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    Event has officially ended. Thank you @Larva Thanks to @Amaranthine and all the player drop table contributors as well for the good work
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    Seems like every 10 years I come back to this game. Started in 2000 on DC. Put months into the game before I stopped. Came back 10 years later on Schthack servers. Had a great run but decided to call it quits. And now I'm back again. Day 4 of playing. Already got 4 characters going and excited to hunt alongside all of you. With social distancing/stay home in effect, this game seems like a perfect relief to a stressful day.
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    with Noesis, i can open and see untextured 3D models of everything in the game. then you click on "file" in Noesis menu and select "Export". then you will be presented with a window. source file: 😄 \Users\User\ ( main file location)\(pso bb)\Character or enemies model\name of the character file character files, npc files and model files are encoded with .nj output type Destination file: where it's gonna go Main output type: important. when you have this menu, choose the output type that you can work with. ex: blender can work with: .fbx - FBX .dae Collada .abc - alembic .3ds - 3D studio .bvh - Motion Capture .ply - Standford .obj - Wavefront .stl - Stl .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics .x3d\wrl X3D extensible 3D with output the output menu can do: .dae - Collada .fbx - Autodesk FBX .glm - GHOUL2 Model .gltf - glTF Model .iqm - Inter Quake Model .kvx - KVX Voxel Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5mesh - md5mesh (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .obj - WaveFront OBJ .ply - Standford PLY .ply2 - PLY2 Model .psk - Unreal ActorX Model .rdm - RDM (model) .smd - Valve SMD .stl - Stanford Tessellation Language Model .vox - VOX Voxel Model Additional texture output: Default .anm - DeluxePaint Animation .astc - ASTC Image .bmp - BMP Image .crn - Crunch Texture .dcm - MRI - DICOM .dds - DDS Image .gif - GIF Image .hdr - Radiance HDR .ico - Icon Image .j2k - JPEG 2000 Codestream .jp2 - JPEG 2000 Image .jpg - JPEG Image .jps - Stereo JPS Image .Ibm - DeluxePaint Image .Imp - Quake LMP .m32 - M32 Image .m8 - M8 Image .mpo - Stereo MPO Image .pcx - PCX Image .png - PNG Image .spr - Quake SPR .tga - TGA Image .tspr - Text Spirite Set .wal - Quake II WAL Texture Additional animation output: .Default .bvh - BioVision Hierarchy Anim .dae - COLLADA .fbx - Autodesk FBX .gla - GHOUL2 Animation .gltf - gITF Model .iqm - Inter-Quake Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5anim - md5anim (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .noefbxmulti - Multi-FBX Anim Sequence .psa - Unreal ActorX Animation .rda - RDA (anim) .smd - Valve SDM others options: -Flip UV's -No geometry -No animations -Rotate 90 -No textures Export that file and open it with Blender. now you can mod the 3D models
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    2 things. Could you have the test server enabled (in the launcher options)? If so, disable it. If you the previous thing is ok, then check if you have a firewall or antivirus blocking the game.
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    a total of 11 hours play time in all the acc are u sure u have those goodies? and yea any pic?
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    Give your GC number first.
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    hello there i play for ULTIMA few days and i m really love here! so bought a Xbox elite 2 for playing this~ (this my childhood!) and i m follow this guide to setup controller : and the problem is, 1T Trimate (analog left while holding R2) 2 Star Atom (analog up while holding R2) 3T Gizonde (analog right while holding R2) when i change analog left to button A , it cant use "1" skill ( for me is Freeze Trap) its like Light attack over write that.. anyone can tell me how can i solve that plx ^^;
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    thx for reply i m using joy2key too , thx for ur suggestion, its nice setting~
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    Im not sure that I understand the problem your having exactly , I can give you a great tip tho..... try using a program like "xpadder" or "joy2key" they are free programs and lets you program any controller as you wish . for example I have my traps on L2 and R2 ,stars and trimates on left and right d pad, sol and moon on left and right for the right analog . this will allow your the most custom options when setting up controls , if your controller has any other extra or unused buttons you can program them aswell
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    Welcome to the Server! I have a low level character if u want some help leveling up let me know. Have fun!
