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Fresh Finds (PD/DT Shop)


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Hello everyone! Giving this a shot and looking to empty out some goods that I'm not in need of. Feel free to make offers on anything. Thank you for taking the time to browse. :)



Spread Needle 45/45/0/15/0H - 15PD / 1DT
Sacred Bow 30/0/0/0/0H - 5PD
Sacred Bow 45/0/0/30/0H - 6PD
Sacred Bow 40/40/0/0/0H - 6PD
Red Mechgun 0/0/0/45/50H - 15PD
Frozen Shooter 35/0/0/0/35H - 3PD
Banana Cannon - 0/0/40/0/0H - 5PD

*Suppressed Gun 30/0/30/0/60H -  5DTs/50PD
*Suppressed Gun 0/30/35/0/55H - 5DTs/50PD
*Suppressed Gun 30/30/0/0/55H - 5DTs/50PD

*Le Cogneur 30/40/0/0/40H - 5DTs/50PD
*Le Cogneur 60/0/0/0/65H - 15DTs/150PD

*Panzer Faust 0/0/75/0/65H -  35DTs /350PDs
*Holy Ray  30/30/0/0/45H - 5DTs/50PDs
*Holy Ray 60/0/0/0/65H - 15DTs/150PDs



Diska of Braveman 0/40/25/0/45 - 7PD
Boomerang 0/0/0/40/0H - 10PD
Flamberge 0/0/35/0/45H - 5PD
Lame D'Argent 35/0/0/0/0H - 3PD
Daylight Scar 0/30/40/0/40H - 5PD
Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/45/0H - 7PD
Ultima Reaper 45/0/0/40/0H - 10PD
Tyrell's Parasol 0/60/0/0/30H - 15PD

*Slicer of Fanatic 0/35/0/0/35H - 5DTs / 50PD
*Slicer of Fanatic +30 0/0/35/0/35H - 5DTs / 50PD
*Yunchang 0/30/35/0/50H - 5DTs /  50PDs

*Tyrell's Parasol 30/0/0/45/45H - 2DTs / 20PDs
*Tyrell's Parasol 0/30/30/0/60H - 5DTs / 50PDs



Fire Rod 0/0/35/25/0H - 5PD
Fire Rod 0/0/0/0/0H - 3PD

Rod  65/0/0/0/80H - 30DTs/300PDs






Cure/Shock x3 - 1PD
Cure/Confuse x3 - 1PD
Trap Search - 4PD
Centurion/Luck x2 - 3PD (x1 SOLD)
Centurion/HP - 1PD
Centurion/TP x4 - 1PD
Centurion/Technique x11 - 3PD (x3 SOLD)
Centurion/Power x3 - 3PD
Centurion/Arms x1 - 7PD
Centurion/Resist x1 - 7PD
Adept x1 - 20PD
V502 x7 - 5PD




Rappy Souls x20 5PDs each/60PDs for all



Level 20 - 3 for 1PD:

Gizonde x3
Jellen x1
Zalure x3
Deband x3
Razonde x2
Rabarta x1
Resta x2
Megid Level 26
Megid Level 27
Grants Level 27

Level 28+
Grants 28 - 4PD
Gizonde 29 x5 - 1PD
Gibarta 29 x4 - 1PD
Gifoie 29 x1 - 1PD
Grants 29 x2 - 12PDs
Jellen 30 - 1PD
Resta 30 - 1PD
Shifta 30 - 1PD



Master Raven 15/0/0/25/0H - 20PD //  2DT (SOLD TO dante12)
Bloody Art 35/0/0/0/35H - 8PD (SOLD to Conserve)
*Power Glove 0/25/25/35 - Offer (SOLD TO dante12 for 7DTs)
Bomb-Chu 0/35/0/40/45H - Offer (Sold to Kotta for 15DTs)

Arms +2 20/0/0/25/40H - 4PD (SOLD to Samflannigin)
C/Arms x2 SOLD to Strafe for 7PDs each
Centurion/Power x3 - 3PD (SOLD to HereticKitsune)
Bomb-Chu 0/35/0/0 - 7PD (SOLD to HereticKitsune)
Centurion/Resist x1 - 7PD (SOLD to Flerbert)
S-Red's Arms - 8PD (SOLD to Flerbert)
Megid 28 - 1PD (SOLD to Flerbert)
Razonde 28 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Gizonde 29 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Gibarta 29 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Rabarta 29 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Gifoie 29 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Rafoie 29 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Zalure 30 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Jellen 30 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Resta 30 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Shifta 30 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Deband 30 - 1PD (SOLD to Gaz)
Bringer's Rifle 0/0/0/0/40H - 8PD (SOLD to Sesshymon)
Spread Needle 25/0/0/0/45/0H - 6PD (SOLD to blakeowns)
Red Mechgun 0/0/0/50/35H - 8PD (SOLD to blakeowns)
Holy Ray 0/0/0/70/10H - 15PD/1DT (SOLD to blakeowns)
Bloody Art 20/0/0/0/30H - 7PD (SOLD to blakeowns)
*Panzer Faust  60/0/0/0/30H - 15DTs/140PDs (SOLD to final pacman for 15DTs)
*Master Sword 0/50/0/40/0H - 25DTs /  240PDs (SOLD to Clappy for 240PDs)
*Diska of Braveman 30/30/0/0/70H - 3DTs / 30PDs (SOLD to ZenReborn for 3DTs)
Musashi 0/0/30/30/65H - 20PD (SOLD to ZenReborn for 2DTs)
Yunchang 0/45/0/40/50H - 5DTs/50PDs (SOLD to ZenReborn for 5DTs)
Banana Cannon - 40/0/0/30/0H - 7PD (SOLD to Gunner X)
Banana Cannon - 40/50/0/0/0H - 10PD (SOLD to Gunner X)
Rabarta 29 x1 - 1PD (SOLD to Alchemy_like)
Megid 28 x1 - 1PD (SOLD to Alchemy_like)
Gifoie 29 x1 - 1PD (SOLD to Alchemy_like)
*Tyrell's Parasol  35/0/0/30/55H - 4DTs / 40PDs (SOLD to Strafe for 4DTs)
Adept x1 - 20PD (SOLD to Strafe for 2DTs)
Swordsman Lore - 5PD (SOLD to Strafe)
Psycho Wand 30/0/0/0/0H - 10PD (SOLD to Strafe for 1DT)

Vjaya 50H+ (Acquired)
Zalure Handgun

Morolian Blaster 30H+



Edited by MannyFresh
Updating Items / Removing sold items 11/27/2022
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1 hour ago, MannyFresh said:

Glide Divine V 00 0/25/0/40/30 - 3PD


I'm taking this one :onion-head64:

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15 hours ago, MannyFresh said:

V101 - 2PD
Heavenly/Battle x4 - 3PD


Just one small tidbit here, V101 is Heavenly/Battle + God/Ability combined so the pricing here is a little off. Otherwise great work and good luck.

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23 minutes ago, IronSheik said:


Just one small tidbit here, V101 is Heavenly/Battle + God/Ability combined so the pricing here is a little off. Otherwise great work and good luck.

I probably read the unit wrong and thought it was something else. Thanks for pointing that out. 

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Just now, MannyFresh said:

Sure can. Are you available right now? I can make a room.

Yep! I'll meet you there. PM me the deets when you are ready! And, thank you!

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  • MannyFresh changed the title to Fresh Finds (PD/DT Shop)

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