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    Indeed, this does not excuse everything you did, and so your other account will remain banned. I actually read your private message (the one you sent Saturday) after I banned your other account for good. If you really thought my actions were unfair, you should have tried to discuss first, instead of sending all those slurs. That attitude never gets anyone anywhere and you should know that. So now I can tell you: No, the second time I banned you for a week was definitely not simply because you posted << The F(art)-word >>, there were many other offenses you posted that day, which I will refrain from posting here. Not only those chatbox incidents but also your behavior in game has been reported several times. At least your apologies are better than nothing. Personally I am not going to ban this account. I don't care either if you want to start fresh again. It is easy anyway to change your IP, name and be a new person so no one notices. You already lost everything you had, and didn't win anything at the end, so I just hope this was a good lesson to you. Feel free to make a new game account, but I will ban you again at the very first offense toward the community. - The impulsive ban hammer b****
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    Finally after 16 days and 4 PDS.
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    I think the problem remains because the players would continue to connect those 2 times thus fulfilling 4 hours in the game with hh.
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    I like the idea of the counter and the elimination of hh. because people only enter the game when they write in the forum that there is HH, and an individual accountant would be the best to start a new decade and motivate the players individually. Of course you have your lucky position. an example: Olga PGF 1/300 and in the process of doing the 300 missions to kill Olga you can be lucky that the PGF falls in any of the 300 missions and if you have not dropped the PGF in 299 missions you have the security that when you do mission number 300 Olga releases the PGF. I think it's a great idea. And HH may not have to be eliminated in its entirety. Some recommendations would be: 1- The hh can be implemented with DTS to GM to deduce the falls individually in a very moderate way so that everything is fair and with a time limit for that individual HH. 2- Only place HH on important dates of the year. December 24 or 31 as for example (including other dates of the year)
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    That is a very professional apology that comes from a very experienced apologist. Based on what we have seen you are a very angry and vindictive individual. I for one tried to help you but I believe that words and actions cannot fix your attitude. I judge people based on patterns and you have a very self destructive personality and a lack of respect for people. I think it's a decent gesture that you apoligized and I am hopeful that you relax and embrace your life rather then lead a negative one putting others down do to your own apparent insecurities. Good luck it's to bad things got to this level.
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    hey sorry i just started following this slow guy named @Dutch Ride and he doesn't move fast, doesn't have ANY dutch tickets, and he doesn't even have any lemurs. LMK what you think about our ongoing relationship kthnxby
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    Are you back??!!? come back! I am. x Everyone is an arsehole now, lets deploy EDEN force
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