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MISSING ITEMS - Please Help!!!!!

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I brought one of my friends to PSOBB on Ultima Server from the PSO2 servers while they were under maintenance.... I was helping him level up, and I let him borrow some low level armor that I had which had 4 slots, and I let him borrow FOUR of my HEAVENLY / ABILITY units that I had found in Episode IV.  


When our play session was finished after 4 hours of play, I asked him to give back the items that I had loaned him.... He gave me back the weapon, shield, armor, mag, BUT ONLY 1 OF THE UNITS!!!   I asked him where the other 3 were of HEAVENLY/ABILITY and he was vehemently resolved that he had only been given one..... but I let him borrow 4 of them........


I've gone through all the levels we played on through the whole forest and caves and they're just gone!!!!  just gone!!!!!!


Please help!!!!!   I can't lose those units!  It took me forever to farm up that many.


My character name is      Z   a FoMar


His character name is  J.Luminai and he's a HuMar....



Please help me!

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He definitely doesn't have your Heavenly/Abilites.

The only ones to be found are the 3 on your character Z and 1 in your shared bank.

Then you have 3 Centurion/Ability on Zan.

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Can't you look back through the logs from last night when I first came online??? You'll see that I let him borrow a four slot frame and 4 heavenly abilities.....then he only gave me back 1 and the other three are just gone....can't you do that?

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We could check that... assuming you used trade window to give him the items.

Did you use trade window?

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