run, but not before it. The winners of this event will each receive ALL OF MY ITEMS including the 100H Dark Flow. Second place will receive 15 DTs per player (that is all I have sorry). The winner is decided by who has the biggest combined time difference across the 3 quests. For example: Team 1 has 6'30 remaining, 18'30, and 10'00 for their times Team 2 has 6'20 remaining, 18'25, and 9'58 for their times. In total Team 1 beats out Team 2 by 3 seconds so they win. You can find videos of pretty much every quest here and additional rules as well. If there are rules or issues with this format we have until the 15th to pan them out. Please feel free to comment about any issues. Rules: -There must be at least one video of a perspective from a participant in every submission. -Time is to be taken the moment the final enemy is dealt the killing blow, however each video will be checked to ensure no gimmicks. -No hacking or cheating of any kind. -You may lower your HP and cast Shifta before quest start. -Any exploits, such as, defeating monsters before the timer starts are not allowed. -No PB chains before quest. -Runs must start with less than 20 PB meter. -Once the quest has started the whole party must complete the quest together. No one is to leave the game room before Dark Falz to manipulate Darvant waves. No one is to join the game while the quest is in progress. -None of the 5 unique custom items may be used: Dark Meteor Storm, STARS Needle, Frostys Icicle Shooter, Dens Hand Cannon, or Rainbow Petrick. -Runs MAY be done on the test server. It will be up to date with the live server to give everyone a chance to play with NO gear restrictions besides the 5 weapons mentioned above. -A team may update a part or parts of their previous submissions so long as they still the same group from the initial submission -Players may run with different sets of teams and continue to upload their best times until the end of the event. That DOES NOT mean a player may submit a single time better than a previous single time with a new team. Each unique submission must be a complete series of runs with your team. Attached is just my HUcast bank/inventory/common bank. If you don't feel like looking there's enough Dark Flows for each player to receive 2 and enough STAs for each to receive 1(disregarding everything else) if that's how y'all decide to split gear. I have much more stuff that I will just drop to y'all whenever it is over. 42095825_4 (1).txt wilson items.txt
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    Hey all, long time no see for most, I think ima come back and play some psobb 😁 been playing to much pso2 to the point I am now bored of pso2! It'll never be as good as old school pso! Some may know me some may not, either way come say hi 😁 always to happy to hunt anf help when and where I can! See you guys in lobby! Ign's zelda3, dark link, zerobeat
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    This, honestly, was a really silly idea. The one drawback of a HUcast was that it couldn't attack at long range, and not only did it get that option, but it got it with an already powerful weapon. People are obviously going to vote for the strongest option, because if you offered 95% of the server a sword that killed everything in the current room in one shot, they'd take it. Rangers should have the advantage of range - it's in their name.
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    As you said, it's prone to too many bugs to get approved, a lot of desynchronization (gonna see all the monsters that died already and have all doors still locked) and in some cases could even kick your teamates off the room. But trust me I know that feeling as my game often crashes and I also used to have an internet connection so bad that I was too afraid to run 20+ minutes long quests. Just logging and praise RNG without actually playing? Wouldn't that make HH some kind of Pay2win? As it is now, there are already tons of HH (more than 1 per day) so I can't imagine if there were even more made via donations. The problem is that every boss actually get into the same farming way: TTF and RT. So sure it would be fun to run a full Caves run in order to get a unique Dal Ra Lie drop, but people would just do TTF first levels, /lobby and repeat. Probably would have been considered if it was Ultima's begin years as I agree DM is way too powerful (and still ATP buffed on Ultima), but at this point it would just be bad to do that, and generate a huge drama. What would it do? Just bring free stacks of meseta? Will see with Soly. We went through too many dramas to get to this point again. I have always been for giving it handgun range (before AND after its release) but 2000 complaints against the staff about a brand new item and Larva took his final decision not to nerf it after making some... weird poll. It seems like EP2 regular monsters got a +25% buff in all physical stats (HP ATP DFP ATA EVP LCK ESP) and +30% EXP from Vanilla so the ones who had high EVP already ended up with even higher EVP boosts. I also think this is too much for some monsters (such as Ul and Zol Gibbons, Deldepths, some Sinows and mostly... Olga Flow) but I think it's fine for most others. If Larva and the people agree I'd consider rebalancing (nerfing) EVP case by case. Would be broken if a weapon was guaranteed for every run. If PD were to be removed, you'd get a 10% chance to get Samba Maracas and 15% for Yasminkov 9000M, then 1.44% instead of 0.4176% chance of getting a weapon with 80+ hit which is actually huge. Makes Yasminkov regular hunt totally worthless.
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    Cent/Battle - Ultimate - Ep2 - Olga Flow - Viridia
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    Soul Booster - gibbles - bluefull - ep2 - ult confirmed
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    On that WoW Classic and PSO2 grind. I swear I'll play PSOBB again sometime, maybe.
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    Centurion/Battle - OlgaFlow - Ep2 - Pinkal - Ult PBC - Morfos - Ep2 - Pinkal - Ult
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    What's up everyone? :") I have a request for music in lobby!! A few years ago, this song was in the lobby, could I put it back on? It's a very good song for the lobby, if anyone else likes the idea, please leave a like in this post to be added again! You can also comment on other songs to keep in mind.
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    Spanish: Para ustedes ¿Cual o cuales fueron sus mejores momentos en PSO en el año 2019? Para mi fue encontrar el anillo rojo gracias a unas personas que una de ellas esta serverus y Ultima Reaper. Y Lograr ser nivel 200 con mi personaje Kira Note. .n.n English: For you, what were your best moments in PSO in 2019? For me it was to find the red ring thanks to some people that one of them is serverus and Ultima Reaper. And getting to be level 200 with my character Kira Note.
