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    Maximum Attack S (ep2) - Solo no PB - 10"45 remaining - Noudle (Ramarl)
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    Maximum Attack S (Ep 2) - Solo no PB - 14:10 remaining - Verendis (Ramarl)
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    I want to submit this status update because I think we need more diversity.
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    This is a status update there are many like it but this is my own.
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    Me being single and celibate for 8 years just to get rekt lol
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    It's a miracle that I still have a good heart when I'm broken, and it's all thanks to the love God embedded in my soul. I give thanks to God, because no matter what pain I experience I can still feel for what I see.
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    Rich people: *Hosts controlled pandemic, and names it Covid19 after Jewish scripture 2 Corinthians Chapter 1: Verse 9* Rich people: "Never let a good crisis go to waste"
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    Ragol Roulette I want to introduce you to a "new game" rules are easy and simple to understand it's a 2 players based game. the goal is simple: don't drop monofluid. But this game has some easy to learn rules: -The maker has to be in shared drop. -The game has to be made in ep1. -The game mode has to be normal. -The game take place in forest 1. -Having at least one TP user is requiered (i think with only cast it lower the chance, but need confirmation on that one) -You will kill only one monster and let your opponent kill one, before killing another one, etc.. -Rappies are not counted, instead box are counted (tho they are optional). -If a monofluids drops the one who killed the monster lose. So now, the fun part, player bet whatever they want, i will go with 10pds for a start since its not that big a deal, but still need some WOI to farm. PM me if you want to play. Disclamer: If you have any complain about a player, or anything related to this game, DON'T bother GM's with that, post the problem here.
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    It's actually not pure luck. Strategies are also involved here a lot. I'll bring some of them here. 1) Picking the right monster based on its DAR and Rare rate You'd want to pick the monsters that have the lesser DAR, but would also have to take rare drops into consideration. For example: while Hildeblues have a 100% DAR, they have a 7/8 rare rate on Resist/Fire, Power material etc (depending on your section ID) which means only a 12.5% chance of dropping anything else, which makes them a safer choice than Savage Wolf and their 30% DAR. (hover Drop table cells to see DAR %) 2) Ignoring or taking optional waves Sometimes there are extra rooms or switchs that lets you get to other room enemies. Might be interesting to ignore enemies with higher DAR when you can. 3) Counting spawning Mothmants Wait for odd or even number of Mothmants getting out of the Monest before you kill it depending on weither or not you want your opponent to get the last Mothmant (25% DAR). Adding to that the fact Monest has a 0% DAR, it's like a free kill. 4) Knowing boxes fixed drops Boxes content is not totally random, some of them never drop anything, some of them always drop meseta etc.
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    Hey, you there, happy birthday! Have a smol margarita or a big one, ya know?
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    Happy birthday!!!!
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    Self explanatory, I was wondering if there was a discord server for easier discussion
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    Can someone link the Discord? I'll join
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    Feel the feeling but don't become the emotion. Witness it. Allow it. Release it.
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    Amazing improvement over your latest record. CG.
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    If you think about killing yourself remember that nobody cares. You need to be the one who cares. Love yourself.
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    too much thrill we have to to do it again πŸ˜› playing for sphere's realy make it frightening
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    Thank you for the correction. I updated it and updated my first post accordingly. And that wraps it up folks! Thank you for your submissions. Until next event! EDIT: Figured I might as well start promoting the next event's drop chart. Halloween 2020 Drop Chart There's a tab for 2019 Drop Chart which shows that all drops are pretty much known...but who knows if things may be mixed up this time around. You can use that tab as reference to see where to start hunting.
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    I just called to say Happy (late) Birthday!
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    Thanks man, couldn't have done it without the support of my 500 team members, turtles, @Tiel 's musk, and my husband @jezbuz, always there to support me.
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    I just realized that I haven't logged on in quite some time (>1yr). If you've lent me an item that you might want back, please let me know and I'll return it.
