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Quick WTB list / couple things ft


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High mind mag
Pow mats
Mind mats
Luck mats

Sell -> (realistically would prefer to trade but either way)

0/0/0/0[80] HELL Yas7k +25
0/0/70/0[30] Canon Rouge +30
0/0/0/0[30] Baranz Launcher +25
15/35/0/35[0] Snow Queen +18

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I have a Godrick, 5 pds.

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18 hours ago, RDizzy said:


Adept -> 22PDs


Cent/battle XXX
High mind mag -> I still have 2 Elenor [Red] [0/0/1/199]. Both with just One Photon Blast. One has Estlla and the other has Farlla :onion-head01:
Pow mats  -> How many? Rate goes 5mats:1pd
Mind mats -> How many? Rate goes 10mats:1pd
Luck mats -> How many? Rate goes 1mat:1pd


As for Centurion/Battle:



Only found these with an available Cebatts for sale :onion-head49:

[I figured noudle has, but the searcher didn't show him, I wonder why è_é]


And as for DTs for sale:




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