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  1. Post updated with new items I’m looking for. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Hello. Using a HUcast and need some stuff Gratia V502 Adept 1 Proof of Sword Saint Black King Bar with Hit% Excalibur with Hit% Can trade DTs for the above. PM me for any details 😁
  3. Ok I will make lobby block 1 named Moon$
  4. That would be amazing thank you 🙌🏾
  5. Level 103 RAcast. Looking for luminous field, electro frame, or comparable frame with 4 slots and high stat rolls. A comparable shield is wanted as well. Have DTs for sale.
  6. Hey all. I’m looking for a spare Photon Booster if anyone has one available. I have DTs for trade 😁
  7. Am interested in the Psycho Black Crystal and the Photon Booster. Have DTs. Let’s make it happen 😁
  8. I will take 2 heavenly powers if you take DTs boss
  9. Thank you we appreciate it! Can’t wait 😁
  10. Good evening. My brother and I just joined this wonderful server yesterday and was wondering if there’s any free players around 5:30PM EST tomorrow who can help us with running the TTF grind. We loved this game back on DC and want to jump fully back into this. We’re levels 38 and 41 😁
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