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    HH Is on! Just.... a minute remains... and now It's over for me -_-''
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    I know things like this exist in the forum in some form, but this is more of a "absolute end-gear" situation for the 3 classes. I might need help with force since my experience with that class is limited but here we go. If I missed anything, let me know. If anyone has any ideas to make this appear in a more organized fashion, feel free to tell me. Hunter: Dark Flow Pyscho Ravens (for male) charge raygun/handgun-type weapon, can be substituted with Lindcray for HUnewearl. Lavis Blades/Girasole - for lowering health Berserk Mechs of some sort Diska of Braveman Vjaya Excalibur/100 souls Tsumikiri J-Sword (stats optional) Twin Blaze (for casts) Arrest Raygun/J-cutter S-rank Zalure Gun (besides HUnewearl) Hell Handgun/Asteron Striker Ultima Reaper TypeMe/Mech charge and Demon (demon optional on cast) Tellusis/Soniti mag (triple invinc proc if you use DF) S-Reds(HUcast), Macho Blades (HUmar, HUcaseal) for solo play Smartlink Ranger: Dark Meteor Iron Faust (Casts) Psycho Ravens (for males) Mille Faucilles (for females) Arrest Needle Frozen Shooter Snow Queen Charge and Demon Yasminkov 9000M Heaven Striker S-rank Zalure Weapon (besides RAmarl) Hell Ranged weapon (Yas 7, Le Cog, Etc.) Demon and Hell TypeSH/Shot Ultima Reaper Macho Blades(casts) Force (Melee): Slicer of Fanatic Glide Divine Striker of Chao/Tyrel's Parasol/Rico's Parasol Banana Cannon Lindcray Samba's Fiesta Bringer Rifle Rambling May (FOmarl) Sacred Bow Ultima Reaper Hundred Souls Ten Year Blades w/ Charge/Berserk/Spirit Smartlink Force (Teching) Psycho Bridge (Ra techs) Dark Bridge (Grants, Zalure) Glide Divine v.00 (Si techs) Glide Divine (debuffs) Magical Piece (Gi Techs) Tyrel's Parasol/Rico's Parasol (Buffs, resta,anti) Lindcray (resta/anti) Qusar Staff (barta, gizonde) Hylian Shield, Alis Resolve, Virus Shield: Vol Opt Samurai Armor (Ra techs) Ignition Cloak (Foie techs) Rabarta Merge Armor/Units: Sonicteam Armor Red Ring Centurion/Battle V502 Again, this is just optimal gear, so I'm just listing the best thing you can have for your class of choice. No arguing please, I don't want this locked, lol.
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    They are not used in the same situations. Yasminkov is good for long range targets like Dark Falz, Mericarols... but only its Charge attack is worthful so most of the time, only 6 of the 9 hits in a combo will be useful. With Mille Faucilles, you can start a combo with a hard attack and still easily hit your target. The good part about Mille Faucilles' special is definitely not the Divine Punishment, but rather the Autolock which helps you to quickly and easily target another monster in the same combo without the need to wait for the attack recovery. Moreover the special has an extended range. Also, because of its base ATP a sphered Mille Faucilles will often deal more damage than Yasminkov's charge when your opponent's DEF is high enough (such as Epsilons). I do always bring both weapons with me when playing a female RA. (using a Psycho Raven instead of Mille Faucilles on males)
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    I understand that topic exists, but don't think it shows most of the recent quests / ultima quests, which is what you all probably use. Now the excel document in that thread had ultima quests, i'll peek at it.
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    GC# 42091137 slot one character name Ninja I have my inventory items names changed. Some items in my (char and common) bank are changed too. Need ROLLBACK please.
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    Everything is still the same. My items continue to show "???", and the names are all wrong. Could you please check this out? Thanks
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    GC# 42091137 slot one character name Ninja I have my inventory items names changed. Some items in my (char and common) bank are changed too. Need ROLLBACK please. Here are the pictures: CHAR BANK COMMON BANK INVENTORY (1) INVENTORY(2)
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