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    Hello all, This is a quick start post I have compiled for new people and individuals that may require a little extra information. Good luck with your hunts and if you are new here welcome to the server! IMPORTANT NOTE!!! IF YOU CANNOT MOVE PRESS F11!!!! LEVEL UP FAST: Sometimes 5X Experience is enabled making this even faster. Fastest way to level up is by spamming TTF VR (toward the future) until you are level 100. Then you can unlock CCA (central control area) by pressing the 3 switches at jungle-, mountain- and seaside area. Once you have unlocked cca you can rush/kill Gal Gryphon over and over again. He gives you the highest exp in game. do that till lvl 200 Max stats calculator (where you can make a plan for your lvl200 character): https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/ COMMANDS: Usefull commands you will need! you can just enter them into the chat by pressing ENTER: /dropstyle 1 will change the dropstyle to individual drops so nobody will be able to steal your drops. you should do that asap! /bank willl switch to a shared bank which can be access by all your 4 character on your account. execute it again to get back to your character bank /lobby will exit every quest and put you to the lobby /map will maximize the map if you need to check for something. execute it again to minimize /hh will check if happy hour is active und how long it remains. happy hour (180 min duration) gives you a 3x times increased droprate. 1/90 will be 1/30 while hh is active all the other commands are here: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/ TRADING: People on this server love to trade items. there is a whole market in the forum where you can sell/buy stuff. There are 2 currencies accepted by the players: Photon Drops (PDs)(THESE CAN BE FARMED IN GAME) and Donation Tickets (DTs) (THESE ARE FORUM ACCOUNT ONLY) PDs drop while playing or you can collect them at some quests ie. WOI EP2. DTs you can get by donating real money to the server or selling items. 1$ = 1 DT = 7.7 or 8 PDs Subject to negotiation not set in stone. DTs are the ultimate currency. There are items that go for 2 PDs and others go for 500 DTs You can always ask at the chat box on the start page of the forum if you want to know the price of any item. A beginners guide to grinding and getting rich on Ultima Ty JDHenry Where can I hunt items and When? Ty Kajex Useful abbreviations for EVERYTHING; Ty R-78 Ultima Custom Equipment WIKI; Ty Saber +7 Installing LUA (ie. Floor reader); Ty Yannv Drop tables https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ How to send Donations https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?app=donate&module=donate&controller=send&do=sendTotal PSOBB Ultima Item WIKI https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ Keyboard Controls Tutorial videos
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    As we all know, one of the most fun and engaging aspects of this game is trading. The purpose of this guide if to detail how new players can acquire useful low level items and trade fodder. These are all quests that can be completed by players at any level. New players should not feel like they have to wait until reaching level 100+ before hunting useful drops to trade with others. Green names greatly help with many of these items, but are not required. If green names is not active, divide expected drops by 3. Photon Drops ID: all IDs Quest: Ultima -> Mysteries of the Void (normal ep2) Drops from box found right before teleporting to spaceship beta Drop affected by green names? - No Recommend using techs (specifically rabarta and gifoie) box can be found by hitting the switch on the right side of the final room before the spaceship beta teleport (avoid the switch in the middle of room) and then leaving out the exit on the left side of the room. Use warp pads to reach and a handgun to destroy gate switch. Takes 5:30-7 minutes to reach depending on how strong techs are. This is the most reliable and efficient way to farm PDs until acquiring the gear and level needed to survive WOI. PD also drops 1 per player, so if you are starting out with a friend this quest is a much better use of time than doing forest or caves in ep1. (Bonus: farming on Skyly gives a 1/121 chance of dropping luck materials from barb wolfs) Power materials ID: greenill Quest: Ultima-> Max Attack: Forest/TTF ultima (normal ep1) Enemy: hildeblues Drop affected by green names? Yes With green names each run will yield ~9 power mats and takes between 3-4 minutes depending on how strong techs are. A strong enough Razonde will clear each room. Mind materials also drop from blue rappys in this quest (16 total rappy spawns in this quest). If you do not have access to strong techs yet (lvl15+) or are still struggling to kill forest enemies in 1 or 2 hits, TTF ultima would be a faster farming method. In room 1 kill the first Hilde then move to the second room to kill the boomas, then 7 Hilde spawns an 1 rappy before using the /Lobby command to exit and remake. This method takes 1-2 minutes no matter how strong the player is. HP materials ID: Bluefull, Oran Quest: Ultima -> Wrath of Forest (normal ep1) Enemy: blue rappys Drop affected by green names? - Yes With green names the first room of the quest will have ~3 each run. Takes less than a minute, but recommend running the quest until the first room of forest 2 to avoid burnout. Typically yields ~6 HP mats and will be able to mag feed each run Mind materials ID: several, see description Quest: Ultima -> Max Attack: forest/Wrath of Forest (normal ep1) Enemy: blue rappys Drop affected by green names? - Yes Recommend grinding in conjunction with power mats in the manner detailed