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    Selling two stacks of Hp Mats (198 Hp Materia In total). 10Pds each. My Ramarl's gotten NOTHING now
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    Crashed Sunken Underwater (Nuisant Donkey Kong Water Levels...) [Hehehe! tricked you wrong It's a Frigate] This Is my favorite relaxing underwater soundtrack ever! [Did you guess before coming here which game It was? : D
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    I mean, this event is a competition, not a charity donation to the "poor" people who need gear. Playing on test server is a fair choice since every team will have equivalent gear. The results will only depend on good team work and planning.
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    Hm maybe yeah, sadly i can see that too that many players dont want to actually go on a test server but it would make sense. At least if you want to really participate in the event. It bugs me tho, that people who actually have good gear, can get more of it because they know how to do it. Now this event is adding it on top..^^' It feels kinda unfair to be honest, but idk how to actually change the fact that the reward goes to players who dont have max max gear. I think many players would be sad that ur gone tho :x But i wont fish for anything here, I guess you have ur reasons so (still sad tho) :<
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    Wait does this mean good bye..? :(( and the event sounds pretty fun , but i guess without the test servers many players dont stand a chance against some dm/df users *cough*
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    TA is easy. The trick is to alt-backspace as soon as you hit 100pb
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    Please post your event drops here. Also non-event drops from the same monsters of different IDs. I will update it once or twice a day. Information Needed Difficulty Episode Section ID Monster Item Link to Drop Chart Table I will post screenshot of updated list here so you don't have to click it. However, the Table is can be sorted/filtered to more easily find things you're looking for. Link to Event Post Link to 2019 Drop Chart Event End Date: July 26, 2020
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    Blood Sword - Saint million - Ultimate - Redria
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    Long time no see my dude!!! Hope you have been keeping well?! Hopefuly see you in game soon to give me an update on what I've missed 😁
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    Ahoy my boi. long time no see you! welcome back
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    Serene Swan is worse then BFG 9000. Change my mind.
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    Legit ways to improve the server imo. -Ability to rejoin midquest... Yes I know this can in fact screw up sometimes, but getting disconnected for no apparent reason is horrible. -Daily login reward system, perhaps its just as simple as a random event weapon drop all year (obviously crap weapons would have a MUCH higher chance of being the reward), this would of course somehow have to be restricted to avoid multiple accounts etc. -Donation system for HH, perhaps you just got off work and missed HH however you don`t mind fronting 5 bucks USD (not donation tickets) (good for the server) to may it happen for 3 hours (Maybe limit this to one usable per 12 hours total server wide) and your name pops up as the BANNER! -More boss drops of different bosses, I personally miss the days of running all of Caves having a unique boss drop after running the whole thing on Ultimate would be great, every area with an actual unique drop outside of event (I know this requires work and a bit more thought but I think you guys get what I am saying) -Nerf DW combo unlock to 2X instead of 3X or drop the attack power. (This is self explanatory, it would instantly make other options viable, ie. R5 for pierce or BV, TJS becomes useful again etc. Without complete making DW useless. -Meseta Bot, make a meseta bot quest perhaps part of Lemons shop. -The Official Ultima Client including the item reader etc for ease of use for new people. -Serene Swan (Yes I said it) I still think this weapon should be handgun range, HUcasts can now basically out damage rangers from Rifle Range.... Thats just crazy and should be addressed, those that say otherwise are just enjoying the fact that HUcast is the Meta. -Evasion in EP2, Yes I understand that its not that bad when you are end game geared up, but for people just starting its horrendous. The fact that a 80 hit weapon ie. Frozen Shooter can miss a target point blank leading to death is crazyness.... -ROCT rewards, Please remove PD from this..... Hell make the crap weapons replace it please.... Just the ability to know a weapon is going to be the reward would be fantastic, Add some more weapons to it or something. This is enough for now, only ideas!
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    It's Happy Hours baby!! ❤️
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    Whitill, ultimate, Ep1, baranz, trap search
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    So uhhhh, wanna do some runs tonight? xoxoxox
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    Blood Sword - Ep 4, Saint Million, Purple No banner but decent stats.
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    Greenill - EP1 - Crimson Assassin - Ultimate - Serene Swan
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    Zanabacon - booma - ep1 - vh - pinkal
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    Ultimate Ep1 Death Gunner Yellowboze Normal Drop (Guardianna)
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    Purplenum - EP1 - Crimson Assassin - Ultimate - Serene Swan
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    Ultimate - Ep2 - Greenill - Pan Arms - Centurion/TP
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    Purplenum - EP1 - Booma - Very Hard - Zanbacon
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    The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Or upgrade your Sword of Ultima to Ten Years Blades. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% Serene Swan Shoots 3x4 bullets per combo. Has a rifle range. Can be used by any Hunter or Ranger. This item can now be found in episode I as well, in case you get bored of Spaceship. ____________________________________ Event is active until July 26, 2020 Thanks to @Yannv for the portuguese addition Credits to @FALC0N for the Banner Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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    Like I said you shouldn't have them be stack-able on characters, just in the banks. Character stacks would be over powered as you mentioned.
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    I hope your birthday is a great one Jade! Congo-rats and party hard hon! We miss you Mag Queenie, hope you come drop by here at Ultima to say hello on the forums and in-game sometime. -Tri
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    Happy Birthday! JADE ❤️ God bless you so much! ❤️
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    Well I don't know why ,, but thi topic should be along time . tell us where you came from XD!! Im from Mexico Baja California ,, City : Mexicali. And you ??
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