above. Possible to run greenill wrath of forest instead of max attack forest as there's more rappys, but the quest takes much longer (~8 minutes). Also drops for IDs: Purplenum, Viridia, Skyly. These IDs should grind in the same manner as HP mats described above Trigrinders ID: bluefull Quest: VR-> Max Attack 2 very 2 (normal ep2) Enemy: hildeblue Drop affected by green names? - Yes After clearing the first room, run to the first maze and return to the first room to kill the 2 hildebear/blue spawns. Continue south through three maze rooms then turn right to reach a room with ~12 hildebear/blue spawns. Will yield ~6 trigrinders each run with green names and takes less than 2 minutes Addslots ID: redria Quest: VR -> max attack 2 very 2 (normal ep2) Enemy: Hildeblue, Nar Lily Drop affected by green names? Yes Same method described above for trigrinders. Dragon scales ID: all IDs Quest: Ultima -> point of disaster (normal ep4) Enemy: ep4 boss Drop affected by green names? - Kind of Quest takes less than 15 minutes to complete if follow the route describe here straight to the boss: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2349 If you're low level and wondering how to make the most of happy hour and/or green names, dragon scales go for 5-10pds and if you're a hunter they can be used to evolve your Kama to the best mag in the game and open up the fastest mag feeding table. Green names raises the chance of rare boss spawn which has a higher drop rate than usual, but Happy Hours affects this drop more than green names. Photon crystals also drop from rare monsters in this quest Unsealing Quest: Ultima -> intelligence defense system (normal ep1) This quest was recently changed and now has slightly more enemies before the PD. Recommend running the quest until the PD box in the roof(found in room immediately after the baranz-on-an-island room). Takes ~8 minutes, ~450 enemies per run, PD drops 70% of the time in my experience. Would recommend running MotV instead for the guaranteed PD (~300 enemies per run), but if you're in a hurry to unseal, this quest is faster. Hunewearl is the queen of unsealing since she can equip every sealed item, and has access to techs. Photon crystals Quest: Ultima -> Maximum Attack U: Desert (normal ep4) Enemy: rare enemies ID: all IDs Drop affected by green names? - Yes "With a nuking FO, you can honestly just spam razonde in the middle of the room and it will kill 90% of the mobs in the quest. With green names, i'd average around 3-5 per run, but if you get lucky, you can see as many as 8 photon crystals in a single room. If you've ever farmed mats during green names, it's the same deal. Sometimes the room has 9 rares, other times the room only has 1 rare spawn." - special thanks to @Nills for the help. The first half of M4ADMD has also been suggested and will be compared next time green names are turned on. These can either be traded, used to add hit to enemy weapons, or acquiring gear from black papper. See the following guides for help: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2423 *Note: the undisputed champ of farming items on normal mode is FOnewm given his innate RA tech boost, so if you are looking to make a character just to farm these items as quickly as possible, this class would be the top choice. FOmar is also an option if you have Godricks cloak* Exchange rates Power mats 5:1pd Hp mats 5:1 pd (these sell the fastest in my exp) Mind mats 5:1 pd Luck mats 1:1 pd TP mats 1:1 pd Trigrinders 7:1 pd Photon crystals 5:1pd Addslots 4:1 pd Dragon scales 1:5 pds Unsealing prices: negotiate with the person needing the unseal, typical prices are ~10pds for lames, 25 for SJS, 8 for Limiters or Swordsmans Lore How to make the most of your time Stacking multiple PD-earning tasks together is the most effective way to quickly reach a stack of PDs or even a photon Sphere. For example: Agree to unseal a Lame - 10pds Unseal a limiter to sell as an Adept - 15pds profit Agree to raise a custom mag for another player - 30-40pds Run MotV 33 times to unseal, mag feeding 2x per run - 33 pds (takes around 4 hours) Total - ~90 pds And with green names you can get a stack of 99 power mats (20pd value) in as little as an hour, not counting the mind mats dropped along the way. Each class's top priority gear for beginners (most cost-effective weapons to spend your PDs/farmed items on): Hunter: Ultima reaper (20-25pds) and/or crimson sword (~75pds). Serene swan for ranged (35-45pds, more with hit%) Ranger: spread needle w/hit (50-100pds) with proof of sonic team (~50pds) or arrest needle with hit (100pds-20DTs). Acquiring a bringers rifle for episode 2 is also recommended (10-15pds) Force: banana cannon (15-20pds), for techs: glide divine v00 or psycho wand (both ~15pds) Units: Limiters (5-10pds) and unsealing, or Adepts (20-25pds) V101 (~5pds) Centurion/battle (eventually** cause: 200pds) There is no reason to be intimidated by the prices you see in shops or feel powerless when reaching ultimate mode without decent gear. It is much easier to grind on this server than elsewhere. Good luck! Any questions feel free to PM me 😊
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    now i got a problem with Blender Yay every time i try to apply textures it crashes so yeah, no textures for a while
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    Will anyone be on in about an hour? Im playing as a force and i keep dying lol..
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    🌈 ahoy I am here boiola 🌈 @jezbuz @nnorton44 @SanicTeam @Lipelis @Hawk @RocketTots @Heather Siren Tide @Heather Prime @Heather Magnus @optimusprime @Gui @Dutch Ride πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
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